Aldara dangers

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Avatar n tn i do think there may be a way to get rid of it..but similar to aldara. perhaps an injection of an aldara-like immune modifer into the lymph nodes for a week long trial? this may help the body slam the EBV (mono). you're spreading this **** when you don't even know it because the Epstein Barr Virus (MONO..yep..
Avatar m tn Its totally understandable that you feel stressed and depressed as this is a distressing thing to have, but once you learn about the facts you come to realise HPV isn't all that bad especially low risk as it dosen't have any health dangers, its just mainly about unpleasant symptoms ie. warts. You have to stay strong and tell yourself you will overcome this hurdle, it will probably make you a better and more open minded person.
Avatar m tn vit d3 and pth at optimum levels hbv vaccine boosted by aldara cream at site of injection zadaxin (expensive)