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Avatar m tn My 1 year old grandson had developed a Perianal Abscess and had a surgery under GA. Some 20 ml. pus was removed from a 5 cm deep cavity near anus at 01 O'Clock position and 1 cm away.The surgeon put a drain pipe which did not stay more than 1 day and then it was not replaced.He was given antibiotics for 2-3 days and kept under observation and sent home after 5 days.He was advised Betadine sitz bath after each poo. No other medication was prescribed.
Avatar f tn Please help anyone? 7 wks ago i got an abscess incision and drainage(jus next 2 anus) after being admitted to hospital it literally accured over a 3 day period with antibiotics having no effect, the insision was so small it made the packing of cavity the most painfull ordeal i have ever experienced..
Avatar f tn Hi All, I have got a 4-5mm intersphincteric abscess which clearly shows up on an MRI scan. When i went in for surgery to cut it out, my surgeon said he couldn't find the abscess and that there isn't anything he can do to help me as he cannot feel it or find an internal opening from where the abscess is draining inside the anal canal, despite the fact he knows its exact location on the MRI scan! I was devastated when he told me this as this abscess is ruining my life.
Avatar n tn and it smells really bad making the inner wears dirty smell. Actually the abscess is forming from the anus till the perineum. In addition, there are three or more swelling around the entrance of the anus, but it's not painful when going to bathroom. Would you please tell me what is this disease and what is the treatment for this. Is it contagious? Someone please help......
Avatar n tn So, i've noticed on and off that the inside of my anus has been hurting. i think it might be from having sex. Theres no bleeding, no apparent or obvious lumps or bumps, it doesn't hurt when i go to the bathroom, but it just hurts when i sit for long periods of time. if i had to explain what it felt like, i'd have to say like sitting on a bruise. I'm just kind of scared to talk about this to anyone in my family, so i wonder if this is something i should be concerned about.
1521377 tn?1291138368 I am 56 year old male. for the past 4 months I have had a very uncomforatable anus problem, when I am sitting, it feels like I am sitting right on top of my anus, and, it hurts, I feel like deep tissue on my backside has nerve ending problems. I have been to a GP , he looked and told me I might have prostate infection and put me on antibiotic for two weeks. no help. I went to a dermatologist, he did a culture and said I had a yeast problem, two more weeks of meds, to no avail.
Avatar m tn For the last one week I have been feeling a slight pricking session in my anus when I have been sitting. Today i conducted a self physical exam and on my right side i felt a boil. I am not sure if it is a hemorrhoid or a abscess.
Avatar n tn within three days i was in the hospital for a week, CT scan showed a colon abscess, i dodged emergency surgery and responded to IV antibiotics. now i'm two months out of the hospital and a GI and surgical followup recommends bowel resection. i've read that the bowel does not repair itself. what should i do? also could the abscess have actually been caused by the colonoscopy. thanks.
Avatar n tn My husband had his colon, rectum, & anus removed 4 weeks ago. He has an abscess in the rectum area. The Intervention Radiology department put in a drain and he is taking antibiotics. Do you think that an abscess can be conquered? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/587000'>vitamins</a>.
Avatar n tn I have a severe pain in my anus, every time I go for long call it bleeds and pains a lot. When siting down it seriously pains and its swollen. what do I do?
Avatar m tn The small bump is on the hard surface from my anus leading to my genital area but it very close to the anus opening. While I have a growth coming out of my anus. It itches at times and when I use the bathroom I see blood on the paper. It's even painful at times to wash because the cut is open. I''m worried that it may be warts, hemorrhoids or something even more severe.
Avatar n tn 23 yo male whos got a bubble in my anus. when i need to "take a poop", after when im done i can see in the mirror that there's a bubble feeling like thing say like 1 cm in diameter in my butt. about 30secs-1min later its gone. i don't see it anymore. this has been happening for a month now. posting to see if this is something major. thanks.
Avatar m tn The small bump is on the hard surface from my anus leading to my genital area but it very close to the anus opening. While I have a growth coming out of my anus. It itches at times and when I use the bathroom I see blood on the paper. It's even painful at times to wash because the cut is open. I''m worried that it may be warts, hemorrhoids or something even more severe.
Avatar f tn I have recently found a small pea-sized lump about 1cm away from the anus on the inside of my right cheek. I think I may be suffering from Piles, as the actual entrance is quite inflamed (not that much, though) and I have heard that that if probably the veins. (both my parents are heavy piles sufferers - so I assume it's heredity anyway.) The lump is fairly painful to touch. Not so much that it makes me cringe, but enough to make me know it's there.
Avatar n tn i have a swollen bump between scrotum and anus showed up about 5 days ago. it seem to get large over the last 5 days. this last day it's become some what painfull and gotten larger. it is now 1 1/2 inches long almost from the scrotum to the anus. it seem between 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide. it's Friday and I cannot get to the doctor till monday at the earlist. part of the problem with getting to the doctor is I am unemployed and uninsured. What could this be ?
Avatar m tn I get moment strong pains between my anus and testicles, closer to the anus. i get them 4-5 times a week for the last 15 days. i get normal erections and it doesn't hurt when i urinate. i am 18 years old. does anyone have any ideas what it could be?
Avatar n tn About three days ago I've notice a bump between my anus & vagina. At first it wasn't so bad, just look swollen. Yesterday I can barely walk. The constant friction of it hurts, walking sitting or laying down hurts so badly and it also turned red from the friction... Last night I took a Advil pill to relieve the pain. Today I looks at it and I see something coming out of it. Im not sure if its clear or yellow coming out of it. Im scared it could be something real serious. Please help.
10561091 tn?1414500954 Hi Im reem 24 yeqr old female. Im scared I hv a lump on my anus whole and im freaked out it hurts so bad and its getting bigger. What should I do? Please help!!
Avatar n tn ive recently noticed a hardlike lump near my anus. its a little darker in color. i tried looking it up online and it seems to might be a abscess. im going into the doctors this week. im very worried on what to expect and what will happen. help.
Avatar n tn One consideration would be an anorectal fistula - which is caused by a "non-healing" anal abscess. A surgical referral is usually necessary, since medical treatment and antibiotics will not be helpful. If this has been ruled out, you can consider a flexible sigmoidoscopy to evaluate for other lower GI conditions that can lead to this - including hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, or a polyp. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn A little over a week ago I developed what appeared to be just a pimple on my left butt cheek a couple inches from my anus. It grew progressively larger over a couple days, and also painful to sit on. Under the skin it felt very hard and about the size of a quarter, with some pus coming out. It started to diminish a couple of days ago, and is now smaller (still hard under the skin), much less painful, and dry skin around it is flaking away in a circle.
Avatar f tn Last night I noticed my dalmatian dog who is 14, had blood coming out of his anus. I was wondering if anyone had any information on this topic. I will be taking him to the Vet tomorrow morning. For the last two months, he has been pooping in his bed at night. Then last night I noticed he was bleeding from his anus. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar m tn O.K. so I've recently had some trouble with itchiness inside my anus but that went down as I regularly cleaned it out with hot water. All of a sudden I noticed yesterday that I now have a small pea sized white bump near my anus opening at the bottom. When I push down on it, it seems like it's deep in my skin but there's no pain. When I touch it it is slimy sometimes. This is very embarrassing to post but I'm scared out of my mind xD. Do I have cancer?
Avatar n tn Just inside the anus are a number of small glands. If one of these glands become blocked, an abscess—an infected cavity—may form. An anal abscess is usually treated by surgical drainage, although some drain spontaneously. About 50% of these abscesses may develop into a fistula, in which a small tunnel connects the infected gland inside the anus to an opening on the skin around the anus.
Avatar f tn It's been a few days now that I've been doing this and I've got this really awful red rash (little bumps, some dark red like they've broken open and bled at some point) around my anus now (its gotten worse over the past few days, starting out as just soreness, then felt like maybe I scraped it from wiping so much, then the burning, and now it's unbearable). It burns like the dickens and is really painful to walk, sit, stand, anything. If my cheeks are touching, it hurts.
Avatar n tn Yesterday my husband, aged 54yrs had drainage of an abscess? diagnosed following ct scan for a lump between anus and scotum which tripled in size over the previous week. Has been in pain since the May 08 followup colonoscopy which led to bleeding for 2 days, and then a month of ++ bleeding in September. Severe pain - on Tramal twice per day plus paracetamol 4 x day.
Avatar n tn it can get infected and cause symptoms like you describe. More seriously, you might have a perirectal abscess. The latter occurs when an infection starts inside the rectum and borrows through to the surface near the anus. Even though it is improving, you should see a health care provider. You may need an antibiotic and, depending on the exam findings, further tests to check out the abscess possibility.
Avatar f tn why is my cats anus all red and sore lookin? She is a very clean cat and is short haired, not long haired. I no its not dehydration as she eats jelly food and dry food very rarely.