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Avatar n tn hello, 2 days ago i had PROTECTED sex with a sex worker in las vegas. she started with a hand job and then she put the condom on me. we had intercourse for less than 5 minutes. when it was over i pulled the condom off and squeezed it to make shure there was no tears, holes etc. it looked ok. i IMMEDIATELLY used a wet towel to wash myself.
Avatar f tn And to think that you can get your genitals washed on the Las Vegas Strip for $5.00.....
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex with a prostitute in Las Vegas last week, which consisted primarily of oral sex. She did it to me - and I to her. At the last minute, for literally 2 minutes, I got stupid and inserted myself vaginally - without a condom. I pulled out just before ejaculation. At the beginning of the encounter, this person had assured me she was clean. This is my first (and last) encounter with a prostitute - and it was a dumb, alcohol induced mistake.
Avatar f tn I recently had sexual intercourse with an asian female who works in a massage parlor in Las Vegas. She did not sound like she was born here. I used a condom and sex was only 2-3 minutes. There was no rip in the condom. When I took the condom off, I don't think it touched the penis. My questions are as follows: 1) What are my odds of contracting Hepatitis B/HIV? 2) Can Hepatitis B/HIV live outside the body and the condom acidentally touched the penis to give me the disease?
Avatar n tn I recently had an encounter with a prostitute in Las Vegas. She rubbed her vagina for a few minutes. Shortly after she gave me a hand job with lotion. Is there any risk for STDs? Should I be tested. I am concerned since I am in a relationship. Thank you again.
Avatar f tn I'm 25 weeks and I'm from Las Vegas, nv. Anyone else from Vegas. I think it would be great to go through this pregnancy with some one who understands what I'm talking about.
Avatar n tn Any mom's on here live in Las Vegas? If so how are you taking this weather while pregnant?
Avatar m tn I made a horrible mistake on September 13th 2008 with a prostitute in las vegas. I was way too drunk and blacked out, so I am not sure exactly what happened. - I took a 7 panel std test (including hiv) through on Oct 7th 2008 (3 weeks + 2 days) They used Quest Diagnostics and all of the results were negative. - I took another 7 panel std test through on Dec 9th 2008. (12 weeks + 3 days). They used Labcorp this time and all of the tests were negative again.
Avatar f tn Jem, I am in St George, Ut and my PCP offered to refer me to an NS in Las Vegas or in SLC, I chose SLC because I have 3 family members who work in the new hospital where the NS is. I am not sure if there are any Chiari specialists in LV, but after my NS visit in SLC, I have decided to get another opinion from the Barrow Neorological Institue in Phoenix. The wait is long, but I feel it is worth it. Barrow has an easy referral system that is acessed either online or by phone.
Avatar n tn Dr, Late November, 2007 (54 days ago) I received condom protected oral sex and engaged in condom protected vaginal sex from a CSW worker in Las Vegas. Upon withdrawal I noticed the condom slipped down the shaft of my penis +/- 50%. I washed within 15 minutes of the incident. I'm concerned about the possibility of vaginal secretions infecting me through damaged soft tissue on my penis (due to masturbation earlier in the day). I don't know there was any damage... just speculating.
784382 tn?1376931040 what about the Virgin Islands or is that too far , they may do deals in April if its out of season, New Orleans I think its been fixed up a lot since Katrina struck,yes there is las Vegas, /LA ...
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Avatar m tn There is really no medical need for testing of any sort and I would not recommend testing. If you need to test for your own peace of mind, the most common STIs are gonorrhea and chlamydia and these can be detected any time more than 2-3 days after contact using a urine test. Blood tests are not needed and if you choose to have blood tests, please do not get a blood test for herpes, the tests are more often misleading than not in situations such as yours.