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Avatar m tn What many people do not know about it, is that it is an immune system reactor. There are no self-ingredients in Aldara to help kill the virus, it simply alerts your immune system to the area. That's why this product can be hit or miss... if you have a great immune system it may work, but if you have a weak immune system, the results will be minimal. Please do yourself a big favor and see the dermatologist to have them frozen off. It takes seconds and the results are instant.
Avatar m tn You may discuss with your doctor about the Aldara, Salicylic Acid, Apple Cidar Vinegar or Podophyllotoxin (wartec)... Almost all first line theripies cause a burning or dry skin conditions but those are normal... you may use some moisturizer enriched with vitamin C or E to sooth the areas around the wart but don't use these on warts...
Avatar f tn bell peppers), as well as a daily multivitamin, green tea, and a daily immune-boosting tea (key ingredients are astragalus AND chinese privet - the combination has the strongest known anticancer properties & is actually used for treating HPV naturally, as well as just about any other ailment).
Avatar n tn cryotherapy and also treatments that can be prescribed for home use like Warticon paint and Aldara. I looked your Gynotrol up and all I could find was statements that doctors were hiding secret natural remedies from an unsuspecting public. The secret ingredients were not mentioned. Personally I think probably complete rubbish. You can wait for your warts to go - mean duration = 9 months without further re-infection.
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Avatar m tn I have had hsv for several months and now on suppression daily Dose of valtrex and about 3 weeks ago noticed what seemed like 2 small skin tags at the vaginal opening. These have since spread over the labial region. I saw my Dr and she prescribed aldara cream for 16 weeks. My husband does not have hsv so far... I have been very careful to avoid sex if I felt an outbreak coming on. Now with hpv is he bound to get it? My Dr suggested that he get the vaccine.
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Avatar m tn Could you, please, say what the ingredients for this product are?...I mean, it should say on the bottle (or on the box ), what it contains, for example: GCMAF, vit d3, 1,25D, VDR agonist,...etc and the quantities. "I believe there is enough in little dropper bottle to last 8 weeks." There is a link (posted by stef2011) in the Vit D thread to a pdf that shows a 10x increase in GCMAF power when taken with a low dose VDR agonist.