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Avatar n tn The post (screw) was not lodged deep enough in my jaw therefore leaving a large space for area for bacteria to grow and multiply. As a result I had an abscess in my jaw with severe pain. The bacteria started eating away at my jawbone. I had to get drained twice and a hole was cut out in my gum to let the infection drain. My face grew 5 times bigger in 3 days.
1559953 tn?1294796490 It is very difficult to diagnosis dermal lesions from photos, especially on pet's, because the masses are usually located under hair. The mass could be anything from an infected hair follicle, to an abscess, to a histiocytoma, to the beginning of cellulitis and more. It would be best to have the lesion examined by a vet, who can perform a needle biopsy for a definitive diagnosis.
Avatar m tn I quickly googled what to do with a burst abscess and most medial forums recommend seeing a doctor or going to the ER right away, but I opted not to because over the course of this abscess journey I've noticed that going to the doctors only makes the abscess worse with them touching, poking and pressing on it.
Avatar f tn I had an abscess on my right tonsil that would break open and cause reoccurring tonsillitis SO I had my tonsils taken out 10 days ago. I have this growth on the right side still. Not sure if its part of the Palatopharyngeal Arch but I can't find anything on the internet like it. https://www.flickr.
Avatar m tn She is waiting to see a specialist, but has not yet been able to schedule an appointment after several attempts to do so. It started as a hangnail but progressively got worse. I have photos, but I don't see a place to upload them. How can I get these photos to you? The fingertip of her right ring finger is swollen with white dead skin which looks more like a fungal infection. No apparent necrosis, but the fingernail has separated and also *appears* to be infected with fungus.
Avatar n tn i had sex with dec 2, and woke up with what looked like a crinkle in my skin on my upper lip it was not red or painful, i popped a blackhead in that area as i do whenever i notice one, and it was particulary long pus line, after that the area got red and scabbed and then got better but still looked crinkly, at this point i started searching oral herpes symptoms and what not and photos, nothing looked like what i had but i started to notice tingling.
Avatar m tn //s48.radikal.ru/i119/1005/d4/fec56fb3a649.jpg http://s003.radikal.ru/i201/1005/8c/d2fe30a2c10e.
Avatar n tn That is a very interesting mix. Please post photos. It could definitely be due to the neutering. It could be an abscess, an infection or a reaction to the suture material. Try the antibiotics first. It they are ineffective, you will have to take your puppy to the vet to examine the bump.
Avatar f tn I have view the photos, they were very good, and your dog is beautiful. If the hair loss is just secondary to a healing traumatic skin wound, it may resolve on it's own. Her hair should begin to regrow with in a week. If it is itchy than she should be examined again ASAP because hair will not grow back with constant scratching.
Avatar f tn If you are brave enough to view the images of them (warning, they are graphic photos of female private parts) you may find what you have, and be able to go to a website to read more about it.
Avatar f tn They do not hurt but itched very bad for the first few days. I have photos from stars to finish. They started sm and now they are about the size of a nickle. The drs said 2 are filled with liquid. They thought perhaps maybe they are bites.
Avatar n tn If you know for sure she does have bad teeth, then teeth would be the first thing I would think of. If she has an abscess under a tooth, it would cause quite a swelling. And it would be likely to affect the nearest lymph nodes, and cause swelling there too. There has to be a solution found for the vet's inability to examine her mouth.If she is that bad when examined, she will have to be sedated fully, for the vet to take a look. But it is wise to do that I think.
Avatar n tn The surgeon showed me photos of the abscess and said it was a large one. The tooth was fine for about 6 months as well as the nasal pain. But now there is once again a swelling and the site of the swelling feels uncomfortable. Moreover, I have been feeling easy fatigue and little ability to concentrate or focus effort. I researched the material the surgeon used for the apicoectomy (MTA for retrograde root filling) and found that it contains small amounts of arsenic in it.
Avatar m tn I've looked up a lot of info on herpes and my problem doesn't quite seem to match the photos or descriptions I've found for herpes. For one thing, these boils leave scars that take a while to go away and I've found several sources that say herpes blisters don't typically leave scars. Also, these boils vary in size between a pea and a dime. What I've read seems to indicate that herpes blisters should come and go within 7 to 10 days. Each one takes 2 to 3 weeks to form, drain, and heal...
Avatar n tn I had noticed about 4 years ago I had a small abscess on my vaginal wall, I never thought too much of it since I thought it was a big skin tag. Then I had a pap, and gave birth to my daughter, and no doctor ever made mention of it. Then today, while shaving down there, and I spread my lips open a bit, I noticed I had it on the other side of the wall as well. They are about just under a cm each, and are raised. At first I thought maybe it was Bartholins Gland abscesses, but they arent firm.
Avatar m tn //www.flickr.com/photos/120982632@N04/13301817133/ I am reposting this question with a new picture after I brushed my teeth and now both teeth seem to have decay, I am far more concerned with the one on the right, but still about the one on the left. Also, there has been very very minor decay on one of my front teeth for years. My question is, what will the dentist have to do to help it? Will he be forced to pull it, or can he cap it?
237249 tn?1211293998 I know a major concern we had with this surgery was the scar, ok, more like my hubby had a major concern with it... I found very little to show him that it would be OK so I have been sort of "documenting" my healing via photos on my blog. If you are at all intersted you can go check it out. The rest of it is blah blah about my family and daily life but the few most recent posts are photos. Hope it helps someone. Darla http://forcedoptimism.blogspot.
219241 tn?1413541365 aaaargh! He discovered one of my teeth had in fact, a lovely large cavity and the start of an abscess (yes, folks ...my auto-immune body attacking itself yet again!) So that was fun....He said, "Well, I will do the right side first coz we don't want pink teeth. If the blood gets into the epoxy it'll be my balls you take off!" I had a break for a short while sitting up, having a drink of water with my now mouthguard sized teeth. Lots of rough edges.
Avatar f tn Were you diagnosed with abscess? 13. Were you treated for abscess? Were you lanced/packed? 14. Were you diagnosed with cysts? 15. Did your labs return with “sterile” or “negative for bacteria” results? 16. Was the fluid draining diagnosed as serous fluid (healing protein fluid)? 17. Did your doctor test prolactin levels? 18. Was your prolactin level…low, normal, high 19. What medication have you taken? 20. Did a medication cure your disease? 21. Did you have surgery? 22.
Avatar n tn He has only recently developed sever problems with the skin around the stoma. He has developed a hard abscess and extreme irritation around the area. This irritated area is expanding and now he has a terrible time attaching the appliance. I have several photos of the area. They show the area very well and should help explain the problem. How do I post these photos or get them to the necessary people to give us some counseling on the problem.
168348 tn?1379360675 Half the scar had abscess and the other side was ok and 1/4" above is where I had the infected granuloma removed 6 weeks post-op and he went deep to be certain got it all and that was benign .. scar tissue from an unknown infected cyst that infected the incision. I know many have asked for a recent pic .. HERE IT IS!
Avatar m tn I've looked up a lot of info on herpes and my problem doesn't quite seem to match the photos or descriptions I've found for herpes. For one thing, these boils leave scars that take a while to go away and I've found several sources that say herpes blisters don't typically leave scars. Also, these boils vary in size between a pea and a dime. What I've read seems to indicate that herpes blisters should come and go within 7 to 10 days. Each one takes 2 to 3 weeks to form, drain, and heal...
Avatar n tn I took a look through some photos of Tinea cruris on Google, and none of what I saw is what I have. Is there a wide array of symptoms for it? ++ and Thank You for replying.
636190 tn?1222791368 I dont really relate to this but do have a sympothy towards you.....i have a horribly painful tooth and posted a question and really need an answer but no one has replyed....Ugh....
Avatar f tn ) If you go to your own personal member page, you should be able to upload any number of photos to your photo collection, and the picture could be viewed there. It is typical of the bulbous glands to come up suddenly, quite large and hard and then to disappear soon after. A lump on the base of the penis which seems quite scary, then suddenly disappears, to come up again another time is almost always bulbous glands. The fact that he's been neutered....right, how long ago was he neutered?
16744917 tn?1451270439 Of course my NS wasn't bothered so I went to my pcp who just said stitch abscess. The liquid was clear and didn't look like infection but I'm no dr..... And then the huge dent started and NS said could've been from muscle ripping but again, he wasn't "too terribly concerned" I now have a different NS who hopefully will help me with all the post op issues that he wasn't willing to do. I say if it's bothersome, you should call and try to get it resolved.
Avatar n tn Mine was so sensitive even to turtlenecks and necklaces for quite some time so you are doing GREAT so early on!!!! Ifyou go to my profile and click on "photos" I have a before and after shot and keep in mind mine had gotten infected with an abscess so didn't heal even as nicely as yours will! Takes about a year to be faded to nothing for the most part with most people!
Avatar n tn It is so tight, when I have an erection, it hurts. Thank you! (I shaved it today so you all could see what's wrong.) Photos here (more available upon request) http://filefap.com/pfiles/58375/HPIM5479.JPG http://filefap.com/pfiles/58374/HPIM5476.JPG http://filefap.com/pfiles/58377/HPIM5485.JPG http://filefap.com/pfiles/58368/HPIM5468.
Avatar m tn I've tried googling and most talk about some B-word cyst but it doesn't look like that. It's closer to my clit and urethra than my vagina. I took photos but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them here. I can't find anything that looks like it on the internet; I can e-mail you photos if you think that would help. I'm really worried. It doesn't hurt but it's very uncomfortable and weird.