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Avatar n tn Hello there,thank you for the advice you gave me the other day.I went to my doctor yesterday & he prescribed Aldara cream for me to apply on the warts/skin tags that I have on my face & neck area.Does any one know if this stuff really works,or is there any pre-cautions or side affects that I should be aware of?How long does it take to see results?I was told to apply this cream three times a week.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if Aldara is now being prescribed for skin tags. I recently found out that my boyfriend is on this medication and he claims his derm told him it was to treat skin tags in his genital area. I have only come across literature stating it is a genital wart treatment. Is it now a known effective skin tag treatment? Why wouldnt his doctor pick a more conservative commonly used method over a medication with lots of adverse side effects?
Avatar f tn At the end of October I saw a couple of bumps on the inside of my butt that worried me. I was also having some other symptoms so I decided to go see a doctor. It's hard for me to take time off of work so I went to the Urgent Care instead. When I got there the doctors did routine tests for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and it turns out that I had Chlamydia. While the doctor was taking the swabs from the inside of my vagina, I mentioned the bumps and asked him to look at them.
Avatar f tn recently I have noticed what looks like skin tags on my vagina. My doctor has agreed they are skin tags but has said they are viral infection and related to herpes? Is this correct? She has prescribed some lotion which should burn them off? I'm now concerned as all internet sites indicated them to just ben skin tags which occur after pregnancy....which I have not been? Confused!!!
Avatar n tn After messing with them they became more raised, like skin tags. They have remained the same for 3 months (I haven't slept with anyone other than my boyfriend). I've called my doctor and was prescribed steroid cream for the bumps I described and Fluconazole again to help with the yeast. I took my last Fluconazole last week and haven't had any symptoms except the skin tags are still there. Is it possible that these are warts?
Avatar m tn ok i had sex with a girl last summer an she said she had skin tags down in her vaginal reagion, alot of them , an now one started showing up under head of my penis, 6 months later , an i cut it off or squeezed off it grew back phew weeks later , then couple showed up on the bas of my penus an around my groin reagon both grew back sometimes would tak a week sometimes month but im currently in iraq an its april still have them i was wondering if they were tags or waurtz cuz ive had sex with my ne
Avatar m tn Some skin tags may be as large as a big grape. Nearly half of the population is reported to have skin tags at some time. Although tags are generally acquired (not present at birth) and may occur in anyone, more often they arise in adulthood. They are much more common in middle age and they tend to increase in prevalence up to age 60. Children and toddlers may also develop skin tags in the underarm and neck areas.
Avatar n tn I have been with the same woman for the last 2 1/2 years. Ive had these raised skin things on my penis for some time now. I just recently went to the health dept. and got checked for STDs. As soon as the woman looked at my penis she imediatly said I have genital warts- no test on it or anything. My fiance has never had any kind of skin things on her. The health dept. gave me aldara which I have been applying daily since then-OCT 30. Well now the things are red, hard, and hurt.
Avatar n tn I had recently gained some weight, so there is a lot more skin rubbing going on down there, so I simply assumed them to be skin tags. They extended up from the stalk, and could be moved around without any pain. However, whenever I had became aroused, the skin would stretch enough so that two of them were right at the base of my penis, and thus every time I had sex with my girlfriend they would become irritated from the friction.
Avatar n tn She biopsied two bumps and the results came back as skin tags, something I had never heard of until I received the results. I researched skin tags, and they still seemed very confusing to me. Do skin tags behave as my outbreaks behaved: by appearing one or two at a time off and on in the pubic region over a 5.5 yr period?
Avatar n tn I had no problems with it, no skin growths. I was on it for a year and due to insurance issues stopped taking it for the year after. That whole year I was NOT on the pill I only had a period once or twice. When I saw the gynecologist two months ago she did not express concern with that detail and gave me a prescription for that same birth control pill. I have been taking it for two months now and my periods have been normal. My other question is: Is Aldara the best way to remove them?
Avatar m tn I posted a question about a month ago regarding genital warts, I can't find the post, so here goes again. A couple of years ago I noticed warts on my anus, I thought they were skin tags so I did nothing about it. Eventually I had them checked, they were warts and I had them removed and was put on Aldara. I used what my dermatologist gave me but I had no insurance so I never actually filled the prescription. The warts came back months later.
Avatar f tn skin tags do not. Skin tags have a stalk, think about a flower. It has a stalk. Same with skin tags, hence why people are able to remove them by tying a string around the stalk. But that doesn't work with warts because they appear directly from the skin.
Avatar f tn i have a history of gential warts, these have been treated, about 6 months ago i noticed 3 small pimple like bumps on my genitals, my dr wasn't sure if these were skin tags or genital warts, i was prescribed aldara cream and after 6 treatments they were still there. the dr still didn't seem comfident what these were but said she thought they must be skin tags. i'm concerned, can genital warts be resistant ti aldara?
Avatar n tn So my husband had what appeared to be 2 little skin tags on the shaft of his penis. One near the tip that was turning color (black) As a nurse, I was alarmed at the color change and forced him to a dermatologist. The dermatologist froze them all and told him it was more than likely HPV. He did not biopsy them because he told my husband it would be too painful, I am upset about that too.
Avatar n tn The NP did, again, perform a visual inspection, but that was it. She gave me a rx for Aldara which I used for several weeks (up to the max recommended time) with no change except pain and redness, a little bleeding. Recently, my boyfriend was having some bowel trouble, and just to see what I could find I was googling possible causes and wound up coming across some pages and pictures of anal skin tags- and that's really what my condition looks like.
Avatar n tn I had a few warts that looked like skin tags too. I thought thats what they were for a couple of years, but I finally got the courage to go see the doctor and lo and behold, they were warts. So, it's very possible that your doc is right. Good for you to see your doc quickly. I wish I had. Right now, it is very possible to pass on the HPV virus. But, if you go about 6-8 months without reoccurence, it's a good bet that your immune system has suppressed the virus into a DORMANT stage.
Avatar m tn OK, it's been over a year and they keep coming back. So I asked for a prescription for Aldara which he gave me. After a few weeks of using just a little bit as instructed with no reaction or results I increased the dose. After a week of upping the dose my penis head swelled to the size of a tennis ball, no joke. I was too embarrassed to seek help.
Avatar f tn As far as I know external hereoids are painful, so if this is'nt I would suspect it is a wart, especially as it apeared round the time of your breakout. Warts can resemble skin tags, which hang/dangle. Whatever it is I think you should get it checked out. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Recently, I had gone to a Laser clinic to have skin tags removed and the technician noticed the bumps. On a subsequent vist, Laser Gal offered that she had described my problem to a Doctor friend of hers while at a seminar. He seemd to know immediately what it was and that its root cause originated in my nose as a crusty like lesion in the nostril which in time disappears but migrates and manifests itself as these bumps or eruptions on feet, ankles and other places like the inner thigh.
Avatar f tn But if they didn't resolve with trichloroacetic acid, my guess is that they are not active warts -- maybe skin tags or simply hypertrophic (overgrown) tissue -- a form of scar -- where the warts used to be. If skin tags, the imiquimod (Aldara) will have no effect away. If warts, they'll eventually clear up -- either from the treatment, or on their own. And it sounds like your gynecologist was uncertain.
Avatar f tn I recently went to a dermatologist who told me that the lesions I have aren't warts they are skin tags. The OBGYN who diagnosed me with GW wasn't very thorough so I switched to a new MD and had 8 months of weekly in office TCA treatments with little to no change in the size or the amount of warts. The treatment was very painful and ineffective so the DR. sent me home with an RX for Aldara because she was out of options.
Avatar m tn 2) I am on holiday in a different country and cannot go see a doc now, so do you think i should go back to using the aldara cream? i have stopped using it for about a week and a half now 3) Ive had increased discharge since my symptoms have come up, so i was wondering does genital warts cause excess discharge?
Avatar m tn In May of this year I lost my job and insurance so I stopped using the medication regularly. The skin tags have come back. I have had skin tags before appear on my face and have been removed, they came from the irritation of shaving and tanning but were benign. I think this is what the re-appearing skin tags on my anus have come from since I do shave the area and they look completely different from the Venereal Warts.
Avatar f tn I am a 45 year old woman. I have been with the same person for most of my adult life (20 plus years) except for a brief separation 4 to 5 years ago where I had another partner . I have just been diagnosed with genital warts and was given aldara for treatment. These "wartlike " things were found after I was looking in my anal area for signs of hemeroids or something. I found these things which looked like numerous skin tags to me...some larger than others.
Avatar f tn I have these few small red dry spots on my scrotum. I've been taking Aldara for what my doc thought MIGHT have been HPV or skin tags but they froze 2 off and now I'm getting some small red spots. The skin tags were tiny originally and now are gone but were never red, just looked like a small flesh/skin growth. Can anyone help? How can I post a picture?
Avatar n tn At the time of my visit to my OB/GYN most of the warts were small, singular growths that could easily be mistaken for skin tags. However, in the four months since my doctor's visit, the growths have gotten larger (in my estimation, 1/2 in. by 1/4 in.) and now have a more cauliflower-like apperance. They are clustered primarily in the perianal region. I recently used the prescription medication Aldara (Imiquimod) as indicated for one month.
Avatar f tn I have 3 marks that look like skin tags on my butt cheek and inner thigh area. They have been there for months and have not grown or anything. They look dark pink, not skin colored and sure as hell don't look the cauliflower or the pictures online. I was examined in October and the nurse at the planned parenthood didnt say anything about them. I then saw another nurse a few weeks later for a yeast infection and mentioned them.
Avatar f tn My gyno said the ones the aldara did help could have been skin tags because they went away so quickly and aldara is a strong skin cream used for various conditions...