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Avatar m tn Also, your symptoms could possibly be caused by borrelia valaisiana, which is known to cause the symptoms you describe.
372366 tn?1284403873 Finally.....An Ontario man facing first-degree murder charges in the deaths of two former sexual partners,he failed to disclose he had the virus that causes AIDS and in some cases "lied" to women about his health status.
Avatar n tn Is the question about hepatitis C, or about AIDS? This is a forum for hepatitis C, which is not typically transmitted sexually. Can you ask a parent, teacher, or adult you trust? If you are not sure about the safety of sexual activity, maybe it would be a good idea not to engage in sex until you are knowledgeable enough about sexually transmitted diseases that you can protect yourself. Some of these diseases can be deadly. Good times come and go. Your health, or lack of it, can be enduring.
Avatar m tn “…Similarly, a 2009 publication reported a possible association with chronic fatigue syndrome,[7] but three other studies found no evidence of XMRV in patients.[8][9][10] XMRV has not been established as a cause of either disease.
Avatar m tn I think Im experiencing AIDS symptoms. I have shortness of breath, fatigue, and now I started experiencing a weird sensation in my foot, as if someone is holding a lighter near to my ankle. It doesnt burn but it feels warm for a few seconds then goes away. Happens daily I think. So im wondering if theres a high chance I got AIDS through the damaged tissue.
Avatar m tn // what you think?
704329 tn?1518523098 (zappy, somewhat electric shock feeling, lose my balance, somtimes i want to drop to the ground symptoms). I cannot find anything or get any advice what so every which is starting to frustrate me. Could this be a blood pressure issue maybe or a medication mixture or reaction problem? (10mgPaxil, 1mg Clonazepam, 7.5mg Immovane) ....Ive never posted in Neurology before, so maybe someone can shed some light on what this may be....
Avatar n tn In addition, many common medications can cause leukopenia (see below). HIV and AIDS are also a threat to white cells. Other causes of low white blood cell count include: Influenza, systemic lupus erythematosus, Hodgkin's lymphoma, some types of cancer, typhoid, malaria, tuberculosis, dengue, Rickettsial infections, enlargement of the spleen, folate deficiencies, psittacosis and sepsis. Many other causes exist, such as a deficiency in certain minerals such as copper and zinc.” http://en.
Avatar m tn t there a proper vaccine for AIDS yet ? In other words why dont we still have a scientifically proved Medication or a Therapy that could kill the virus inside the body or reverse the damage to the immune system ?
Avatar n tn In the past few years I've been susceptible to some respiratory symptoms. They usually start with heavy sneezing, then followed by a mild fever, and sometimes my nose will be running. This will last maybe 5 days, and I think on average I've had this once or twice a year. There was also one case of where I thought was bronchitis; I had some trouble breathing, and they did an x-ray and said they didn't really see anything. They gave me antibiotics anyway.
Avatar f tn um I was with my bf for like a year anyways he left me about a month ago he just left didnt tell me he was leaving I think he may have hiv or aids and has infected me ive been feeling sick for a while off and on but I have not been tested in about a year anyways ive got this rly bad cough and sometimes I feel like its hard to breathe it been like tht for a couple weeks now I dont have insurance and ive been too much of a coward to go to the hospital because im by myself I cnt tell my family...
Avatar n tn Is it possible to have persistent HIV symptoms a few months after exposure? Say like 3-4 months?
Avatar m tn I founf some comfort in your reple however my symptoms are real but I am going to have my results today and hopefully look for support groups.
Avatar n tn it is posible to star having the aids symptoms when the virus is not found in a blood test?
Avatar n tn Im very worried....that I might progress to the aids stage and die without anyone knowing what of because of the gestation period.I had sex with a hooker 7 months ago but i have been sick ever since.