Aldara and keloid

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Avatar f tn He recently surgically removed 2 keloids on his chest and our dermatologist gave him ALDARA cream to be used about 3 times a week on the wounds. I really want to know if he is doing the right thing. What chance is there that these keloids will re appear? and if they do will they be worse than before? what is your best advice? According to our dermatologist (who is known to be one of the best in our country) there is only a 10% chance that they will re-appear using ALDARA cream.
Avatar m tn I inquired to my doctor about trying Aldara, as I have some old aldara that I tried on my keloid scars years ago, he told me to "try it" and that it should work in three days, after reading much online about people having horrible experiences with this drug i chose to try condyline one more time in my last trial which is where I am now. Now that I can see the warts coming back again, my question is; Should I try using aldara?
Avatar n tn Treated multiple times freezing/burning, before excising. Scar remains. I scar/keloid easily. In 2011, warts diagnosed. Again, multiple rounds freezing/burning, then Aldara worked. Scars/permanent change in skin color remain. December 2013 wart in same area treated successfully with Aldara, but with further change in skin color, likely permanent. January 2014 doc thought 4 warts present in new locations. I didn’t agree.