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Avatar f tn It's very common for the symptoms you've described to occur. ruling out herpes is never a bad idea but odds are it's due to the aldara. I'd get a 2nd opinion on the area you were using the aldara on and not continue using it until you get a better diagnosis than what you were evidently given the first time.
Avatar n tn About a week ago I noticed that two warts were back and my doctor said to continue use of Aldara. I was wondering how long Aldara takes to get rid of warts and when they do go away, how often may the warts reappear?
Avatar m tn dont use aldara. I think ACV even does better than aldara although some people here would disagree with my opinion. You can get mini surgery like electrocauterization, cryotherapy, or use podofin and its variants. These three, afaik, are better than anything else to treat warts.
Avatar f tn Please tell me if you think I have herpes or if it’s related to the Aldara. I’ve read that one can get herpes-like symptoms from Aldara. Is it normal to experience this a week after I’ve stopped using it? Is it normal for it to last this long? Is it possible? I’m very petrified, too petrified to go back to my gyno. Please help.
Avatar n tn I also concerned after reading horror stories about aldara online that the virus could have harmed aspects of my immune system which now may result in herpes outbreaks more often. Do you think this is likely to happen? I am in good health and when I got the first outbreak in July I had NOT been down at all emotionally or no other aspects of my life had changed.
Avatar m tn You might need to get this checked by a doctor to rule out infection. If you hadn't applied aldara, I'd say get checked for herpes, but I doubt its herpes.
Avatar n tn Also isn't the first breakout painful and severe and with blisters and other symptoms in *most* cases? Given all this, what are the chances this is herpes? Also, does Aldara trigger an outbreak of herpes, if it is herpes? It seems more than a coincidence that it should happen when I was using Aldara. Please let me know. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Well, I don't know how a medication can give you herpes. Maybe you contracted it prior to the use of the Aldara? Is it in just one place or has it spread at all? Hopefully it's really nothing at all!
Avatar n tn Also isn't the first breakout painful and severe and with blisters and other symptoms in *most* cases? Given all this, what are the chances this is herpes? Also, does Aldara trigger an outbreak of herpes, if it is herpes? It seems more than a coincidence that it should happen when I was using Aldara. Please let me know. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Even though all the tests were negative the doctor give me a script for a herpes med because he said the sores looked like herpes. I have not been with anyone in 7 weeks. Could these sores be from the aldara or do I have herpes even after a negative test result?
Avatar n tn Hey, I've been using Aldara for about a little over a month, and within the last couple weeks I noticed some pronounced red areas. They seam to have gotten slightly larger. But there's been no cracking/blistering or really much irritation (maybe slight). I haven't experienced any of the other flu like symptoms or pain associated with HSV. Is this something I should be concerned with? What else should I take note of?
Avatar n tn Could I be having a herpes outbreak instead of just a severe reaction to Aldara? I haven't ever had a reaction like this since I started using Aldara 10 weeks ago. Although, I think I may have gotten some of the cream on an area that was healthy genital skin. Another thing I will note is that I have been wearing tight clothing in hot weather and have had some irritation from that... Any help or advice you can offer would be great. Thank you!
Avatar f tn It is entirely possible that the symptoms you have now are from the Aldara, and its not herpes, but its also possible that you have herpes. Your test results will help prove that. My suggestion would be to take the pills, and have your bf test for herpes. If he doesn't have it, you couldn't have gotten it from him, right? I'd also bet that neither of you have tested for herpes before - its not usually included.
Avatar f tn Is there any link to aldara stopping your menstral cycle? Just used stopped using it and haven't had my cycle since I used it. Since July 2 I haven't had any menstration. My boyfriend has a vasectomy (14 years). I have taken like 5 pregnancy tests (all negative) and I'm looking at the calender and its been 9 weeks since any kind of flow. I haven't used it in 2 weeks. Im not on the pill, dont have any STIs (neither of us - tests came back).
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Aldara for GW and used it twice, as directed with a day in between. The side effects, fever/chills and pain were horrible, almost unbearable, so I stopped using it. Now I have these sores in the vaginal area that sting and burn to the point that walking and even sitting up is painful. I'm wondering if I can put bacitracin on them to heal them faster, or is there something I can use for healing and the pain?
Avatar n tn One another suggestion is to apply some moisturizer or petrolium jelly on the skin surrounding the warts while applying the aldara on warts... remember, aldara is to be applied on warts only and should not come in contact with the healthy skin...
Avatar n tn I have had no problems with them and have had sex with my wife for years with no problems. Recently I read about a cream called Aldara for warts that said applying this cream 3 times a week could eliminate warts and that the sides effects were mild. I thought i would order it and try it, thinking it couldn't hurt if it wasn't a wart. I applied the cream as instructed every other day for about 2 weeks ( 6 or 7 applications).
Avatar n tn This is no question but rather a clarification. I have been using aldara for about a month and a half, and judgeing by the topics, several others need some guidence. I caught Molluscum contagium, maybe from the gym, maybe from sex who knows, who cares. I noticed some very small hybrid of pimples and warts in my gentital area. So of course, like most of you, I freaked. I am a healthy 21 year old male who has had a fairly modest sexual life (less than 10 partners, no one night stands).
Avatar f tn I fully expected to break out with herpes, but I never did. My blood tests for herpes, HIV, syphillis all came back negative, as did swabs for chylamidia and gonnnerea. Then I developed a couple of small bumps around the labial area. I went back to my gyno. She then told me it looked like Molluscsum Contagiosum and gave me Aldara cream to use. Well, I used it all over my genital area for 3 days. On the 3rd day - I developed 5 small ulcers. They didn't hurt. I went back to my gyno.
Avatar n tn I have a large cluster of them around my anus (very embarassing I know), which are very uncomfortable and make it difficult to go to the bathroom. I was prescribed with Aldara Cream and I just started using it. I'm wondering if anyone else has had experience with this cream and its effectiveness on genital warts.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor, I am wondering if it's possible to have herpes inside a penis? If so, how likely will that be? I am having occassional itching, tingling, and some kind of sensation at the tip of my penis and sometimes inside of the penis. Do these sound like herpes to you? The worst thing is that I don't have these feelings anymore as soon as I go to washroom to check it out, can these symptoms caused by my anxiety?
Avatar f tn It could also be that the Aldara irritated the area enough that it caused a herpes outbreak to happen. Please let me know who this goes.
Avatar f tn Yes, I have been but it doesn't seem to be doing much as I have a lot of lesions and not enough Aldara. Question, does herpes always burn and hurt? My lesions don't appear to be burning but I used Apple Cider Vinegar on a lot of the lesions which appearred to scab them all, as well as the ones that were swabbed the other day and then they started to itch and most of the ones she swabbed (except one) went away which makes me worry I had waited too long to get tested.
Avatar f tn I happened to have my annual exam on the Monday one week after we came back and the gyno said the papercuts could be bacterial, yeast, or HERPES??? She tested for all three, cultured and they came back negative. Wheww...or so I thought. She said it could be just from irritation or from my husbands use of topical Aldara, which we are careful not to use before sex, we wait about 3 days....Then a few days later I noticed it was sore down there and hurt like a UTI.
Avatar m tn It's even common for those undergoing treatment with Aldara to be misdiagnosed with herpes when they have these sores! I'd skip an application or two and then return to treatment. Just use a q-tip to apply the medicine, and put Vaseline around the normal skin to protect it. Also, perhaps don't use as much and leave it on for 6-8 hours opposed to 10. This might help.