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Avatar m tn How did you apply it? Did you just put it on the spots or did you put it all over? Aldara can cause reactions like this, and therefore should only be used when you are certain its warts. You might need to get this checked by a doctor to rule out infection. If you hadn't applied aldara, I'd say get checked for herpes, but I doubt its herpes.
Avatar f tn Redness Swelling A sore, blister, or ulcer Skin that becomes hard or thickened Skin peeling Scabbing and crusting Pain Tenderness Itching Burning Most of these skin reactions are mild to moderate and they disappear when treatment is completed. They may be signs that the product is working. If your skin reacts badly or the skin reaction becomes too uncomfortable when using Aldara cream, wash the cream off with mild soap and water and contact your doctor.
Avatar n tn While the results of these studies are promising, only a few patients have been studied and the quality of evidence is weak. Common side effects to Aldara involve skin reactions in the area where it was applied. These include redness, swelling, blisters or ulcers, skin thickening, peeling, scabbing and crusting, itching, burning, and discoloration.
Avatar m tn The doc froze them off then he prescribed Aldara cream. He said that I should put the cream right on the spots that he froze. He said that I did not need to wait for those spots to heal and that I could start using Aldara right away. Is this ok?? Also, I am not quite sure if I have other warts on the shaft of my penis. There are a few other very small bumps that I am not sure of. It is ok to rub the Aldara over these spots even if they turn out not to be warts?
Avatar n tn These require no treatment. Aldara can be quite irritating. I think you should stop it and let the skin alone so it can heal over. Then let the dermatologist diagnose you properly. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn You're right about it not being as big of a deal as people could make it, however it's dishonest to mislead people about what they're in for with Aldara. IT HURTS. Expect it to. Aldara attacks the skin cells, that's part of how it works. Even healthy, surrounding tissue, so be CAREFUL when applying. If the pain gets too bad, it is safe to apply topical burn cream with lidocaine, also recommended is "neosporin + pain relief" max. strength which you can get over the counter.
Avatar m tn I'm using aldara right now too, I am a female but my skin has started burning and bleeding too, I talked to my doctor and he said it's normal.
Avatar m tn I am in need of some help in figuring out if my reactions to this medication have been normal or not. After my doctor burned my warts off, he instructed me to use a cream for 3 days, then a powder for 3 days, and then Aldara 5% every other day for a few weeks. He instructed me not to masturbate/ have sex for the first 6 days after the burning procedure. Three or four days after the procedure, I had a weak moment and masturbated.
Avatar n tn ( ) so I stopped using it two weeks in for about a week and then when I went to start applying the cream again the warts were gone. So, I think horror stories have a time and a place but I wouldn't let them freak you out or cause you to do something drastic like puncture your warts before applying the cream. Believe me, the cream works fine without puncturing them.
Avatar m tn 1) Is there a chance that what i have is not a wart but something else due to my reactions to the aldara and the fact that the wart would get bigger the next day? 2) I am on holiday in a different country and cannot go see a doc now, so do you think i should go back to using the aldara cream? i have stopped using it for about a week and a half now 3) Ive had increased discharge since my symptoms have come up, so i was wondering does genital warts cause excess discharge?
598912 tn?1219552112 I have hpv,and i had a reoccurence of gw so m doc 0rescribed aldara. ******* hell hole in a packet. after only s couple days of using it, yesterday my vagina lips swoll up along with the middle portion too. i began to walk funny because it would hurt to bump them together. i was at work still and needed to home asap.
Avatar n tn I do not use Aldara to treat the outbreaks as I suffer bad reactions from it. Instead, my doctor applies podophyllin (generally multiple applications) or burns the warts with a laser. QUESTION: Since most of the outbreaks occur on the shaft, my dermatologist suggested that I might want to consider circumscision to remove the infected skin and thus limit the outbreaks. My urologist didn't think it was a good idea.
Avatar m tn I've had genital warts burnt off underneath the head of my penis, I've had reactions to the aldara cream but now those are pretty much under control. My concern now is that when I pull my foreskin back to clean myself, it ******* hurts. its like its swollen, somewhat-dry, and it hurts. I've heard horror stories of men having to be circumcized because of complications with the foreskin. Should I be putting on lotion? anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I'm actually allergic to birth control, it was the start of a mess of skin problems i began having around 18. Mostly dealing with skin rashes that went away only after i stopped taking the pill, and i was severly ill for the four hours i was on the patch. I'm currently with the person i intend on spending the rest of my life with, so having a monogomous partner isn't an issue.
Avatar f tn I have 3 marks that look like skin tags on my butt cheek and inner thigh area. They have been there for months and have not grown or anything. They look dark pink, not skin colored and sure as hell don't look the cauliflower or the pictures online. I was examined in October and the nurse at the planned parenthood didnt say anything about them. I then saw another nurse a few weeks later for a yeast infection and mentioned them.
Avatar n tn , even large quanitites of it. On the other hand, ulcerative reactions can occur with Aldara use. You may never know what caused these lesions but I sincerely doubt that they represent an STD of any sort.
Avatar m tn I learned about the infection when 2 small warts appeared on my penis. I was prescribed Aldara to battle the warts however, I had some re-occurrences with one of them. When the wart re-appeared, it was smaller in size and I continued to use Aldara to clear it. Also, I’ve had plantar warts on my hands and feet since I was little.
Avatar f tn I am currently dealing with flat warts located on my hands and arms, and now my legs! Part of the problem is that they are SO small - sometimes I won't see them unless I shower, and the skin plumps up. The derm has been freezing them, but @ my last visit the doc said it was normal to have bumps on your skin and for me to just come back as needed, even though she admitted that the ones I had were the smallest she'd ever seen!
Avatar n tn She says the only thing she can think of is trying many candida shots (we only did 1 injection a week for 5 weeks - the standard) or do a combination of salicyclic acid (to thin the skin) and aldara (which may have had problems with absorption before). Does ANYONE have an idea?
Avatar m tn When you mention "Gileads therapeutic vaccine" did you mean its TollLike7 receptor agonist drug, that is currently in development or do they indeed also have a therapeutic vaccine in development? The TL agonist drug was tested in Woodchucks as presented in Orlando last year and showed very impressive Vl reductions of 3 to 4 logs. I would like to mention that an other TL7 agonist is already approved for skin conditions. Its name is Imiquimod and the brand name.
Avatar m tn i was checking for trl7 agonists and i found there are already 2 and one marketed already and even generic, they are used on viral infections to activate immune response on HPV, herpes viruses, other viruses and even soem types of skin cancers, they are in form of creams Imiquimod ( Aldara ) The genetic control of airway responsiveness and the effect of resiquimod treatment on allergic asthma
Avatar m tn I had a lot better luck with the Aldara when I first burned the warts off with salicylic acid. The Aldara wasn't helping as well before using the acid, especially in certain areas. Yes, it's a bit more pain but it helped me. You could also add Low Dose Naltrexone to your medication. It helps boost the immune system. In your case, I really don't think it would be enough of a benefit on it's own. I tried it with a lot of herbal immune boosters alone and I didn't get any results.
Avatar f tn There is no way it's just a coincidence that I was acne free for 6 years and then 2 weeks after I contract HPV I am breaking out. It's a disease that affects the skin. It's not like there isn't merit to this possibility.
Avatar n tn *I avoid soaps in my vaginal area. I use baby wipes for sensitive skin around my anus and labia before showering and just dont use soaps on that area. *I use same baby wipes after sex. *I've been wearing looser, cotton only panties (BORING!) and avoiding thongs at all costs. Love thongs but how unsanitary, really!? *When it's really awful I use hydrocortisone cream but try not to use it often, as it's petroleum base can provide a good place for yeast to grow.
Avatar n tn I was doing this in late 1990's, and I will start doing it right away to see if it helps. But, I do not expect this to yield results over night. It probably would take at least a few weeks before one can judge the result. Second, Castor oil pack: I tried this about 3.5 years ago, but unfortunately I did not try weight workouts at that time as I was doing the walking for 5-6 days a week only. For more information on Castor oil packs go to http://www.edgarcayce.