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Avatar m tn To battle the warts I used Aldara however, one of the warts continues to come back. Whenever the wart re-appears, its size decreases but lately, I have seen some white, very small, flat, bubbly spots on the head of my penis which I think may be some other warts. Out desperation and frustration I've been looking into some alternative solutions like wartrol and viralfree however, I found nothing but mix reviews about these products.
Avatar m tn However via autoinoculation, the disease may propagate and so an outbreak generally lasts longer with mean durations variously reported as 8 months,to about 18 months,and with a range of durations from 6 months to 5 years. For mild cases, over-the-counter wart medicines, such as salicylic acid may shorten infection duration. Daily topical application of tretinoin cream ("Retin-A 0.025%") may also trigger resolution.
Avatar n tn mike4686, are you OUT. Of your bloody MIND? "Not very painful"? My god you've gone completely 'round the twist. I NEED A FIRE EXTINGUISHER NOW. What did you use for the pain, topical analgesics or vicodin? Because if you got any vicodin send them my way. BTW if you were on vicodin then it's cheating to comment on how it's "not very painful", but I'm speculating.
Avatar m tn I have had many cryo treatments on these lumps and even self treated with over the counter stuff. Anyway I believe they are but they are only small and tend to be flattish or slightly raised and don't take the form of what I expect warts to be like or pictures I have seen on the internet. They do turn white with vinegar. I also have an area of skin on the frenulum which looks completely normal but turns white with vinegar.
Avatar f tn Genital warts should not be treated by over the counter or over the internet products.
Avatar f tn None of these will cure it, of course, but it reduces number and size and is said to help the clearance time and recovery. Talk to your dermatologist or local std clinic. Don't trust over the counter products or anything over the internet. Products that work for normal warts are NOT meant for genital skin.
Avatar n tn But if you mean the genital area itself (labia, vaginal area), the most common cause of burning is yeast infection--so your doc's suggestion to try one of the over-the-counter yeast creams (Monistat or others) may be reasonable. All treatments for warts work about 60% of the time; imiquimod (Aldara) is no better (but also no worse) than other treatments. When imiquimod works, it typically takes at least several treatments over 2 weeks or more.
Avatar n tn All will have to be prescribed by a doctor because the doctor has to make sure they are warts (so many genital bumps turn out to be nothing) and because each individual case is different so different treatments would be more suitable for different people. There are no over the counter treatments for genital warts, only for common warts found on the finger etc. 90% of people clear of the virus in 2 years. In some people the warts stay the same, grow or dissapear.
Avatar m tn There are no over the counter remedies that work. If the Aldara isn't working, then you should consider having them frozen off by your dermatologist. Also some of us on here (who are not doctors) believe that a strong immune system can help the recovery. This means taking vitamins/supplements that boost immune systems, exercising, getting more rest, reducing stress, no cigs, no or much less alcohol, meditation, etc.
Avatar n tn Genital warts can be treated many ways, but none of them are over-the-counter. Aldara doesn't always work. I doubt it increased the warts itself (they may have simply multiplied in spite of it, but that really doesn't matter.) If you don't trust your dermatologist, you should see another one, who may recommend freezing the warts or some other method. But as the ads say, "Don't try this at home." You can irritate your genital skin in a big way and hot get the job done anyway.
Avatar n tn is there any over the counter medicine that will work on genital warts and if not wat is the creme called that is not over the counter that gets rid of it cuz i no a pharmacist and i will just ask him to get it for me if thats the case thank you
Avatar m tn As speculation, it seems possible that most of your symptoms--itching, irritation, swelling, discharge--could all be due to a yeast infection. Yeast won't cause wart-like bumps, though. If you really cannot get to a provider, you could try an over-the-counter yeast treatment. Look for a product for which the active ingrediate ends in "azole", like miconazole, butaconazole, and many others. But if things don't promtly and completely clear up, definitely see a provider.
Avatar m tn I dont' have money for a doctor so are there any home remedies or over the counter products someone could recommend? If not, what else should I ask the doctor to do? I want to use the highest percentage method of them not returning the next dang day. I have 7 total. some are extremely tiny dots but 4 are very large and noticeable.
Avatar n tn It might work, but no maker of an over-the-counter product is going to suggest that patients freeze their own genitalia without supervision. 2. It is not as cold as the liquid nitrogen doctors use. 3. Yes, which is not unreasonable when you consider that there are other bumps people get that aren't warts. 4, Blistering your penis and leaving long-lasting marks and not getting the job done. 5. I think you should not freeze your own penis.
Avatar m tn Aldara is about 70% effective. In other words, in one third of patients, warts persist or recur. Be sure you follow the treatment advice exactly. If the warts don't clear up, or if they return again, you should discuss alternative treatments with the dermatologist. Or discuss it with him or her now, since you can't afford Aldara. There are other equally effective treatments that cost much less.
Avatar n tn there are over the counter treatments for common and foot warts but not for genital warts. for those you need to visit your doctor so he can preform one of a number of different treatments to make them go away. once he treated they may come back, usually within the first 3 months. the doctors on medhelp say that if you can go 6 months without a recurrence of warts then u can assume that your immune system has repressed the virus, as it does 90% of the time within 1-2 years like i said.
Avatar n tn Aldara can indeed cause stinging and irritation, but this is always temporary. If it won't go away on its own, over-the-counter hydrocortisone 1% should do it. Any discoloration left over after the irritation goes away is more likely than not part of normal variation in the vicinity. If you're still worried, you may want to show the skin the dermatologist, or if you're embarrassed a different one.
Avatar m tn I've looked it up and it does say that this drug causes FDE, but so does other over the counter drugs such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen. I went to the doctor and he said it is irritated and gave me Triamcinolone Acetonide Topical. Its a steroid and antifungal cream. Hasnt been so effective though. I also used Aldara on the same spot but that was over 2 months ago. The current symptoms have been present for almost 2 weeks now.
Avatar m tn These have been proven to work, however they may not work for everyone. It's important to convert to a diet of fruits and vegetables with at least 20 minutes of sun a day, while trying to heal yourself. It's also important to avoid alcohol and smoking. I tried for 4 years before any results. I tried Aldara treatments over and over again. I tried cutting them off with knife. I tried Veregen and even Aldara & Veregen at the same time.
556286 tn?1215557480 No one is taking this seriously, and It looks like it's just getting worse. He is exhaused from the discomfort of the rash and the Naval Hospita (he's retired military) seem to be dragging their feet in diagnosis and treatment... We NEED good advice...
Avatar m tn Aldara cream (I am half way through the course) 3. Over the counter wart freezing solutions I have tried different doctors and so embarrassed with the temporary scars they have on my face after the treatment.
1080425 tn?1256076086 you need to see a doctor! Try a planned parenthood or clinic. over the counter "wart" products won't work. The HPV virus usually "clears itself/becomes dormant" on its own ..your body's immune system fights it..but it can take 6 months to two years. Stop drinking alcohol,smoking..exercise and build/boost your body's immunity (I'm starting Papillex..supplement that has immune boosting ingrediants) lots of leafy green veggies & fruits..
Avatar n tn i went to a GP who had a look and diagnosed Hemorroids. he gave me over the counter medicine which i followed. it did not work. The symptoms continued periodically and got so bad that i went to a General surgeon the other day, he first looked at my penis which had one or two growths and said they may not necassarily be genital warts, but then looked in my anus and said it was condyloma and recommended laser surgery.
Avatar n tn mine didn't look anything like the pics. The apple cider vinager is applied to the warts. i never used it tho..I used aldara.
Avatar n tn He couldn't determine wheather the warts were HPV or Moluscum (-because of the location of the original warts.) The Aldara causes NO side effects, I do not feel any discofort at ALL. I have been applying it regularly every other day. I can't tell if its working yet nor can I tell if these are warts are regular part of the anotomy. My skin there looks like a parachute (many "pockets") My questions are as follows: 1.
Avatar n tn Is it safe to use common over the counter wart treatments on ones penis? Im not sure if I have molluscum or what but if I can get rid of it by myself I will try. It has been nearly 4 years.
Avatar n tn They may be available in solutions or plasters and they may be readily bought over the counter. Warts do have various classifications and treatment varies depending on the type of wart. Flat warts may be treated using liquid nitrogen therapy and topical retinoic acid gel may also be helpful. However, it is important to note that these medications may be abrasive and they have their side effects.
Avatar m tn Please seek medical advise by your doctor and avoid any over-the-counter treatments...
Avatar n tn What measures can I take to help treat this in the meantime? Is there any kind over-the-counter product to help at least get rid of the warts that you would recommend? I've looked into several whom, of course, all strongly recommend themselves. I'd much prefer an objective outside opinion from someone who knows what they're talking about. And... are there, perhaps, clinics I could go to to see a doctor to have it at least examined and identified either way, for an approachable fee (ie..
Avatar n tn Could you please recommend me some type of over the counter solution or any type of other treatment. would you recommend removing them in a sterile manner by myself? or would they just grow back? i just want to get rid of these things. could it possibly be contracted from the showers i use in my dormatory? or could it be contracted from going to the physical fitness center. i go there every day and i touch alot of thigns other poeple touch.