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Avatar n tn ive recently noticed a hardlike lump near my anus. its a little darker in color. i tried looking it up online and it seems to might be a abscess. im going into the doctors this week. im very worried on what to expect and what will happen. help.
Avatar m tn My 1 year old grandson had developed a Perianal Abscess and had a surgery under GA. Some 20 ml. pus was removed from a 5 cm deep cavity near anus at 01 O'Clock position and 1 cm away.The surgeon put a drain pipe which did not stay more than 1 day and then it was not replaced.He was given antibiotics for 2-3 days and kept under observation and sent home after 5 days.He was advised Betadine sitz bath after each poo. No other medication was prescribed.
Avatar n tn The latter occurs when an infection starts inside the rectum and borrows through to the surface near the anus. Even though it is improving, you should see a health care provider. You may need an antibiotic and, depending on the exam findings, further tests to check out the abscess possibility.
Avatar m tn It's painful when I contract that area, but I didn't feel any lump near the opening of my sphincter. This small pimple is near towars my tail bone opening, but still near my anal area. I am afraid it being some kind of STD, as I had unprotected oral sex. I tested for HIV, and came out negative. Around this time, I had very minor body ache, and fever. It's been about 3 weeks since. I looked at STD pictures and it doesn't look anything like it. What could it be? What can I do?
Avatar n tn Not long after the procedure my husband noticed a very itchy spot near his anus. Few days later the spot became visible as a lump. The lamp was growing by the hour, and at the and of the third week it was a huge scary looking abscess. Husband had an emergency surgery and is on a home recovery at the moment. The gastroenterologist who performed the colonoscopy said that it was the co-incident and there is no link between these two events.
Avatar f tn I recently found lumps between my vagina and my anus on the little bridge bit, in just wondering what it is, kinda worried please help
Avatar n tn 23 yo male whos got a bubble in my anus. when i need to "take a poop", after when im done i can see in the mirror that there's a bubble feeling like thing say like 1 cm in diameter in my butt. about 30secs-1min later its gone. i don't see it anymore. this has been happening for a month now. posting to see if this is something major. thanks.
Avatar n tn I attempted to examine, but I couldn't see anything and I could only feel that it is slightly swollen and is under the surface of the skin. I also (inadvertently)noticed a white, soft bump on the inside of my anus and there may be more than one, but I can't tell. I've done a lot of google searching and what I'm experiencing isn't quite like anything I've been able to find.
Avatar n tn I have what seems to be a skin infection about an inch to the right of my anus. I also have skin tags due to bad hemorrhoids. This infection is tender when pushed, seems like opens to a sore every once in a while. The skin tag lays on this wound. I can not get it to heal......I tried Neosporin, anti fungal cream, vasoline, and hydrocrotizne cream. I check on this wound, touch it, squeeze it......maybe I made it worse? What can you advise?
Avatar m tn All of a sudden I noticed yesterday that I now have a small pea sized white bump near my anus opening at the bottom. When I push down on it, it seems like it's deep in my skin but there's no pain. When I touch it it is slimy sometimes. This is very embarrassing to post but I'm scared out of my mind xD. Do I have cancer? And I've had no recent Diarrhea or blood in stool. I feel perfectly fine. Please help me figure out this conundrum.
Avatar n tn I have also two bumps. and near my anus, it is swollen on both sides. I was on my period and it has been aoround 90 degrees here. Do you think its the heat and that I was wearing a pad that caused moisture and bacteria to form these bumps?
Avatar m tn First I was told it may be external hemorrhoids or anal fissure and abscess. (Sometimes I can feel something bulging from anus after bowel movement.) For 2 months I was on medicine for the above symptom. But now also I have the same pain at the right side and very small amount of leakage still continues when passing air or while walking. I have done proctoscopy and colonoscopy but they revealed nothing.
Avatar n tn Ok, so I've been putting up with on again, off again itching for months on my labia, near my vaginal opening. Never "diagnosed" with HPV but I did get rid of a suspected wart this past year. Can you have a bacterial infection without discharge? It drives me CRAZY sometimes, the only thing that calms it is gold bond ointment, which is minty and refreshing but I'd like no itch. No "rash" that I can see, unless I give in and scratch.
Avatar m tn So about 3 weeks ago I had my perianal abscess drained and the healing process went quite well until about 1 week after the drainage small spots started to appear around my anus and near where the abscess was. My doctor prescribed me with a 1 week course of antibiotics which seemed to clear them up. However, more spots have started to appear but more itchy and painful and also when they burst the pain seems to ease. So are these spots anything to worry about?
Avatar f tn I have a rectal abscess it started of near the anus in which it hurt to clench but now the rectum does not hurt so much but for some reason my left buttock is hard to the touch can some one tell me why
1459072 tn?1285689967 I suffer form Perineal Abscess, there was pus drainage from anus during defecation. A surgeon did Incision and Drainage of the abscess lump on the left vulva next to vagina, which then progressed to a complex fistula.(A 2 cm long fistula. Vaginal opeaning, on left vulva at 5'o clock, and anal opening, near anal verge at 1'o clock) I expirienced passing of flatus, feco-purulant discarges from the vulval opening. This was diagnosed and operated by fistulectomy with Martius flap tecnique.
Avatar m tn Depending on their location, they can be internal(rectum) or external(near anus) hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless. Diagnosed by clinical examination, Per rectal examination and anoscopy. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn I attempted to examine, but I couldn't see anything and I could only feel that it is slightly swollen and is under the surface of the skin. I also (inadvertently) noticed a white, soft bump on the inside of my anus and there may be more than one, but I can't tell for sure. I've done a lot of google searching and what I'm experiencing isn't quite like anything I've been able to find.
Avatar n tn I just got out of the hospital a few days ago. I had an abscess outside my anus on my right butt cheak near the hole. After going to the hospital the did surgery to cut open the abscess and drain the puss. There was a little bleeding and i was sent home a day later. They put me on levaquin for the infection. Well today when i went to the bathroom and it started to bleed quite a lot from the drained abscess for a few min.
Avatar f tn Last night my nine year old daughter noticed a fairly large growth (which we had never seen before) on the bottom of our dog's tail near the anus. it is soft and seems to be filled with fluid ..not sure if blood, pus or other fluid. she is not in any discomfort and the area is not hot nor oozing. since it is the weekend i am going to wait until monday (tomorrow)to contact a vet. i am thinking a possible abscess and am hoping it is nothing more serious.
Avatar n tn the area between my anus and vagina is swollen.i wanted to kno first of all what causes this and second what can i do to make the swelling go away?
Avatar n tn My 5 month old feline has a large (.5 inch diameter) open wound under her tail, near her anus. She was in quite a bit of pain. She would not let me even touch her tail. It looked like a mosquito bite yesterday. I gave her a bath, poured hydrogen peroxide on the wound and gave her the recomended dosage of benadryl. She was very appreciative afterwards. I looked at it again and it was an open, deep wound. The original bite must have been fluid-filled.
558991 tn?1226064428 Cats have anal sacs just lateral to their anus that can impact and abscess.and emit a foul odor.An abscess due to a cat fight may result in a foul odor also.Your Veterinarian will help you as this can be a painful issue for your cat.
Avatar m tn Hi I have a small light brownish pimple or skin tag looking thing near my anus. I've looked at pictures of hemorrhoids and it isn't anywhere near that big, it is very very small and it doesn't hurt. But whenever I wipe after using the bathroom it always lightly bleeds and then burns for a few minutes afterwards. I don't know what it is. It Also doesn't itch. I attached a photo http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b547/silver12345654321/photo_zps1ee1865d.
Avatar n tn About a few weeks ago, while washing, I noticed a small hard bump near my anus. Over the past few days it has gotten larger and more tender. Today it was really hurting and when i touched it, i sort of felt preasure as I would have if it were a pimple. After work today, I decided to take a look at it with a mirror. It was oozing a yellow, mucus-like pus. I decided to squeeze it. A lot of pus and blood was drained. Then I kept squeezing, and a large ball of hard stuff came out (about 1.
Avatar m tn then went to a proctologist who then examen me and told me that he didn't see anything else but that I had what he called a thrombosis,change my medication to Salofalk(mesalazina) 250mg Supositories 3 times a day ...but still have the lumb near my anus and it has not gone down as much just a little,,,,he said it was only for 7 days which is today,,, My question?..