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Avatar n tn I went to a dermatalogist who examined them and told me they were, in fact, genital warts. She prescribed me a cream (Aldara) which got rid of most of them after about a month. I was not in a relationship at the time and had been with a few guys. I insisted on condoms with any further partners I had, but because the warts could be felt I did not want to be touched and I avoided oral sex. The embarassment caused more emotional trauma than anything.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am in my 39th week of pregnancy, but early in my pregnancy I was firstly diagnosed with Chlamydia. (Note, I have had a normal uncomplicated pregnancy, although I DID have Chlamydia, it was cured, and was later diagnosed with HPV)... I needed two (painful) treatments of Azthromycin before I was finally cleared. I still continued to -occasionally- have a slight green/yellow discharge that sort of resembled what it would look like if I blew my nose during a cold.
Avatar n tn If spontaneous resolution does not occur, a course of Aldara will do the job. I have used Aldara during pregnancy in certain circumstances. There have not been any reported pregnancy problems. Very rarely, surgical resection is required for massively enlarged warts.
Avatar n tn The other treatments like use of liquid nitrogen, phenol and diathermy can be painful, and are not usually done on children. It is not known whether imiquimod (aldara) is safe to use during pregnancy or on children younger than 12. Also results of treatment of molluscum contagiousum with aldara are not that satisfactory. I would suggest that you discuss with your doctor, regarding the advantages and disadvantages of using aldara. Best.
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed condylox, but they are to small to keep the gel on the affected area only all five are barely visible bye eye) . I have talked to several docs some use cryo but I have not found any that use laser. None even brought up imiquimod which I learned about online and feel that it might be best in my situation. It seems they prescribe whatever they are familiar with. Also a transmission question.
4437866 tn?1388123224 I myself have warts as well and still treating it with aldara for 3x a day, but since you're pregnant, i dont know if it's advisable for you to use it since aldara is a strong treatment for genital warts. Have you tried to go to another doctor for second opinion since your doctor doesn't want to take action for it?Just try to go to another doctor so you will know what to do with it since your doctor is not giving you any information about HPV.
Avatar m tn Thank you for researching the topic before asking your questions. And they are excellent questions indeed -- in fact, I'm going to use this as an opportunity for a blog-like response, so that future questioners can be referred to it when appropriate. It is not uncommon for warts to first appear as long as 2 years after being infected with HPV. It can be as quick as 2-3 months but averages 6-9 months, and can take well over 2 years.
Avatar f tn ) However, I have had a dormant strain of HPV pop up in the form of genital warts, due to cell changes from the pregnancy (which I found is very common). I had my first treatment of TCA today. Everything is just looking a bit white down there, but my question is...Do the warts just flake away? When is it safe to have intercourse with my husband? (The warts are not near my vaginal opening.) I suppose I should have asked my doc! Lol!
Avatar n tn Hi I have just discovered that I have warts around my anus, i have read on the internet that tea tree oil clears warts, is this true or is it a sales ploy from herbalists? I also have a small red spot on the tip of my penis, could this also be a wart, it's flat and looks like a sore, it also is a bit sore and itchy at the same time, should I be worried about this and would tea tree oil be ok to use on it, i am too imbarrassed to go to my GP.
Avatar f tn Of course you can judge this much better than I can. 1) The response to Aldara typicaly takes 4-6 weeks. In 30% of cases, it doesn't work completely and additional treatment methods are necessary. 2) You should continue your normal sex life with your husband; there is no need to stop sex. The horse is well out of the barn: it takes a year or more for warts to show up, once the HPV is acquired or it reactivates. He has been repeatedly exposed to your HPV infection for at least that long.
Avatar f tn aldara = the solution. use as directed. hpv can go away PROVIDED THAT you abstain from all sexual encounters, kissing, smoking after people, drinking after people etc. AVOID ALL CONTACT WITH ANYTHING THAT CAN MAKE YOU SICK (saliva, coughs, sneezes, touching wet moist surfaces that sick people have been around and then touching your nose/eyes/mouth.) WASH YOUR HANDS. Your immune system can fight the HPV off. DO NOT FREEZE THE WARTS/BURN THEM OFF/SURGICALLY REMOVE THEM.
Avatar n tn I have also tried everything that you mentioned together with homeopathy treatment. But its of no use. I am staying in Mumbai. Kindly let me know where do you stay and the name of the doctor. I can go to any city to get rid of these warts.
Avatar n tn By the way - I answered in your other post on the same subject - but if you are sexually active, and under the age of 19, you DO need to see a gyno. The risk of developing diseases of the reproductive tract increase greatly if you are sexually active at that age because your organs are not as mature and resilient and more prone to damage. You should be having a yearly exam including a pap.
Avatar f tn It is a bit more complicated though as I am female and Baraclude is not advisable to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding the baby. Though it is not an immediate issue for me now but I would like to know in advance. Please share any experiences/advices regarding this matter. Thanks.
Avatar n tn that I can see, unless I give in and scratch. I take cranberry supplements to keep me flushed out for a UTI, which I was treated for last year. My doctor is unsupportive, and unhelpful-told me was due to regrowth from not getting waxed. I just want some facts to arm myself with before trying the doc (new doc) office again. Any suggestions?? All you cooch experts feel free to speculate.
Avatar n tn so i saw my gp she prescribed some steriod cream to use and i have to go back to see her in 2weeks...i have used the cream since friday (3dys) and there is a slight difference she also said it may be lichen sclerosus hope this info helps...
Avatar n tn If this is the case, try drinking a fluid that has minerals in it like Cytomax. Make sure you take in salt, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Take several breaks to drink sips (not gulps) of fluid as you jog around. Wear a hat to protect from the heat of the sun, and keep your head cool. If you breathe with your mouth open you may expect to dry out the bronchs and get a burning sensation in the chest as well.