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Avatar f tn You can go to your family doctor to ask about these symptoms and to inquire if you might have adult ADD. I went to my family doctor to get diagnosed.
Avatar n tn My husband (54years) has adult ADD. He is seeing a psychiatrist, who prescribes Concerta. He's been on it for about 6 months - says that, while it hasn't been a magic bullet or anything, that he feels more focused with it. This is the problem: I find him increasingly difficult to live, due to his list of symptoms. Sometimes, they seem to be getting worse. I guess I feel that there are other things he could be doing to manage this illness. But he never follows through on anything.
Avatar n tn if she is experiencing symptoms of any sort of disability, included ADD... and those symptoms are getting in the way of her functioning ability (sometimes theses things don't get in the way of people functioning ability)... then it might be good if she had support and help. A visit to her family doctor might be a place to start. Or, a visit to a counselor or psychologist. If she was still IN school...
1789235 tn?1315156881 When I was younger I was diagnosed with both ADD/ADHD I was on Ritalin, (chewables) i remember spitting them out.. but I was wondering if it is possible to still have ADD as an adult.. I find myself not paying attention at times, starting one task then moving to another always having one or more tasks not finished.. If so what can be done to help me with this and can I be re-diagnosed?.. I am not sure if this makes any sense at all..
490665 tn?1210334012 was wondering if adult add goes un detected for quite a while, its just i suffer with anxiety and have been told its a side effect of add or adhd, i have always been quite hyperactive as a person and as a young person was very unruly and troublesom and did not quite understand why i was like that and why i was doin things wrong, i always have compulsions to get in trouble and still do, i also suffer with a bad temper but i dont mean to have these outbursts they just happen!!
Avatar n tn I am very patient and organized when it comes to school work, but all other aspects go exactly with ADD symptoms. I don't suffer from hyperactivity, I go from ups and downs very easily, I can get easily upset. But what frustrates me the most is that since I get good grades, no one believes I could. They say it's perfectly normal, that I'm just being stupid over nothing.
1858622 tn?1319813203 I do recommend some on line sites which have a lot of useful information since they are aimed at adults by adults with ADD. The two sites aimed at the adult ADD sufferer that you might want to check out are and Both sites are done by people with ADD. totallyadd was actually a PBS special and consequently is a series of short videos. Quite entertaining and useful. Jeffs add mind really reflects him.
Avatar n tn did a bit of reading about Adult ADD. Very interesting how close it matches my moods and feelings. Tried a few things with organisation etc and wow! what a huge difference. Rather than just being pissed of about mess and clutter and feeling crap...i actually did something about it and its made a huge difference. Perhaps its a trigger for the depression.
Avatar f tn Had 1st trimester screening blood test today
1619251 tn?1345157163 Today I went for my Glucose Screening test.
Avatar m tn second trimester screening, 16 weeks 4 days, blood test
Avatar f tn So since then I have a had two HIV DNA pcr test done one on the 8th ad 25th day post exsposure both test negative. it is now week 6 I'm getting sickly nodes under my arms swole up but went down in having abdominal pain and slight headaches. Could be possible serocoversion but I'm thinking positive that it's just a bacterial infection or something. Im going get another test this time rapid HIV ab test at 9 weeks then I'm going back around week 14 for my Closure.
Avatar n tn com where I took 2 detailed online tests(used incidentally by many doctors at clinics I realized later) and they came back highly probable being Inattentive ADD. What… I hadn’t heard of that one. Symptoms were right on with my situations. Wow.
Avatar n tn My adult son is on D-Amphetamine for ADD symptoms (focusing). He has been on Prozac for several months for depression but has now been switched to Zoloft. Are these classes of drugs compatible? Should he consider another class of drug for his depressive symptoms?