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Avatar m tn Going back to your implantologist to have a dental exam is advised.
Avatar m tn Would a gum abscess cause shooting pain from gum area across cheek to eye, and down neck?
1881960 tn?1320703566 Use 1/4tsp in a glass of 8oz warm water. Please do go back and see your PCP. He can reevaluate the abscess. GOOD LUCK and do let us know how you are.
Avatar f tn This only numbs the pain slightly and wears off quite quickly. Ive also got a swollen left side of my face and a lump on my gum. I know I need to see a dentist and probably get antibiotics but the problem is its christmas day and I wont be able to seek help for several days - possibly a week or more and I cant cope with this pain. Any advice on what I can do at home in the meantime to make it bearable?
Avatar n tn I've had an abscess on my gum area that started in my tooth for about a week. I've been on antibiotics (clindamycin 150 MG) for 5 days with painkillers. I've been swollen the entire time and have knot on my jaw. The dentist wont lance it because it hasn't come to a head yet. So, do I go to urgent care, or wait it out to see if it will ever come to a head? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Judging by your description, it is most likely a fistula which is a tract that forms from the abscess of your infected tooth that escapes out to the gums. As long as the fistula in intact, your abscess can drain and slow down the spread of the abscess but if the fistula closes up, the abscess can spread rapidly through your face or neck area. I would recommend seeing a dentist and getting treatment started.
Avatar n tn Thermal sensitivity and discomfortable biting are probably associated with occlusal interference. Occlusal adjustment can generally eliminate the symptoms. Gum abscess may result from periodontal or periapical infection. Seeing a periodontist to evaluate periodontal condition is advised.
Avatar n tn I have recently developed a dental abscess on the lower left side of my gum. It is located below the screw they placed during surgery. I went to my local dentist and he told me to contact my Maxillofacial Surgery and prescribed 500 mg of Amoxicillin because it may be related to the screw. I have no pain at all in my tooth only the discomfort of having a swollen gum and what feels like like a hard bump a little above the abscess.
Avatar n tn Open one packet and make a Thick Paste by adding a few drops of warm water. Then apply the Paste to the area on your gum that is blowing up from the abcess. Let the Paste sit on your gum 10 min. or so and the abcess or (balloon) will eventually open and drain. Try not to swallow the pus and you can then rinse with another packet that you mix following the directions on the package. This will take the pressure off and provide a lot of relief. Hope This Helps!! http://www.smiledentalplan.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal about six months ago and somehow they have lost the crown but in the meantime I have been tryin not to eat on that side of my mouht but about a wek ago it started to feel sore and I developed a bump or it felt similar to a boil on my gum. I was wondering do you think it could be infected?
Avatar n tn I have a bum on my gum on the left side of my face behind the last tooth. Some people are saying it might be a caker sore or an abscess. The bump became bigger and I noticed a white substance inside of the bump. It grew bigger than with the help of hot water and salt it began to drain. First question what is this on my gum? How long does it take to heal? and Should I go to the dentist after it fully heals?
Avatar m tn I have a little lump on my upper left gum behind my molar but further back than I imagine my wisdom tooth would be. It is painless and I am unable to move it with my tongue but if if push it with my finger it moves slightly with a little click. I have made an appointment to see the dentist but was worried so thought I'd ask your advise. You can not see the lump just feel it.
Avatar f tn Hello. The other day underneath my tongue on the bottom of my left gum line I felt pain when I pressed on this area with my tongue. A few days later, it is still painful but now a couple of white spots have developed. When I rub my tongue over the sores it almost tastes salty and as if my gum is punctured. What could this be? Am I in need of medical care?
Avatar f tn I have abscess on gum and another painful toothful but im 32 weeks and scared to go to dentist should i?
Avatar f tn Also, not taking care of an abscess tooth and the infection going into your blood stream in severe cases can cause death.
Avatar f tn Any advice you can give me would be very much appreciated..thank you, Caroline :) This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dental-Health/tooth-abscess-and-swollen-cheek/show/664046">tooth abscess and swollen cheek</a>.
Avatar f tn The tooth stopped hurting and then I got the pus pocket under it that would flare up but then go down. Now its present and I can tell my gum on that side has some swelling compared to the other side. No bad pain just sore to touch from the outside of my cheek. Im calling my dentist monday my friend gave me so amoxicillin and my dentist called me some in a month ago I never took that im picking up tmrw. My question is will my dentist do anything monday. ?
Avatar n tn so i was wanting to ask if you could give a brief description on the mechanics of an abscess. specifically, 1)how does the abscess manage to make these holes in the jawbone itself? 2) if a person had lived through an abscess (such as they do in modern times) does the damage to the jaw bone repair itself, or is it a permenent fixture? 3) exactly how were these abscesses fatal? how does it truly manage to kill?
Avatar n tn I'v just noticed a big abscess above my tooth, i already know i need root canal treatment for the tooth but my dentist can't take me for another week. Is it safe to wait that long without anti-biotics or treatment?
Avatar n tn I am worried I have a dental infection spreading from neglected dental work, that was complicated by a mis-diagnosis. Sorry for dragging this on, and on. Does a tooth abscess ever not show up on a X-ray?
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a tooth out next to my front tooth about 6 years ago and it got an abscess after the gum healed and closed about 6 months later. I have a wound outside the gum and I feel the abscess when I press under my nose. I have been to a surgeon and the xray showed a dark spot, but when they cut the gum I felt it all and cried and cried. Due to having high blood pressure they didn't numb the area well at all, so I made them stop.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if its escaping from your gums and mixing with the saliva already present or if its coming from the parotid gland in your cheek. The reason why is because of your swelling on your cheek and not on the gums. You may want to go back to your dentist and he may want to "milk" the parotid to see if its infected.
Avatar n tn My concern would be if the abcess breaks, you could be looking at serious consequences then. I'd stay on your amox, possibly see if you could find a doctor or dentist who would at least give you a proper prescription for a couple weeks (3 per day) of novamoxin 500s. All else fails, head to the emergency room before you end up with a seriously bad day.
Avatar f tn Continued to have severe pressure sensitivity on 19 and some on 18. Dentist insisted on placing perm crowns - different crown materials (about six weeks ago.) Afterwards, pressure sensitivity improved but gum swelled on the linqual side. Dentist treated with Cavitron and said tooth would need to be extracted if swelling continued. Four days ago, had tooth 14 prepped for crown. All okay first day, then cheek and jaw started swelling and have not improved. No pain in tooth 14.
Avatar n tn I am worried I have a dental infection spreading from neglected dental work, that was complicated by a mis-diagnosis. Sorry for dragging this on, and on. Does a tooth abscess ever not show up on a X-ray? Possibly draining out before X-ray is taken? draining into roof of mouth or sinus?
Avatar n tn I'm going to see a periodontist on Monday, but wanted to hear your thoughts on what's going on...plus treatment and recovery status. Thanks! This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/422412'>Worried about dental abscess, PLEASE help...appt this afternoon</a>.
Avatar m tn If hidden and branched canals do not get treated effectively it can lead to further complications. See your dentist at the earliest. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Best luck and regards!
Avatar m tn Hi, Could someone please help to identify what is up with the white patches on my lower gum? Thanks!
Avatar f tn During the first trimester, your baby is forming vital organs and during the third trimester if could be very uncomfortable for you to lie on your back for an extended period of time. Few antibiotics are safe during pregnancy and contact a dentist for more queries and assistance. Hope it helped. Best luck and regards!