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Avatar m tn I recently took adderall for the first time and this same thing happened to me, blood in my semen. It just happened so I haven't let it wear off yet. I'm praying it does. If you had this happen to you (a reader), please post here and follow up if it goes away or not. If tests or treatment is obtained, please share what you can. If mine does not go away by Monday I will seek medical attention and post a follow-up here.
1135304 tn?1260513224 i took adderall the night before, i had no idea i was going to go to the doctor the very next day. however i did, i would like to know if this can affect my blood test.? and if so how much can it ruin because i have to start getting better.
Avatar n tn After reading many stories on-line of pregnant women taking adderall, I decided to start taking it again after the 3rd month at 1/2 the dose, which is 10mg a day. Does anyone believe that after the crucial period of development, lets say in your 6th month, would it be okay to do things you wouldn't do in the beginning? Like, take your meds (adderall), or have a glass of chardonnay? Once every weekend? I am in conflict, being that I am 6 months today.
Avatar n tn Doubt if the adderall made you sick and black out - that was probably something else they put in. But adderall will still show up on a drug test for awhile.
Avatar m tn It all started about Wed (02/08/17) morning when I woke up, as soon as I sat up I had a strong urge to gag and did but didn't vomit. It was an unpleasant feeling of course that lasted through the evening with me having no appetite. What I find odd is that it pretty much completely disappears by around 8PM every time! Now about a week later I'm still experiencing this which is why I came here seeking help.
550611 tn?1214952010 I am still so tired all of the time though, even when I am taking my adderall. Does anyone know if the adderall could be messing with my test results and making it appear as though I have better results?
Avatar m tn Your probation officer should know what medications you are on. Yes, Adderall is stimulant based, its a methamphetamine. You can look it up online to get the information. You should have a doctors letter stating that you are on the adderall or have your doctor change you to Stratterra which is a non-stimulant treatment for add/adhd, especially in adults. I wouldn't be too worried, but if you don't want to test positive all the time you might want to try something else.
1744544 tn?1311299862 So, for over 2 years, I have consistently taken 60mg of Adderall. Once I was finally stable on my Adderall, he then took me off of my Xanax (did not WEEN me off, but TOOK me off) stating that 'Florida Law-He can not prescribe 2 Narcotics'.. I went for my regular, I voiced that after a year and a half of being off of Xanax, I'm now experiencing Anxiety more and more severe.. I understood that he couldnt prescribe another Narcotic, but I felt anything to subside my Anxiety would help.
Avatar m tn In my opinion you will pass with flying colors. Congrats to you on getting and staying clean.
Avatar f tn Make a list of all your symptoms and give this to the doctor and if he does not instigate it, ask if you can have a blood test taken to rule out non-Hodgkins and Hodgkins lymphoma. If caught early it can be treated successfully. But you do need to get have a thorough investigation for the correct diagnosis and given the appropriate treatement. Make sure that you tell the doctor that there is history of cancer in your family. Let me know how you get on. Wishing you all the best.
1616953 tn?1443835511 I've been just konking out in the middle of the day. I wake up sometimes with my head on the table other times just leaning back (Ouch btw) Its a pain in the ass. If I wasn't working for myself I'm sure I would be fired. My doctor has me taking a low dose of Adderall in the morning and if I feel like I'm going to konk out a second (10mg) anytime before 2 PM. Does anyone else here have anything like this?
Avatar n tn s embarrassing. Like today I was taking a test and I could not hold my pencil in my hand tight enough. It kept slipping out. Even when I would place my hand on the desk and moved it. I could see sweat just sitting there. I was wanting to take something to help me concentrate. I guess I should see a doc and let him give me a prescription thats best suitable. And Thank you for replying.
Avatar f tn Also could these test be affected anyway by the technician doing the test? At the end of the test she kept getting phone calls and all. I don’t think she was measuring anything though. Or does the radiologist do the measuring when viewing the echo.? If you could shed any light on this report I would greatly appreciate it.
1523184 tn?1291940756 They picked up the adderall and klonopin. I almost insisted on a blood test but at the last minute I did the urine test. What do I do now? I'll never convince my doctor without some kind of proof, but where do I get th proof?
Avatar f tn Sorry to hear you have a low sex drive. Ya, you could have low testosterone. A blood test would determine that pretty easily. You are a little young for that though but it can happen. But a lot of times, sex drive is related to our stress and emotional state. It can be psychological. Anything going on that might be related to that? Are you on any medication? Some medications can cause it. You are pretty low weight for your height. Any issues with your thyroid?
Avatar n tn According to the regulatory agency, they received safety information concerning the association of sudden deaths, heart-related deaths, and strokes in children and adults taking recommended doses of Adderall and Adderall XR. This risk of Adderall death seemed particularly high for individuals with structural heart abnormalities. In response to these findings, the FDA issued an advisory warning about the possible risk of death, but allowed the drug to remain on the market.
Avatar m tn ive had a serious head injury in 2003 and have impacted wisdom teeth. i've been prescribed adderall IR (not XR sorry) few months before the head injury and adderall worked fine. could be physiological as one psych RN told me. Perhaps the head injury affected my ears as I have slight tinnitus and on and off ear aches. Your input will be considered (not as medical advice, of course). Thank you.
Avatar f tn One reason is that it is also dependent on how long after the last dose the blood test is given. I would think that who ever is controlling the test would know that info. I would also think her prescribing doctor would be able to give you an idea of normal levels. He certainly couldn't give you info about her, but general info like that the doc should be able to give.
1746489 tn?1311515586 ve been taking norvasc for high blood pressure now for about 13 months now, in which my blood pressure seems to be under control for the most part. even with activities and eating right it just seems to be something passed down from family member to family member. However when adderall first came out in the late 1990's my nero Dr., placed me on the medication, and i went from a 1.5 GPA student to graduating top of my class with honors with a 4.0...
Avatar n tn last night my roomate thought it would be funny to give me 40 mg of adderall instead of the asprin i asked him for it was kind of dark so i didnt even look at the pills i didnt get sick or anything but my problem is i have a urine test in two days and am afraid im going to come up positive does anyone know how long this will take to get out of my system
Avatar n tn Take your blood pressure after the adderall kicks in. I really wonder why you need the Ephedrine. The Adderall will raise your heart rate. The Ephedrine will raise it higher. You would have to be in fantastic shape to withstand not doing damage maybe even unrepairable damage to yourself. Please be careful. More is not better.
Avatar f tn On the drug test aspect, Vyvanse is out of your system exponentially faster than Adderall. The half life of V is 47 minutes compared to a half life of 9-14 hours for Adderall. Example for those unaware how half-lifes of drugs work. 2 subjects; 1 takes 30mg of V, other takes 30mg of Adderall at 12pm. In 47 minutes @ 12:47pm, there will be 15mg (or half original dose) of the parent drug in V user's system.
Avatar f tn The numbness and lightheadedness are probably caused by orthostatic hypotension (yes, the stimulant can cause a significant DROP in blood pressure, bradycardia and tachycardia). Try not to consume alcohol for atleast 5 hours after your last adderall dose. Keep your blood volume adequate by staying hydrated and nourished. Never take a "sustained release" version of adderall, no matter what the pharmaceutical companies tell you.
Avatar m tn Just started with adderall and my left side arm and hand are tingling anything to be worried about?