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Avatar m tn Do you know of any over the counter medication I can purchase for this?!? Also, maybe this is a silly question but is Venereal Warts the same thing as Venereal Disease or is it totally different? Please help!
Avatar n tn Surgery twice.$500 in aldara cream. I read about using dead candia injections, on warts,in readers digest. I've shown my doctors the article but they've never heard about it. Has any one had any first hand experince using this type of threatment. Can anyone tell me where I might go to recieve this type therapy.
Avatar m tn At this time am not looking to have the whole sack removed just to release imflammation from cyst and preventative from it from reoccuring. Right now seeking over the counter medication or online that accepts paypal. I have also purchase castor oil, tea oil, hydrogen peroxide, Rara-Rid,Para-Sweep,aspitin, apple cider vinegar and Stone Free. I am not on the medical plan I use to have just on my own.
Avatar n tn There are creams that you can purchase at the drugstore that claim to reduce the appearance of scars, but I've not seen one that works very well, and they will probably not do much on a chemical burn scar. Additionally, those creams mostly state that they aren't intended for use on genitals. If you continue to experiment with "internet cures," you risk further damaging your penis skin.
Avatar n tn My last one showed me as having VIN2 which my oncologist/gyno wanted me to use ALDARA Cream for 3 months, I tried it but i couldnt function with all the side effects, So after much reading as much as i could find on HPV and VIN i started taking the supplement DIM, thought it was helping some but now I have the burning back again and am afraid I will have to go in and have another biopsy again. I hate this. How come so many of us never heard of this before.
Avatar f tn I hope you're right. I hope they purchase new medical equipment soon. Maybe then with the new tests and results-he will change his mind. Take care Stefano. Thank you again.