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Avatar f tn We have really scaled back our indications for the LEEP procedure in recent years. Secondly, ALDARA is for external use only and should not be applied internally. It certainly should not be applied on the cervix! If you were my patient, I would tell you to consider switching to a more conservative physician. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I haven't developed obvious warts, but I do show many small red lesions on the meatus, glans penis, shaft, and at the base along the pelvis. Generally, of the two home treatment options, Podofilox and Aldara, which is more effective for dealing with small lesions? I've been using a mild 2% salicylic acid based astringent thus far as a temporary measure, as it's all I have on hand at the moment, and I am thankful this has apparently halted the proliferation of new lesions.
Avatar m tn With multiple candidates in the clinic addressing a wide range of indications, data demonstrating the power of RNAi as a therapeutic modality are rapidly accumulating," said Dr. Christopher Anzalone, Arrowhead's CEO. "Axolabs' scientists are pioneers in the field. Having access to their expertise in preclinical development complements Arrowhead's capabilities well and provides us with yet another tool for preclinical and clinical collaborations in the field.
Avatar f tn Many women think they don't have HPV because they don't have any visible symptoms or because the HPV test did not detect anything but those are not valid indications that a person is HPV free. It is almost impossible to know who does NOT have HPV. There is conflicting research as to whether or not a person can clear and be rid of HPV forever or whether the infection is cleared and just remains dormant.
Avatar m tn // The genetic control of airway responsiveness and the effect of resiquimod treatment on allergic asthma resiquimod Imiquimod and resiquimod as novel immunomodulators
Avatar n tn He suggested a rather long period of continued use of the Bactroban (2 months??) but when I looked Bactroban up most indications are that it be taken for only a week or so. To his credit I do remember quite awhile ago (predating the arrival of these things) having an unusual scab like crusty presence in one of my nostrils that lasted for a while and then disappeared. How's this all sound to you and do you have any thoughts or suggestions??
Avatar f tn Here is some good data on zadaxin Adding an antiviral to it + interferon could produce very good results. But we have all the research done around anti hiv antivirals that we really should not be getting. And honest doctors would at least admit it.