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Avatar n tn In saying that I have drastically changed my diet and started acyclovir during my first ob (which I just got over in a little over a week). My dr. put me on acyclovir 200mg 5xDaily. First question: From what I have read so far everyone is on 400mg 2xDaily. Is my dosage right? Second question: Is it a good idea to keep taking it for suppresion or only take it when I feel an outbeak coming?
Avatar n tn I was originally prescribed 400 mg of acyclovir twice daily for suppression of my herpes type 2. Recently, I asked my doctor to increase my dosage to 800 mg of acyclovir twice daily. Is there any negatives associated with taking a higher dose than what is normally prescribed for suppression. Also, are there any benefits to taking a higher dose regularly for suppression like less shedding?
Avatar n tn He has herpes, and to prevent me from getting it, takes acyclovir before and during the periods we visit each other. Unfortunatley, this past Sunday (before he started acyclovir again) he had an outbreak. He promtly took the medicine (4 pills each day since) and never developed blisters. He describes it as a bit of redness which is fading. I am going to see him in two days. Is he contagious? Should we have sex or wait?
Avatar n tn In saying that I have drastically changed my diet and started acyclovir during my first ob (which I just got over in a little over a week). My dr. put me on acyclovir 200mg 5xDaily. First question: From what I have read so far everyone is on 400mg 2xDaily. Is my dosage right? Second question: Is it a good idea to keep taking it for suppresion or only take it when I feel an outbeak coming?
Avatar m tn I don't know how long I should wait to have sex after an outbreak. This third outbreak is even worse than the initial outbreak. I think I'm going to double up on the acyclovir.
Avatar m tn Hi! i had a outbreak two months ago and things have been ok since. i recently went for a test and my HSV IgG was positive. I met a new doctor - a gynecologist and she wants to put me on a 21 day course of zorvax. in most posts i see a 7 or 10 day program.. is anyone familiar with a 21 days program?
Avatar m tn I spent 5 days on 400mg of acyclovir 3 times a day, 5 days on 800mg of acyclovir 5 times a day, 5 days on 1g Valtrex 3 times a day and 4 days on 1g Valtrex twice a day. Before increasing back to 3 times a day Saturday today is Monday I'm still on 1g Valtrex 3 times a day and I'm visiting Mt doctor again for a full checkup. I'm really convinced all these symptoms are due to the hsv1, including the discharge.
Avatar m tn I understand that Valtrex its just 1 pill - - Acyclovir is x2 and possiblities of missing a dosage is more likely however is Acyclovir more affective?
Avatar f tn Also, there are 2 spots above my clitoris (where the labia split) that look like little papercuts that burn and itch. On my acyclovir rx label it says to increase the dosage to 2 tabs three times daily for 2 days during an outbreak and Ive done that but it did not help the situation. I would normally go to the dr. immediately but they will be closed until next monday after the holiday. I really dont know if this is a herpes outbreak (if so then why didnt the meds work?
2158979 tn?1336794189 In October '11, I left to go to another country (for work) and STILL maintained my monogamous relationship (I thought SHE WAS THE ONE); came back after 2 weeks later. During the flight back, I developed sinus/cold symptoms, I just thought of the recycled air inside the plane. In the past, my sinus takes forever to get cleared and i have to take antibiotics for it. In Dec '11 while I still have my sinus/cold problems, I DEVELOP BLISTERS(3-4 blisters) under the shaft of penis !
Avatar f tn If so, starting when and how much? 2) In general, when I know an outbreak is coming on, can I start taking additional medication? How much and for how long? Please be an expert or someone who has received advice from one :) 3) Less important question, but curious: My virus was nearly dormant for so long and now it is so unmanageable! Is this common? What can I do? Thanks!
Avatar f tn It's important for me to take my pills everyday but lately when i run out the pharmacy keeps having a problem with my prescription for some reason so I'll have to wait til that gets handled which took like a week or two then by then i already have an outbreak. One outbreak leads to another outbreak without the medication. It's like i already been trying to keep my stress level down and been trying to eat right yet i keep getting an outbreak.
Avatar m tn I'm now having another outbreak (since the beginning of April). It's now going on three months with this very severe outbreak. My dr prescribed acyclovir 200 mg one capsule five times a day and fluconazole 100 mg one a day for seven days. Nothing has subsided. I use a tube of vagisil a day to help with the itching which is severe. I need other options. This is getting expensive and it’s very, very painful.
Avatar f tn last Monday I finished the Acyclovir dosage the Dr recommended, I have still enough pills for another four days of treatment that she prescribed on purpose. During the week there was a significant improvement and i thought it was over, but yesterday started a small itch that got abit stronger today after a long day of work. shall I start the extra pills again just in case?
882842 tn?1240603992 I was originally diagnosed in 2005 and once the initial outbreak was cleared up I took suppressive medication for the first couple years on the GSK patient assist program. I am no longer on a suppressive med although I just found out that Planned Parenthood will prescribe acyclovir for episodic or suppressive. Over the last 2-3 months I have had multiple outbreaks.
Avatar n tn mild out-breaks and just up my acyclovir dosage as needed to control (no full blown outbreaks). During a recent physical exam, I mentioned to my doctor that I had never had a positive culture or serology test for HSV-2 so we decided to do one. Surprisingly, the results for HSV-2 (and HSV-1) were negative. HSV Type 1 - Specific Ab, IgG Result was <0.91 (negative) HSV Type 2 - Specific Ab, IgG Result was <0.
Avatar n tn I am wondering how long does it take for acyclovir to start suppressing virus? Have HSV-2 and just started on suppressive therapy but also having active outbreak so dosage is higher to start.
Avatar f tn I was visually diagnosed in 2008 with genital herpes (of course the nurse took a swab of the leison) and put me on 200mg of Acyclovir 5x's a day for 2 weeks. After that initial outbreak, I hadn't had an outbreak for 3 mos and then POW another one. Initially I was treated by my campus clinic for the first two outbreaks, but soon there after I returned home and informed my personal GYN.
Avatar n tn IF you notice any symptons see your dr right away. Used to be believed that a high dosage of acyclofer (sp) during the initial outbreak would put herpes into long term remission. Not sure about current medical practices but you should become informed and keep your doctor informed. *** This is not to be construed as medical advice and for such you should see a licensed physician.
Avatar n tn I abstain from sex when I have an genital outbreak, use intermittent therapy for the symptoms (acyclovir), and condoms for sex the rest of the time. I have outbreaks in two different areas, the back of my thigh and my genitals. They never occur at the same time. I have not typically abstained from sex during an outbreak on my thigh. I just don't touch it and make sure my partner doesn't either.
Avatar m tn I had 5 more outbreaks during the year after. I have since been abstinent but a year later began taking a daily dosage of Acyclovir 200mg in August of 2010 (one pill twice daily) and have not had an outbreak since. Last week (a year and a half after the culture test and a year and half after the last time I had sex) I got some blood tests done just in case the culture test had been wrong. I had blood drawn and tested for HSV-1 and HSV-2 and both came back NEGATIVE!
Avatar n tn She gave me valtrex for my outbreak and sent me to a gynocologist who confirmed the herpes, gave my acyclovir to take on an ongoing basis and said it was ok to have sex. But before I could think of all my questions she was gone. So I was still in shock and told my lover. He was ok with me having herpes. In the meantime the first affair ended and I have been with another lover, again in a very similar situation but much younger than me.
Avatar m tn I already took acyclovir daily for 5 days with 400 mg dosage at 5 times daily but the cluster of small bumps still have not burst and the redness did not go away. Other than the initial tingly feeling in the first weeks of exposure, I did not experience any significant pain on my genital. Would it be possible that I may have an acute HIV infection that caused the bumps did not burst for this long? Up to now (4 weeks post exposure), have not had any fever. Highest temp recorded so far is 37.
Avatar f tn However, right after I took the PCR test last Friday (two weeks after my initial symptoms broke out), I started getting the same aching, burning sensation yet with no symptoms on the right side of my vaginal lip in the exact same location. I started taking three 400 mg acyclovir pills last Friday (the dosage I take when I get a cold sore), and by about 48 hours later, all symptoms had gone away everywhere and my vaginal region felt "normal" for the first time in weeks.
Avatar m tn I researched symptoms of std's and was determined I was infected with both types of herpes, so I purchased some anti cold sore topical cream for my lips and have been using it since.
Avatar n tn One lady described having genital herpes outbreaks once a month over many many years, but after reading that garlic extract kills viruses and bacteria, decided to put garlic extract on a lesion during the next outbreak (beware, may burn like hell!). She did this two, three times a day for about a week. Anyway, she had one mild outbreak after 2 months, during which she repeated the treatment and afterwards spent the next 10 years without a single outbreak.
Avatar m tn 2 weeks later I experienced another severe outbreak at a different location on my genitals, this time I visited a STD specialist during the outbreak and was confirmed that it is indeed a pretty severe herpes outbreak, now its almost 2 weeks since the last outbreak began and it is healing and scabbing, this morning as the last few remaining scabs are peeling I noticed another lesion forming hence indicating another outbreak. I'm a very healthy 35 year old adult.
Avatar f tn I need to know if what he says is true - that he had no idea he had it and had never had an outbreak. I'm also finding that a lot of my questions are just being half-answered by what I find online. For instance... - How common is the spread of herpes to the fingers, mouth, or eyes? - How can I prevent that? - Is there any way that my future children could contract herpes if I were to deliver them by c-section? - My insurance company wouldn't cover Valtrex, only Acyclovir.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend is in the process of getting a blood test for herpes but we suspect that he does not have any infection as he has no history of cold sores/lesions. I am currently taking acyclovir to treat this outbreak and I am on my third day of treatment at 400 mg, three times daily. Here are my questions: 1. Is my dosage of acyclovir enough? I still feel a little itchy and noticed I still have bumps in the shower. How long will it take to clear up? 2.