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Avatar n tn As i said before i am 19 years old and hae acne since about age 9 or 10, it was cleared up for while then out of nowhere about a month or 2 ago it just went crazy, my doctor told me she wanted to to go on accutane and she said she was certain it would work, but a kid committed suicide while being on this drug plus all the long term affect like liver problems and even the acne getting worse and not better. I just want it to go away, can anyone help me?
309783 tn?1271961829 In my opinion the depression was related to the severity of the relapse, that is that the acne caused the depression and the accutane actually benefitted my mental health by temporarily freeing me from acne. I would particularly like to hear from people whose acne was cured by the accutane but still went on to develop depression, what did you feel depressed about?
Avatar n tn I wouldn't smoke pot or anything as all illegal drugs can cause hallucinations and psychosis. Getting mental problems or depression from accutane is rare, but if you take other drugs at the same time you're increasing your risk. As accutane affects your liver you may get drunk quicker and dehydrated. It's only for 6 months and you're gonna have no acne at the end of it, so it will all be worth it.
Avatar n tn I’ve benefitted a lot from accutane in terms of confidence and opportunity but my health definitely hasn’t been the best since I’ve gotten on it. I’ve been contemplating staying on a continuo’s cycle of accutane since I fear breakouts so much but after reading these posts, I’m not sure what to do. I appreciate accutane for helping look good because people definitely treat you much better without accutane.
Avatar f tn '( iv been nothing but beside myself the last three days with his hurtfull unsupportive wayss and even disgust myself by lookin into arbortion FOR HIM n I cldnt do it :'( but im in such a mess mentally im scared I cnt do this. with out his support. Any mamas out there mental health or not copin on there own?
Avatar m tn Hi. Please don't worry. No causal link has been found between Accutane and mental health problems. However, 1% of Accutane patients have reported depression or worsening depression whilst on Accutane or shortly after stopping. We do not know that it was the Accutane which caused their depression. Depression rates are higher in teenagers and acne patients so this could be part of the reason.
Avatar n tn I'm concerned because her behavior has changed drastically and it is only getting worse. I'm also fairly certain that she has not told her doctor she has been having mental health problems on it and she is taking aderhall on it, without a prescription. I'm just really concerned, its a lot worse then last year and I guess I'm looking for some advice as to how to help her in some way.
309783 tn?1271961829 I am so unhappy about my acne i have seen mental health workers and am taking SNRI venlafaxine. My doctor thinks the expected benefit of a third course of roaccutane will outweigh any potential risks. All the proffessionals i have seen agree it is the acne which is causing unhappiness not the roaccutane or venlafaxine. They think that 20 years of acne puts me at greater risk of depression and suicidal idealation than the medication would.
309783 tn?1271961829 Am so unhappy about my acne have seen mental health workers and take SNRI venlafaxine. My health proffessionals agree it is the acne making me unhappy not the roaccutane or venlafaxine. Doc thinks the expected benefits of a third course of roaccutane outweigh any potential side effects. They think the acne puts me at greater risk of depression that the medications could. He says there are no contra-indications for taking isotretinoin and venlafaxine. What do you think? Thanks, Eloise.
Avatar n tn Dear Johnnyboi, I believe your sex drive has lowered because of the Accutane. I am also on Accutane and my sex drive is very low. You should look into it more.
Avatar n tn I just started Yaz about two and a half weeks ago. I'm 18 years old and in good health, and I wanted to go on the pill to try to get regular periods. Thus far, my only problem has been that the bleeding hasn't stopped. The Sunday I started was the first day of my period, and I'm on day 12 now. I have gained a few pounds, but I've also eaten a lot more than usual and most of it's been junk food, so that's probably why. The fact that I havent stopped bleeding is kind of annoying, though....
Avatar n tn Of course I was worried that it might be my heart, but I'm 30 and in good health. I noticed some heartburn in the next few days, but it worsened in intensity with time. Then I started having the BIZARRE symptoms at night. I was worried that I was having a heart attack!! But then I noticed that it happened occasionally about an hour after eating as well.
Avatar n tn Your son's doctor should be made aware of any previous health problems, especially liver or kidney conditions and mental health issues. As with any decision, the expected benefits need to outweigh the potential side effects.
Avatar n tn If I do any physical activity my hands and feet will turn very red and be very hot and I can feel the heat radiating off my hands and feet. If I am outside and the weather is hot and I am wearing flipflops my feet will get beat red and so will my hands. I dont feel any pain but it is uncomfortable because i can feel something happening in my feet and even my legs. If i take a hot shower my feet and legs become beat red and my legs get blue even and I dont know why.
Avatar n tn I live in the UK, and you know how nasty and inept the National Health Services is, so do you know of good honest experienced US doctors, I do not have a lot of money to burn, but still want to try IVF once since natural is too late for me.
Avatar f tn Ever since then i sometimes (about once every few months) experience this odd sensation and it can become a bit worrying and strange. The whole room seems to have a new feeling to it- everything im doing whether it be walking or typing seems to intensify and become louder yet the actions are very exaggerated and almost speed up (only perceived this way). I find it very difficult to explain fully but i'm worried it's some early signs of a neurological condition or something?
Avatar n tn Scars from acne can cause tremendous mental stress. You can use a mixture of lemon juice and licorice extracts to safely get rid of the your acne scars. In case you are looking for something more convenient then use InviCible Scars to comfortably and safely get rid of your acne scars.
Avatar m tn I have a lot of small scars because after i have made my skin bleed i still squeeze or pick it until it becomes quite a large area of -well-mess. I have a big old history of mental health issues (i have bi polar but only diagnosed with episodic major depression) so i guess this one has been overlooked. I have to say though it is really good to know how many people have this apart from me and that it's an actual ocd, i thought i was just yukky.
Avatar n tn I have an easily upset stomach, lower abdominal pain, hangover sensation without drinking, dry mouth, frequent head aches, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, fatigue, mental fog and anxiety as well as weight gain. I take ibuprofen, but that is it, because without knowing what is wrong with me there is no way to treat it. I try to stay hydrated, eat an organic pesce vegi diet and exercise as much as I can.
Avatar n tn It is possible that the sweating has nothing to do with the medication. Personally, I would take you off accutane and see if the sweating resolved. Excessive sweating is called "hyperhidrosis". Hyperhidrosis is a conditon where there is excessive sweating. This most commonly will be bothersome in the armpits (axilla) however is also very common on the hands and, as you describe, the forehead. It may be present anywhere there is skin/sweat glands.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar n tn Smoking also does not affect acne in general, since over-acted sebaceous glands are caused by high levels of androgens (hormones) not diet or general health. You will have your cholesterol levels monitored whilst on Accutane and smoking tobacco can raise cholesterol levels. So if you have raised cholesterol you should follow a low-cholesterol diet and give up smoking whilst on Accutane.
Avatar n tn yes im on accutane too. and like i said i know i gonna be clear in a couple of months because i now i only get like 1 maybe 2 tiny pimples a WEEK , i just have the red marks and a little scarring of the previous acne. and yes i think since i cant really get a girlfriend or and i just hang with friends u kinda do that i fell trapped, so thats why i do it. i think when im completely clear im gonna actually enjoy my life. but i dont wanna keep doin it for a couple more months i wanna quit NOW.
Avatar n tn Mine didn't test my hormorne levels. He just asked me a few health questions and started me off at 50mg once a day. Within a couple of weeks I noticed a big difference but was still breaking out. He then changed my script to 100mg daily and I don't have one pimple on my face, chest or neck. one have to use some kind of birthcontrol with this medication, it is not safe to get pregnant while taking. Good luck! P.S.
529981 tn?1212853666 Also I have tried, salycylic shampoos, tar shampoos, jojoba oil, AND nothing seems to help. Please help me and my hair. I am a busy college student, who unfortunately does not have the time and money to deal with this.
Avatar n tn Hi Medhelp, I'm hoping somebody can help me. I have been having headaches along with several other symptoms since December 2007 and it's become very hard. I'll try to give a history of the progression of these symptoms. It's a long story but I wanted to be thorough. Note: I lived in Japan from 2006 until very recently, so most of this was in Japan. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it so much. If you are a doctor or know a doctor, please forward this or respond.
363110 tn?1340924019 it's similar as Accutane because it's a Vitamin A derivative. However, it has less risks with bone loss and such than accutane. The drawback is that it stays in your system for 3 years after stopping the medication and is a category X I think med. You can't get pregnant for that 3 years due to possible SEVERE birth defects. it made my skin smoother and it caused the extra layers to slough off more evenly. But it's not approved for young babies and children.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone...thanks for taking the time to read my book. I am 22 years old and was in good health. In early May, I began noticing that I was having muscle twitching in my rear-end when I was lying down in the evening. Along with the twitching, I felt a dull, aching, deep pain in my butt and hips -No sharp pains though. The pain went away for the most part during the day...along with the "butt" twitches.
Avatar m tn which, in turn, couldn't allow my dermatologist to let me start taking Isotretinoin (commonly, accutane). What can be the possible causes of elevated liver enzymes? My dermatologist said that one of them should have been between 9 and 60, but mine was 125. I'm not sure what this means. He asked me if I had any history with hepatitis and I replied no.