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2206935 tn?1373642205 new 12,000 cervical cancer cases a year (mostly in women that have not had a pap in 5 years or more and in their late 40’s) and India has approx. 135,000 new cases. The US has approx. 4,000 deaths and India has approx. 75,000 deaths. Most women in India present to their Dr.’s or clinics in a late stage and thus the reason for the larger death rate. Bad medical advice is worse than no advice at all.
Avatar m tn He prescribed Aldara cream 5 % and asked me to apply. I applied a full sachet at a time daily in the nights for about 20 days. I think that some of the excess aldara cream also got on to me scrotum testicle skin which turned the area red. After a few days, there was a watery discharge which further developed into small ulcers. I tried all types of creams and neem oil on it which i think worsened the situation. I showed them to my doc and he told that it is herpes so get tested for it.
Avatar n tn I've been to a dermatologist and I got my biopse done, and they told me I have flat warts (on my face), I don't have a big quantity but I can notice that every month a new one comes out. They told me to treat them with a medication called Aldara, but it is very expensive, so I bought a generic medication from India, which is called Imiquad manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. I am using it 3x a week. I know the treatment is slow and that I am not going to have fast results at all.
Avatar n tn i was wondering if the use of 3M Aldara cream would help. i just happen to have some. Could you please recommend me some type of over the counter solution or any type of other treatment. would you recommend removing them in a sterile manner by myself? or would they just grow back? i just want to get rid of these things. could it possibly be contracted from the showers i use in my dormatory? or could it be contracted from going to the physical fitness center.
Avatar m tn it is an intf inducer (it makes your own immune system make intf and much more than the injectable), it is called aldara and it is very cheap compared to intf inj 2 caps as suppository a week are able to make high quantity of intf, still to confirm if this has an effect on hbv
Avatar f tn Dear Stef, many thanks for your quick reply. I know my hbv.dna is still high but is getting dows more or less 2log10 each 2 months. At the second month of therapy I was on 6.3log10 after 4 months 4log10... it seem that after 6-8 moths should it be und? At the same time my doctor tolod that he is happy due to my Hbe and HBAg is being lowered. He did a resistance test a while ago and no mutations on my virus were observed.