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Avatar n tn I was originally prescribed 400 mg of acyclovir twice daily for suppression of my herpes type 2. Recently, I asked my doctor to increase my dosage to 800 mg of acyclovir twice daily. Is there any negatives associated with taking a higher dose than what is normally prescribed for suppression. Also, are there any benefits to taking a higher dose regularly for suppression like less shedding?
Avatar n tn The decrease in bioavailability is believed to be a function of the dose and not the dosage form. It was demonstrated that acyclovir is not dose proportional over the dosing range 200mg to 800mg.
Avatar f tn I have been taking different doses of Acyclovir over the past 2 months to get control of the virus and it gets better but does not go away completely. Should I switch meds? Would it be harmful to just increase the dosage of Acyclovir for a longer period as it's recommended for just 10 days.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am currently taking acyclovir 200 mg twice daily for suppressive therapy. However, I am on my menses and feel an outbreak coming. I was instructed to taking it 5 times a day for OBs. Just wanted to know what time intervals to take the pills. The doctor did not give me clear directions. Thanks. I really hate being a woman right now and really hate the fact I have this virus :( Just a side bar.
Avatar f tn How effective is acyclovir as daily suppression therapy for Hsv-2? How must it be taken to cut down on viral shedding?
Avatar m tn Due to lack of health insurance, I went to sexual health clinic and was given Acyclovir (800 mg X 2 times/day) for 5 days and took all medication. After a week, my symptoms did not disappear and was still experiencing a severe outbreak. I went back to the clinic and was started on suppression therapy (400mg x 2 times/day). I was given the first month of medication and told to continue taking monthly prescription for 6 months.
Avatar n tn what is the recommended dosages for the 3 main Herpes suppression treatments. I am overseas and have access to acyclovir. Does that seem to work the same as the other two?
Avatar n tn She was still convinced that it was probably HSV-2 and prescribed acyclovir suppression therapy. I have been taking acyclovir ever since. Other than this condition, I am in very good health. Over the years my flare-ups have been much less severe. I still occasionally have some prodrome symptoms & mild out-breaks and just up my acyclovir dosage as needed to control (no full blown outbreaks).
Avatar m tn My daughter has been HSV2 positive for appx three years but has not had any outbreaks since the first year. She is in her last five weeks of pregnancy and her doctor has prescribed acyclovir 400mg once a day. My understanding has been that acyclovir is a twice a day medication. Is the medication going to benefit her at this dosage or does it need to be changed? Thank you!
Avatar m tn Finally, in your experience does any of the antivirals work better than the others and are the dosages the same for genital HSV as for oral (I ask because the dosage my PCP prescribed was based the dosage for genital HSV?) Thank yoy again.
Avatar m tn Greatly simplified - you swallow valtrex and your body converts it into acyclovir inside the body. You get more active acyclovir available to kick a little herpes butt by doing it this way. That's why you take valtrex less often. We don't have studies to confirm that acyclovir reduces transmission the same amount as valtrex does but we assume it does. this table comes directly from the valtrex full prescribing info.
Avatar n tn I have just switched to Valacyclovir (Valtrex) which is 15 times more expensive than Acyclovir where I live, hoping this will be more effective with suppression. I read some clinical studies showing that it is slightly more effective. ‚ÄčAny advice?
Avatar f tn Hello Nov 2008 I got tested for Herpes 2 after my boyfriend of, at the time 5years had an open sore on his penis and we went to the Dr who told him it was Herpes and tested him. Before his results came back I went to my dr and got tested as this made no since at all to me. Well He and I were both positive! My results for HSV 2 IgG type spec 1.63 High and HSV IgM I/II combination 0.55.. My Boyfriends results were HSV 2 IgG type spec 5.00> whatever those mean!
Avatar f tn Long-term use of acyclovir for up to 10 years for HSV suppression is effective and well tolerated. Acyclovir is also approved for use in children, is available in some countries over the counter in cream formulation for herpes labialis, and has been monitored in over 1000 pregnancies. Safety monitoring data from clinical trials of valacyclovir, involving over 3000 immunocompetent and immunocompromised persons receiving long-term therapy for HSV suppression, were analyzed.
Avatar m tn There are 3 antiviral meds for herpes: acyclovir (generic) also known as Zovirax Valtrex (valacyclovir) famciclovir (generic) also known as Famvir Any informed opinions. I know acyclovir is the oldest and I saw some impressive statistics on it's suppression abilities. Obviously the two generic drugs will be much less expensive than Valtrex.
Avatar f tn Then I waited couple more days bc I was worried about getting dizzy with acyclovir and working. My dose is 400 2x a day. I took half last night, felt ok, so taking the normal dose today. I have pain in backs of thighs and butt. Sore to walk and feels kind of like a bee sting. I got quite a bit of swelling too. Dr just said I need to get on the anti viral ASAP and stay on antibiotic. Anyone else have this?
Avatar m tn What is the normal dosage of valacyclovir for suppression? I have read several places say 500 mg some say 1000. What is right or normal dosage?
Avatar m tn What is the maximum suppression dosage for Valtrex? One doctor told me it was 1 gram daily, but my current doctor prescribed 2 per day and said that was ok to take as long as needed. He said in an immune-compromised patient, it could be 3 grams per day as needed, but no longer-term studies have been done about it to determine the upper-limit of the max safe long-term dose. Is this the consensus opinion?
Avatar n tn I have read that 80-90% of people on suppression see a dramatic reduction in outbreak frequency. I am curious why the other 10-20% do not see a dramtic reduction. Are these typically immune suppressed people or are they otherwise healthy but "unlucky"? Does even the most "unlucky" otherwise healthy person see SOME improvement or is it possible that you could take acyclovir and see little or no change to your pattern (frequency or intensity) at all?
Avatar n tn I am currently in a long term relationship, fully disclosed sexual history - but I am resisting suppression therapy. In a previous relationship I tried this for a year and found the side effects to be horrible - confusion, anxiety, agitation, poor typing skills, eye-blinking and muscle flickering. I want to avoid passing the virus to my partner, but I cannot live a happy life with the side effects of Accyclovir.
Avatar f tn I have HSV2, been taking Acyclovir 400mg 2x daily for suppression for a while now. Recently decided to switch to Valtrex 1g once a day, because 1 pill is more convenient and also I hear valtrex suppresses shedding and transmission in general better. I'd like to hear others opinion on the differences of both. Thanks!
Avatar f tn You can go on suppression treatment instead of taking when you breakout.
Avatar m tn just taking the antiviral drugs DURING outbreaks? How successful are antivirals at suppression of coldsores as opposed to say genital herpes? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Herpes/Treatment-Options/show/1628458">Treatment Options</a>.
Avatar m tn Thanks for your comment. I would appreciate any feedback on discordant couples with one on suppressive therapy and no condom use.