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Avatar n tn My first dermatologist said they were actinic keratoses, and froze 2 of them and curetted and cauterized one. I asked if there was a topical treatment, and he said no. He biopsied one but I don't know the results. They grew back. Then I got 2 more on my cheek and went back, and he said they were acne and refused to do anything. Once I talked a GP into freezing them. They grew back. I tried again, and they told me to see a dermatologist.
Avatar m tn Have any of you ever used Aldara 5% cream? My dermatologist suggested it to determine if my mole was just an irritation or a skin cancer. After reading the package insert and doing some research online I was to scared to try it. If it is recommended to me again I am wondering if I should use it. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Aldara causes severe crusting and oozing, which shows that it's working. I think you should call the doctor who recommended it, to see whether you need to continue. For actinic keratoses, which are pre-cancerous rather than cancerous, four weeks of what I presume is daily use may well be enough. As soon as you stop, the redness and crusting will go away. Please call your doctor today. Thanks. Dr.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Aldara for GW and used it twice, as directed with a day in between. The side effects, fever/chills and pain were horrible, almost unbearable, so I stopped using it. Now I have these sores in the vaginal area that sting and burn to the point that walking and even sitting up is painful. I'm wondering if I can put bacitracin on them to heal them faster, or is there something I can use for healing and the pain?
Avatar n tn Hello there,thank you for the advice you gave me the other day.I went to my doctor yesterday & he prescribed Aldara cream for me to apply on the warts/skin tags that I have on my face & neck area.Does any one know if this stuff really works,or is there any pre-cautions or side affects that I should be aware of?How long does it take to see results?I was told to apply this cream three times a week.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn This is no question but rather a clarification. I have been using aldara for about a month and a half, and judgeing by the topics, several others need some guidence. I caught Molluscum contagium, maybe from the gym, maybe from sex who knows, who cares. I noticed some very small hybrid of pimples and warts in my gentital area. So of course, like most of you, I freaked. I am a healthy 21 year old male who has had a fairly modest sexual life (less than 10 partners, no one night stands).
Avatar m tn html?WT.ec_id=NCOMMS-20130305 Aldara is a cream used for topical treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, and is thought to act through stimulation of anti-tumour immunity. The active ingredient, imiquimod, has been shown to stimulate toll-like receptor 7. Aldara also induces psoriasis-like lesions when applied to naive murine skin, and as such is used as a mouse model for psoriasis. Here we find that in naive murine skin, Aldara induces inflammation largely independently of toll-like receptor 7.
Avatar m tn So finally i got the balls to goto the doctor and get it checked out. Well what do you know its Molluscum. Doctor prescribes me Aldara. It's been 1 week so far and it had already spread to my pubic area and a little on my happy trail. I'm trying to be calm about this but reading these forums is pissing me off. Not to mention that my girlfriend wants to have sex when she comes down from school. Looks like thats out of the picture.
Avatar n tn A few months later the warts came back and I revisited the clinic and they were frozen once again, but this time I was given 'Aldara' cream to apply three times a week on the warts. I have visited the GUM clinic around four or five times since and been given the freezing treatment followed by Aldara cream and although every time I had the full STI testing this was found to be the only virus I had (or had symptoms for).
Avatar m tn I have been using aldara for about a month on my genital warts and have had no burning or tenderness that I have heard people talk about on these forums. It has been working great and I am noticing my warts are starting to shrink. The other morning after using my aldara cream overnight I noticed a lump under my skin where I applied some aldara. It is very tender to touch and very noticeable.
Avatar n tn I was given Cryotherapy treatment to warts on the head of my penis in my home country and told that if that did not work I should go to a pharmacy in Vietnam to get any Topical cream (Podophyllotoxin - Condylox, Wartec, Warticon, Podofilox, and also Aldara and Imiquimod) if the warts persisted. Unfortunately I have searched through many pharmacies and clinics here in Vietnam, and also in Cambodia, and none stock any of these creams or are much help in providing similar solutions.
Avatar f tn However don't ignore and still see your doctor to make sure, they should be able to do a swab and or blood testfor HSV What are the possible side effects of imiquimod topical (Aldara)? Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.
Avatar f tn Hello, Fever is a rare side effect of using the topical cream Aldara and is found in 1% users. You can talk to your doctor and get the topical medication changed. For the fever take antipyretic and apply cold compresses. Also look out for other side effects like itching, burning, pain, headaches, sinusitis etc. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn Depending on the size and location of the wart, and other factors, a doctor will offer one of several ways to treat them. * Imiquimod (Aldara) a topical immune response cream, applied to the affected area * A 20% podophyllin anti-mitotic solution, applied to the affected area and later washed off * A 0.
Avatar m tn Should I just give it some more time or is it apparent that Imiquimod isn't going to work for me? Wondering if Podofilox or the stronger 5% Aldara cream would have been a better choice.
Avatar f tn and I have already known that i have genital warts and am treating for it! It is a topical med called aldara that i began using january of 2009. my gyno had mention that the medicine will cause itching and burning so being in the 3rd month of using it my vagina started to itch.... then i began to notice 3 red blotches all vertically in a row near my vagina that itched.... (keep in mind it is not wear the warts are located.
Avatar m tn and derm said it's possibly hpv, and froze the area which did NOTHING at all except hurt. She then prescribed me aldara cream just incase it's warts (i've used aldara 3-4 times so far and nothing seems to be happening). The area basically flattens when stretched, and the bumps are not rough to the touch- more like smooth raised surfaces..Any opinions on what this is? Thanks for any help guys, docs.
Avatar n tn I have had HPV for 5+ years and recently had another outbreak. I went to my new family doctor who recommended an acid treatment as Aldara and other topical treaments failed to work in the past. The acid sure did work but caused nasty scabs which eventually went away, but now I have scars. Some of the scars are toerable but there are two that are dark under the skin and recently when I was arroused it appeared as if blood collected under the skin as they turned dark purple. It has been 1.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately none of that stuff is proven to work. The recommended treatment if you'd like to try something topical is Aldara or Retin-A, with Aldara being used more often. It's true you'd have to get a prescription, but at least you'd be using something proven by the FDA to work and not wasting your money.
Avatar n tn but since yours are internal, normal treatments like Aldara or other HPV topical treatments may be ineffective. The best thing to do would be to schedule an appointment with a proctologist and request for cryo, laser, or leep therapy to remove them. After that, you'll need to have annual anal pap smears to ensure that the cells in your anus do not undergo dysplasia...thus putting you at risk for anal cancer.
Avatar f tn What I would like to know is, is there any treatment for these aside from topical acid or freezing? I know herpes has an immune suppressant so you don't have outbreaks as often and I'm wondering if there is anything for these as well? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Since I was moving they gave me aldara creme to use. It has been about one month and I have seen no progress, it has actually gotten worse. Is this because the steroids are weakening my immune system so I cannot fight off the virus? I plan to find someone here to freeze them off if I do not see progress soon. How much can these mentioned steroids weaken a persons immune system? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with one genital wart. I used Aldara - didn't work... ACV just burned my flesh. But then it started swelling to the point where it hurt to sit, walk, etc. The "wart (small and white at all times - flattish) was not to be seen due to the new "Bump". It was a very large ( about 3 cm) wide and quite hard and PAINFUL. It got so big that when i was sleeping it busted and blood and a white substance came out. THIS IS NOT A GENITAL WART!! what could it be?
556286 tn?1215557480 Please don't worry, I used to have these warts on my butts, and my doctor gave me Aldara cream 5% (imiquimod) and it went away within two weeks. Aldara is kind of expensive they're $300 for 12 tiny packets of about 4 water droplets. But they worked like miracle. Please ask you doctor for a prescription.
Avatar n tn She told me that they aren't genital warts because of the way they looked and told me that it looks like Molluscum Contagiosum virus. She even perscribed me a topical ointment called Aldara to use every other day on the spots. It's been a little over a month and there is no improvement. I am so self conscious about these bumps and they're now spreading down my upper thighs. I'm going to the bahamas in December and I want to be able to wear a swim suit on the beach.
Avatar n tn said it was contagious and could spread to other parts of her body or to someone else. She prescribed Aldara 5% Cream. It comes in 24 small application tubes at a cost of $639.00. Can anyone tell me the name of this condition? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have these very small red bumps around my vestibule. They are just a few of them and they aren't symmetrically distributed. I wouldn't even notice them if they weren't so painful to touch, which makes sex impossible. I have been having this for over a year now non-stop and I have been to several doctors. Their opinions are controversial, the one says "Yes, they are warts.
Avatar m tn After stupidly trying to treat it myself for a couple of months, I finally went to a dermatologist and was prescribed Aldara topical cream to treat them. My lesions are different from the typical HPV warts in that they take the form of red/purplish papules that form mosaic patterns. This is caused by HPV type 16 - a high risk form. The lesions are classified as bowenoid papulosis - a rare form of HPV that is pre-cancerous -- however, in almost all cases it stays benign.
Avatar m tn Is there anyway to get rid of these its killing me mentally because im actually turning down sex because im so embarrassed and worried of infecting anyone else. i have tried a topical cream also called aldara which was expensive and i picked one off at the time before using it so not sure if it worked properly? please help as my doctor cant seem to tell me to much about it except getting them burnt off which will be painful and ill always have to explain my scars please help me?
Avatar n tn i had schedualed to go in to get a herpes blood test, one morning, but the night before, i was rubbing some aldara cream on the wart right next to where the cut appears and i saw it open up again right before my eyes. i thought this wouldnt happen if it was herpes.. that it must just be friciton related but it was very painful and i couldnt justify it anymore. so my suspicions arose again after i cancelled the blood test. 3. the cut. even when it heals always stays a SCAR.