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Avatar n tn According to Bloomberg, CDC, which recommends testing with blood over oral fluids, also has contacted Seattle officials. Nonetheless, the agency sent a letter to physicians on Aug. 20, voicing support for oral fluid HIV testing and stating that the test has performed well "overall" and is important for increasing the number of people tested for HIV.
Avatar f tn I waited as long as I could, and I went and took an HIV test at the fine Harborview Medical Center in Seattle (what type of testing do they use?), that is where I live. I took the test at 41 days. It came back negative. Harborview's wonderful people told me the testing time was fine. Now my throat is killing me and I have been experiencing night sweats! I am trying to stay calm and not test like a maniac, just want to make sure I am in the clear.
Avatar n tn Ask them. A plain ole ELISA test is one of the best.
Avatar m tn 1)Hi,my first question is can CMV interfere in Hiv test 2) i had hiv ag/bg combo axsym and vdrl testing which was negative,can the virus be detected in both these test even if you have aids and take the test past 5 years ,im still worried because i had OI which i had mentioned earlier im still nervous about the hiv virus,is it possible it might have turned into full blown aids thats why the results were negative,can you explain what is full blown aids 3)Do i need cd4 count test,please explain
Avatar f tn I just found out about 12 years ago my mate was unfaithful and i have gotten tested recently with an third generation eia antibody test hiv1/2 with reflexes, a rapid blood test, 4 oraquick home tests and all came back negative. But ive read ur post that some people with aids antibodies wont show on those tests. Im very scared that im in that stage and the tests i took arent sufficient enough to know for sure.
Avatar n tn This was asked several years ago (2007, but I'm wondering if things have changed. It's hard to believe that the city where Dr. Handsfield works still has no 3rd gen testing locations (at least available to the public). And Seattle is a pretty reasonably sized city to not have this. Does anyone know of anything in Seattle/King County?
390916 tn?1204840470 I'm going to Seattle for a wedding and we've decided to spend a week since we've never been out there. Has anyone been out there who can advise on getting around. My right leg is pretty weak and, with an AFO, I can usually walk up to one half mile. We've always been great walkers on vacations to new places and this is going to be a new experience. Any suggestions or advice?
Avatar n tn What I know, personally, about HIV/AIDS comes from working in a major teaching hospital in Seattle. For well over 10 years I have taken care of hundreds of people with HIV and AIDS. I have been exposed so many times to urine, feces, vomit, tears, pus, blood, saliva and I lost track years ago of how many needle sticks I've gotten. It's a very big hospital, there are many of us who take care of patients. In all that time, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US HAS CONTRACTERD HIV!
Avatar n tn "The Seattle study had to do with testing BEFORE the recommend time." thats b.s. teak why are you making up your own theories no where on the study does it say the tests where all done before 3 months and i just got off the phone with one of the hiv specialists at harborview in Seattle where the study took place and they said that is b.s.
Avatar n tn You have HIV specialist Doctors on here telling people 4 weeks depending on the risk is ok and you could live with that---and then you guys over here telling people that 4 weeks is ****---well I trust someone who is actually doing the test on me to give me the right info----I am done with this site. AIDSMEDS is fantastic--this place create anxiety!
Avatar f tn um I was with my bf for like a year anyways he left me about a month ago he just left didnt tell me he was leaving I think he may have hiv or aids and has infected me ive been feeling sick for a while off and on but I have not been tested in about a year anyways ive got this rly bad cough and sometimes I feel like its hard to breathe it been like tht for a couple weeks now I dont have insurance and ive been too much of a coward to go to the hospital because im by myself I cnt tell my family...
Avatar m tn This subject is discussed here ad nauseum. Anyone is free to decide for themselves when they feel comfortable testing. ON THIS FORUM, we adhere to the official guidelines, the doctors take a more liberal stance. Dr. HHH often posts a few links to posts he's made that explains in detail about testing protocols, and why they give the advice THEY do, and why we give the advice we do. They are a good read.
Avatar n tn Im very worried....that I might progress to the aids stage and die without anyone knowing what of because of the gestation period.I had sex with a hooker 7 months ago but i have been sick ever since.
Avatar m tn Thanks a lot kind sir. If you don't mind me asking, what are your thoughts on PCR testing? PCR DNA? Are they worthwhile?
Avatar m tn As of November 2009, 23,731 HIV/AIDS cases have been reported in the country (National HIV/AIDS Program of the Ministry of Health). The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) estimates that in 2007, 35,000 Salvadorans were living with HIV (UNAIDS 2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic). Incidence appears to have declined since 2004, but there is a fear that HIV/AIDS cases are underreported due to lack of an effective monitoring system.