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Avatar f tn Im upstate in Syracuse.
Avatar f tn So I've decided to have the baby at my parents house (queens) but i have an appointment on Monday at the doctor which I've been going to from the beginning (upstate) so do i go to the doctor here on Monday or just wait until i start to have the baby and just go to the hospital?
Avatar f tn so any ideas in this department !? My husband I live in upstate New York it's now 36 degrees and I obviously know snowboarding tubing and other fun winter activities are out but I feel like I'm posted up in my house already ! I'm 22 weeks pregnant any ideas welcome ! I feel like I'm losing it and upstate ny winters are rough as is they are three-four months of grey skies so snowboarding tubing etc keep the depression away!
Avatar f tn I live in upstate NY and am looking for a doctor who specializes in autonomic disorders. I was diagnosed with POTS (2001), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(2001), and Fibromyalgia (1998). My CFS/FMS specialist just retired. I would like to get a more extensive evaluation of my POTS, including whether I have the hyperadrenergic type, or if my POTS is secondary to joint hypermobility syndrome.... Can anyone recommend a doctor in NY, Massachusetts, or Pennsylvania area?
Avatar f tn yes Iive in upstate ny.
Avatar f tn Can you tell me where in Upstate NY?
4376155 tn?1355235478 I live in upstate NY... the weather this time of year is cold.. 0-35 degrees, windy, snowy always changing.... I have an infant snow suit and a bundle me that goes over the car seat. Do you think I should use both or just one or the other?
20927748 tn?1680431197 I have been single for 10 years now and I am starting to miss being in a relationship. Having recently moved to upstate, NY and no car anymore, plus it is nice area but so isolated. The few friends I have think I am a pretty woman dating and how can I be single? Meanwhile, I am always by myself. Don't get me wrong I like myself but where are you supposed to meet real people? I used to make friends or 3 long relationships but easy in Queens, NY. Never had to look to meet anyone.
Avatar f tn Im not in canada but im only like 3 hours away from there...
Avatar n tn I'm in my last days of my pregnancy... 3rd & final. I stay in upstate NY and weather has done a totally changed and now im sick... besides Tylenol is there anything to take? I plan on turning the hot shower on before bed and just sweat it out. The last thing i need is going into labor sick...
531519 tn?1307632685 Hi Guys My GP has started me on OXYCONTIN and OXYCODONE will i need a lettter from my doctor to travel with this medication. I am going to visit my sister in upstate NY for 3 weeks and i am traveling from Scotland.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if the implant is avaliable anywhere in NY? Preferably upstate but will travel further for treatment if needed.
Avatar f tn I'm from the upstate, Spartanburg to be exact but I live in Greenville now
Avatar f tn Which MS clinic is better rated, the one in Rochester or the one at suny upstate in Syracuse?
Avatar f tn I'm from upstate NY and my doctor doesn't check until your due date. I had complications last week so I got checked (33weeks) and found out I'm 2cm.
Avatar f tn I'd love to be on Key West....planning on retiring there.....hate upstate NY winters!!!!
Avatar f tn What medication are you referring to?
Avatar n tn m also thinking about Upstate hospital in Syracuse - what about them?
Avatar f tn My goodness. Do you remember what NS you were on a waiting list for? Also, Where is Dr. Heffez? Is he near Duke? I'm in upstate SC and am so afraid I'm going to have to bite the bullet and head up north for NS with a lot of knowledge about Chiari.
Avatar n tn Desperately need a DR that has other CRPS patients in Upstate NY or northern PA. Finger Lakes area also. RU or Strong sent me to pain Mgmt that said I have to live with it. I know it is not curable, but need a better quality of life. I am 75 yr old female. Got this after a total knee replacement. Then the ortho that did it dumped me. Pretended she didn't know anything about nerve pain. Yea, Right.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if there is a clinic in upstate New York that will do a <5 quantitatie assay without a doctor's requisition or is this impossible? Tx, as in thanks.