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Avatar n tn My husband (54years) has adult ADD. He is seeing a psychiatrist, who prescribes Concerta. He's been on it for about 6 months - says that, while it hasn't been a magic bullet or anything, that he feels more focused with it. This is the problem: I find him increasingly difficult to live, due to his list of symptoms. Sometimes, they seem to be getting worse. I guess I feel that there are other things he could be doing to manage this illness. But he never follows through on anything.
Avatar f tn go to their self-help section, you'll find volumes of excellent books on Adult ADD. Many of these (if they've not already been authored by one) will list physicians, healthcare professionals, etc. that deal with adult ADD directly, as well as professional organizations to tap into. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Its for adults with ADD and pretty well runs through all kinds of adult ADD stuff. Its kinda of helter-skelter, but the writer is ADD, and it tends to fit his personality I think. http://jeffsaddmind.
Avatar f tn It sounds like your friend has been dealing with a normal reaction of depression to her ADD symptoms she has always had. It's possible she even experienced low-self esteem because of the ADD -- it's difficult to accomplish goals and get work done and feel good about oneself, which in turn brings down self-confidence. I know you are worried about your friend but maybe the medication is actually working for her.
620923 tn?1452919248 Please post which condition ur symptoms r, TC or Syrinx...thanks Link for Chiari symptoms- Link for Tethered cord symptoms- Link for Syringomyelia symptoms-
Avatar n tn Do the meds that worked when young, work as well as an adult? Is it better to start an adult off on something like strattera since it isn't a stimulant or a controlled substance? Is it wise to even go back to taking meds...I may have a harder time in academics and stuff, but I am making it okay. I just want to be sure that I am knowledgable on both sides and on the meds before I make the decision whether or not to take them. Thanks.
1453183 tn?1287852619 Hey CBL welcome back!!!! Although, we will probably have some disagreements, I totally agree with your web site about checking into other factors that can cause AD/HD symptoms. I think too many doctors (probably usually pediatricians cause they tend to be way too busy to have the time) go for the simple fix. Things like sleep apnea, allergies, toxins, etc. are definitely worth looking into. And I do agree with you that the long term effects need more study.
Avatar n tn Artificial colorings have now een definitely proven to trigger off alot of these symptoms. Whatever he is doing - cheer up - my kid was so ADHD off the charts he was kicked out of public school (and he was a straight A student).
Avatar n tn Congratulations on trying to do something about what is going on with you. Well, the first thing you probably need is to get a real good idea of what ADHD or ADD is. The link on this site is pretty good. Another good site is - Meds might well help you - or not. There really is only one way to find out.
Avatar m tn I've been to the health clinic here, and they tell me that it can't be ADD since it doesn't negatively impact my grades. They think my symptoms (including my OCD) stem from depression, so they've put me on anti-depressants for a number of years now, with results ranging from nothing to making me suicidal. They tell me I just need the right combination of pills, but I'm questioning their explanation, so that's why I'm here. Sorry for the novel. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn The problem is - ADD can cause the anxiety/depression. Check out these two sites aimed at the adult ADD sufferer. See if what they are talking about sound familiar to you. If it does, find a psyc that specializes in ADD. The sites are and Both sites are done by people with ADD. totallyadd was actually a PBS special and consequently is a series of short videos. Quite entertaining and useful.
Avatar n tn moderate+ Adult ADD. The latter (ADD) immediately. Red flag? Ritalin and SSRI. Series of like meds follows. SSRI helps; other (?). Find work, DC federal litigator. 2000, happy move to Maine. Solo practice & other biz. Wife & I work at home. Huge house, much acreage. Succession of MDs (either I moved, they're hospitalized for nervous brakedown or changed vocation to community theater, etc.). Latest, maybe 9 mo. (OK, but doesn't "get" me).
620923 tn?1452919248 Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. Thanks for the add on to our Drs list.....May I ask, did your DS have his surgery already? If so, how is he doing?
Avatar f tn I do know that lupus is an autoimmune disease that presents itself with multiple, unrelated symptoms including skin rashes and hair loss. Other symptoms are seemingly random and unique to every individual. Doctors don't jump to this conclusion very frequently, especially in male patients. A simple blood test could let them know if further testing is necessary. I would ask for this test; it couldn't hurt!
620923 tn?1452919248 List ur surgery date here if u would like a Prayer thread posted ......
Avatar n tn i have schizoaffective and adhd, sometimes i get severe depression, i have been on many different meds now latuda is working pretty good, i cannot drink any coffee with my aderal an am switching to ritalin in the morning, isolation is a major trigger for me i have found some help, double whammy for sure, i just saw this site an i have hit join, please add me to the list an i will try to help you, as i am always in need of others even if im giving for nothing... are there others like me?
Avatar n tn I'm just curious why their are soo many out here that are all almost the same thing just a few thing's different and i mean just a few,like spd and adhd,add,and depression so far almost ressemble the same symptoms that i have read so far. But my learning disability and memory loss was diagnosed in 3rd grade then again in 6th grade.
Avatar n tn As every adult is going to need help with different things, this is a list that might be of some help. Contact the USA equivalent to the Job Centre. Find out what help they have getting disabled people into work. Tell them that you suspect the family member has Aspergers and ask if they need a diagnosis to get access to any of the help or support that can be provided towards getting a job. In the UK people with disabilities are supported into work.
620923 tn?1452919248 - How did u first notice ur child's symptoms? -did u recognize all the symptoms as symptoms? -how long did ur have symptoms b4 u reported them to ur child's dror discussed with the child? -How was ur treated when u explained ur child's symptoms? -by ur piers? -by the drs? -What did ur drs feel were causing ur symptoms? -what testing was done? -were u rx'd meds or PT? -did meds or PT work? -if so, how long? -Were u able to discuss this with ur child? -what were ur concerns?
620923 tn?1452919248 I have been on this forum a few times and am hoping to be able to get the time to start sharing my experiences with Chiari more often. I would like to add my neurosurgeon to the list Caple A.
703238 tn?1297101958 I was diagnosed with Adult ADD and Bipolar disorder. I have self medicaded for quite a while with hydrocodone or other pain medication. It seems to take away all the symptoms and problems associated with my state and I was wondering if they prescribe that for those disorders or if I am better off just getting them on my own?
Avatar f tn Do you have any other symptoms ? Muscle aches... fatigue... cognitive problems.... dizziness.... frequent infections ?
Avatar f tn com/b/2011/05/07/study-shows-link-between-thyroid-problems-and-adult-acne.htm You might want to add the antithyroglobulin antibodies (TGab) to your list of tests and while you're at it, get, also Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab). These tests will determine if you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune disease in which the body sees the thyroid as foreign and produces antibodies to destroy it.
Avatar f tn wow, you so have all the symptoms of Adult AD/HD - check this link Also, I think the clonazepam may be causing you some of the problems. Your dose might be to high. If you haven't read up on it. This link is pretty good. http://drugabuse.
Avatar n tn Symptoms of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency A person who has too little adult growth hormone will have symptoms that include: A higher level of body fat, especially around the waist Anxiety and depression Changes in the make up of the blood cholesterol. People with adult growth hormone deficiency have higher than normal levels of low-density lipoproteins in comparison to their high density lipoproteins. They also tend to have higher triglyceride levels.
Avatar f tn And I have seen so many stories of adult women who were undiagnosed (usually with ADD) who did not finally get the correct diagnosis till late in life. Many times they were so fed up with the depression and anxiety (by the way, anxiety will cause those headaches), that they finally started researching ADD or after their child was diagnosed - a light went off for them. So, I definitely thing it would be worth your time to check out these two links on adult ADHD. http://www.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to develop a food allergy in adulthood that you have never experienced before? I'm 32 years old and have recently developed unexplained head pain; a CAT scan showed nothing abnormal. I had a 24-hour respite from the head pain and then it returned. The only thing I could associate with the change was eating chocolate and can recall an increase in my chocolate consumption over the past two weeks. Can an adult develop a food allergy from out of nowhere?
865817 tn?1255285681 Almost makes me wonder if if you were misdiagnosed as a child as there are several other things that mimic ADHD and some doctors just take the easy way out (as you have found out). By the way, two sites aimed at the adult ADD sufferer that you might want to check out are and Both sites are done by people with ADD. totallyadd was actually a PBS special and consequently is a series of short videos.
1174869 tn?1441315268 *Extreme oversensitivity to critism *Over-thinking and evaluating things *Scared to get up infront of people *Scared to do new things incase of embarrassment *Feeling empty all of the time *Jumping moods * Scared of dissapointing people *Want to please everyone *Over critical *Perfectionist *Want to be friends with everyone *Low self esteem *Obsessive thoughts and obsessions *Overachiever *Sadness *Boredom *No confidence *Anger outbursts for no real reason *Suspicious *Feel like people are bei