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Avatar m tn It said it can be due to some sort of medication and it was then I realized that I started Accutane at the very time my problem arose. However, I was only on Accutane for 3 months, and it has been 8 months since I've been off of it. I know that I still love my boyfriend but it's almost impossible to be in a relationship again with absolutely no sex drive or sexual attraction. Please help!
Avatar n tn I was on retin a for a while and it did nothing but make myface red and sore. I have been following the above skincare for 2 years and my skin looks better than it has in years and I am 50 years old.After suffering from acne fo most of my adult life I was glad to find something that works Oh and be very gentle to your skin. If you stay on the Retin a be sure to use a sunscreen. Please let me know If I can be of any help.I understand all too well the frustration of acne.
Avatar m tn I workout at the gym religiously an take suppliments such as nitric oxide creatine zma testosterone and tribulus... Im worried to continue taking these suppliments when on the accutane... any advise would be great thanks!
Avatar n tn I have been on accutane for 16 weeks now, and had to go off it because my triglycerides were high. This was the second time I was on accutane, and now my face is clear. I like the results very much but have experienced some side effects. The biggest side effect I experienced was that I didn't have a periods for months. And after I completed the 20 weeks I got my regular periods. I noticed that the blood was darker and brown. I never talked to my dermatologist about it. But is this normal?
Avatar m tn I am currently on my 5 month of Accutane and I would like to start taking a whey protein shake after my workouts. Is this ok to do while on this medicine? Also, is there a correlation between taking protein supplements and increased acne. I have heard arguments for and against. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I went off the accutane. It is ver serious medication and can cause major problems with your body and hormones. Since you are 14, your body is going through major hormonal changes anyway so the medication might be magnifying that. I have never used bio oil. Ask your derm about Retin-A.
630458 tn?1223263163 I have always been against chemicals and artificial hormones. My hormones are well balanced and i am healthy, i have never been sick in my life, not even a mild headache or fever, or cold. Which is odd too. The only thing i had was big sweats and feeling fatigued for 2 days, a few years ago, but i think that was a virus, and my body got rid of it through my skin pores, cuz i remember i broke down in big sweats. After 2 days, i was brand new...weird eh?
Avatar f tn Hello, My name is Lilly and I am a 19 year old girl who has struggled for acne for many years. I have been on accutane 3 times already...but only on 20 and 40 mg doses. My dermatolgist wants to put me on it for the fourth and final time, and this time I will be going on a high dose to stop my acne from reoccuring the way it has. However, at this time, I am also wanting to get surgery on my upper lip; I have full lips, but one side of my top lip is very small and not shapely.
Avatar m tn Accutane is effective and its worth trying. Me and my brother had acne and it ruined my confidence. He took accutane at 16 and is now 6'2" and it did not do anything to him. I took it at 25 and I had the same side effects, I wish I would have taken it at a younger age.
Avatar n tn Developing both of these problems late in life due to hormones has caused me significant emotional problems and have effected my life greatly for the worse. I am interested in trying low doses of Accutane to treat the acne (I am taking tetracycline right now with limited success) and was wondering if the cellular effect of this medication COULD BE BENEFICIAL IN REDUCING THE PIGMENTATION, OR IF IN FACT IT COULD MAKE IT WORSE?
Avatar m tn Is anyone currently on Accutane, or have taken Accutane, and is experiencing red/pinkish colored skin, mostly on the face? It almost looks sunburned and covers the nose and cheeks areas..not nec. around the eyes. Please let me know...
Avatar n tn Hi. Diet has not been proven to affect acne. However, milk contains hormones and acne is caused by an excess of, or a sensitivity to androgens (male hormones). Avoiding dairy products may therefore help. Soya milk may be beneficial as it is not a dairy product and is often enriched with Zinc and Vitamin A, both of which are beneficial to skin. Eloise.
Avatar f tn It seems to me that there are some similarities between this antibiotic and Accutane. Maybe not as severe side effects but the overall impression I am getting is that Accutane is more effective and if closely monitored, safer. Is this true? My doctor didnt give me the impression that there was much I needed to be worried about. All I was told was to take it with a full glass of water 2x a day. Are there severe side effects that I need to worry about while taking this antibiotic?
Avatar m tn This is more common than most are aware of, until they do the research themselves. While Accutane and similar treatments can help control oil production, it can also severely dry the skin, making it more sensitive and prone to irritation. I was a victim of this for far too long and only when I decreased my skin treatments did I see improvement. What is your skin type as of now? If you are dry, tight, red or flaky then your skin is asking to be nourished and hydrated.
Avatar f tn Hi, I currently have very bad acne and am considering taking accutane in order to treat it...but I would like to know how it long do you have to take it for? & after you stop taking it how long before you may have to take it again? I have heard that some people have to take it a second time or a third time...Also, doesn't it make your skin REALLY dry for a while? how long does that usually last? If anyone here has used accutane would you please share with me your experience?
Avatar m tn ok, im 18 and have had acne for a little over 5 years, almost severe although its got a little better, about three months ago i started accutane 40mg, a day and did not have a good experience with it at all. the worst side affects were the chronic back and joint pain... and also i had confusion a lot and ringing in my ears and couldnt concentrate. so i totally stopped it after 2 months.
Avatar n tn I want to explain that I went on Accutane because the cysts I would get, and the constant acne, they were painful, deep, and did not respond to any treatments. I had to get them injected constantly, and that too would leave marks for a while. However, I never used any topical retinoid for any extended period of time. Thanks Dr. Rockoff.
Avatar m tn I used Accutane twice and it worked for me. I had to use birth control pills. Accutane was my last chance to clear up my acne. I was constantly monitored by my doctor for any side effects. Try it you will definitely be pleased with the end results.
Avatar m tn I have read that if you take an SSRI while being on accutane it can accutually help cause Accutane lowers your seritonion and the SSRI gives the serotonion, not sure if thats true. Please let me know If it is Safe to take this while on Lexapro, just want the Correct answer, thats why I came to this site. Thank you in advance for your help... Appreciate it!
Avatar n tn Do you prescribe antibiotics if the Accutane doesn't perform well? Accutane essentially always performs well. If the acne recurs later and the topical treatment doesn't work, I consider using oral antibiotics. It has been difficult to get rationale for Accutane treatment. I don't know what you mean by rationale. The rationale of using Accutane is to get the acne better. It sounds as though you've already done that. Now you need to wait a while to see how much better things will get.
Avatar n tn I took accutane and it shut down my sebaceous glands very quickly. However, I still got pimples here and there. And so, the accutane really didn't get to the root of the problem. It helped it 80% though. And then I started doing my own research and found that, as stated above, no one knows what accutane really does. But, when I got the facial hair and I did research I realized that my body was extra-sensitive to testosterone.
Avatar n tn In regards to Accutane and depression.My 21yr old son was on Accutane for 6mos., 3yrs.ago. Just found out last week that two months after his last treatment with Accutane he became very depressed, he is a good actor because we didn't really notice it and being in the teen years figured it was somewhat normal behavior. He got good grades, carried on with part-time job etc. But he also told me he attempted suicide by taking overdose of Aleve, allergy meds, whatever he could find.
Avatar n tn I have been off accutane for almost 3 years and there is no oil ever on the surface of my skin. Pre-accutane, my skin was extremely oily. I know you say the oil glands slowly come back, but they haven't comeback at all in 3 years. Two questions... 1) How do you the oil glands slowly grow back to the normal levels before accutane, did somebody inform you of this? just curious 2) Do you think its possible that they won't come back?
Avatar f tn still breaking out. My dose has been raised and im lost. I mean does Accutane just not work on some people? Im breaking out like as if I was on Differin. Im starting to get scared that this is going to be forever for me....For people in the US, Will they keep you on longer than 6 months? Will being on longer make my break outs stop?
Avatar m tn after that i had Shaking in my hand (for 3 month then it removed) and bad concentration (i did not know till now why i did not go dr may i was thinking that is not problem ) after 4 year i did a test for thyroid and the result was positive for hypothyroidism , i want to ask if there is connection between the medication (Isotretinoin and accutane) and hypothyroidism and if it reversible
Avatar f tn What if there was a nutrient that not only played a significant role in stabilizing your hormones but also gives you smooth skin and anti-stress properties. Would this be something that would help your acne condition? You bet. What is it? It’s the second most abundant mineral in your body. It is necessary for the body to convert short-chain fatty acids into longer chain fatty acids. Essential fatty acids play critical roles in hormonal balance.
Avatar m tn this worked for me, i am acne free. this is what i did before i was about to take accutane. i simply stopped drinking milk and went with almond milk. i stopped with soda and chips. i bought this semi expensive product called tanda its a blue light therapy. I dont now which one did it for me either the milk or the tanda but i beleive it is more milk than tanda. Milk has hormones and everytime i drank milk i would get these huge unsightly cysts. i am truly acne free.
Avatar n tn I am 35 year old female, who underwent Accutane Tx for severe acne 15 years ago. Over the past 4-5 years, I have used ProActive products with good results to maintain good skin. Over the past three months, however, I have had a return of the deep, cystic acne I used to have. Intitally, I would develop one pimple at a time, which would heal. Presently, I am up to 3 or 4 developing at a time.
Avatar m tn I am going to try and get on accutane. Does it cause scars? Should I let the spots heal first or should I get on accutane immediately? I have literally tried everything you can imagine. Diets, low glycemic, multi vitamin, salads, low carb, you name it. Cut out all flour and sugar. I get temporary relief and it comes back. I would give a testicle to get away from acne. I have prayed, I have did meditation and all sorts of things.
Avatar n tn Hi Marsha, I just wanted to say that Accutane doesn't help everyone and I was researching Accutane earlier, I found out that it CAN make acne worse in some individuals but ther's just no way of knowing this ahead of time. With such serious side effects, I don't believe you need to up the dose, especially if it's breaking him out more. If this "dermatologist" doesn't have any answers and can't give you any options, I suggest you start looking for a new one!