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Avatar n tn Hi. The US FDA recommends that Aldara (Imiquimod) be used with caution in patients with pre-existing autoimmune disease. It's not absolutely contraindicated for someone with an autoimmune problem, but Aldara has not been properly evaluated for these types of patients, so care should be taken when Aldara is used in these cases. The US FDA also does not officially approve its use for melanoma or pre-melanoma (lentigo maligna).
Avatar m tn html?WT.ec_id=NCOMMS-20130305 Aldara is a cream used for topical treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, and is thought to act through stimulation of anti-tumour immunity. The active ingredient, imiquimod, has been shown to stimulate toll-like receptor 7. Aldara also induces psoriasis-like lesions when applied to naive murine skin, and as such is used as a mouse model for psoriasis. Here we find that in naive murine skin, Aldara induces inflammation largely independently of toll-like receptor 7.
Avatar f tn My question is about a lesion that appeared on my chest about 6 weeks ago that I showed to my dermatologist stating I thought it was another basal cell and should I treat it with Aldara like the others on my chest that have been popping up alot since January of this year. She agreed that I do that. It started out about 5.5mm with a crusty scab in it. That fell off and another scab developed on it. The base of it was reddish and inflamed looking.
Avatar m tn If for example, your are diagnosed with a melanoma skin lesion and the doc says to apply the aldara 1x/day every other day for 3 months. During this time, if your skin reacts violently in that area and perhaps beyond where the original lesion was, then your immune system is in over drive and will successfully clear the cancer in the area of the reaction. If there is no reaction, then there was nothing to attack.
Avatar f tn I usually really have a reaction when I treat a basal cell with the Aldara yet this lesion did not react and after two weeks I discontinued treatment and followed up with the derm and she finally biopsied it today which was about two weeks after I stopped the treatment. Is that aldara treatment going to affect the diagnosis? I just wanted it off. I asked her what she thought it possibly could be and she said maybe an actinic keratosis.
Avatar n tn I know it is not indicted for squamous and am wondering if I am wasting more time and should ust go ahead and have the Mohs on my nose. Is trying Aldara for squamous worth trying for the next 3 months?
Avatar f tn female2785 No I've never used Aldara and I have no idea how likely you are to infect a new partner. It's Sunday and I have an appointment at a clinic to receive the first of the three shots that make up the HPV vaccination this coming Tuesday. This new wart breakout is continuing, multiplying, and they hurt. The ones near my left temple are sore right now and I haven't squeezed them at all and the latest one on my right cheek is sore to the touch.
Avatar m tn Antiviral activity has been demonstrated against a variety of viruses, and clinical efficacy has been demonstrated against genital warts, herpes genitalis and molluscum contagiosum. Imiquimod is administered as a 5% cream (Aldara) and has been licensed for the treatment of anogenital warts in immunocompetent patients. Complete clearance of warts has been observed in up to half of treated patients with only local side effects reported.
Avatar m tn Hello. I've attached a photo of a skin coloration on the base of my penis (the photo is a collage at various resolutions). The area is about 1/4" wide and high, is asymmetrical and brown in color. I first noticed this spot about 6-7 years ago (2002). Fifteen (15) months ago I showed my dermatologist, and upon clinical observation, he said "this has to be removed" and referred me to a urologist.
Avatar m tn Hello. I originally posted the below question on the Dermatology Community forum (go to link to see a picture), as a dermatology expert is not available: This is a photo of a skin coloration on the base of my penis (the photo is a collage at various resolutions). The area is about 1/4" wide and high, is asymmetrical and brown in color. I first noticed this spot about 6-7 years ago (2002).
Avatar f tn 1. What is the chance that this lesion was HPV related? I have never had any lesions or warts of any kind in this area. 2. If not HPV, what other reasons as I am a non-smoker, maybe genetic predisposition? 3. If this is HPV related, is this a common area for HPV lesion about an inch below waistline close to right v fold? 4. If this is HPV related, what is my chance of recurrence since the lesion had been present for ten years and if I have immunity from this first lesion now. 5.
Avatar f tn aldara, alinia,vitamin d3, simvastatin, all ahev mild effect but all can boost interferon response do not start interferon ow because hbsag levels over 1500iu/ml have no hbv clerance, sequential treatment with tdf for 1-3 years and then peginterferon add on worked on levles of hbsag around 8000iu/ml but too little patients so it ibetter to lower hbsag as much as possible before interferon and tenofovir, alinia, aldara cream and vit d3 may help a little on this while simvastatin may boost respo
Avatar m tn Lets say they are cancerous/melanoma, for the big one and from the physical aspects of it, does it pose any risk to my survival at this point? I know that the bigger the tumor growth, the higher chance it will spread. 3. What kind of Dr should I see, a dermatologist? Would they have to biopsy it first? 4. If I need to get it removed, how will the surgery procedure go down? Is it a one man job? How long will it take? Anything else I should probably know? Thanks!