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Avatar f tn I went to the same doctor and he told me it was another abscess, but he did not test it for MRSA since I had already had it before. He prescribed me antibiotics and it eventually popped. Ever since then there is still a hard knot on my face where the abscess once was. Is this normal? I do not have any bumps from my previous abscesses so I am concerned as to why I have a bump on my face still.
1666982 tn?1445201995 I've had MRSA for almost ten years now. Originally I had over 50 boils, and no doctor had a clue. I saw like a million doctors and specialists, no one had a clue. I finally diagnosed myself and forced them to culture me, and it was positive.
Avatar n tn Community-Associated MRSA (CA-MRSA) or Health Care-Associated MRSA (HA-MRSA often results in abscess formation that requires incision and drainage. Before the spread of MRSA into the community, abscesses were not considered contagious because it was assumed that infection required violation of skin integrity and the introduction of staphylococci from normal skin colonization.
Avatar f tn Healthcare-associated MRSA (HA-MRSA) infections occur in people who are or have recently been in the hospital. Those who have been hospitalized or had surgery within the past year are at increased risk. MRSA bacteria are responsible for a large percentage of hospital-acquired staph infections. Community-associated MRSA (CA-MRSA) infections are ones that occur in otherwise healthy people who have not recently been in the hospital.
Avatar m tn //casereports.bmj.com/content/2011/bcr.01.2011.3680.
702286 tn?1239015260 If you have an active marble sized abscess at your ankle from missing a vein with an unsterile solution you will want to see a real doctor...............this is not the time to self medicate...........
Avatar n tn Raised red rash on chest and few red spots that look like pimples on arm and back, itching. Both ankles are swollen. I have a history of mrsa but i dont have any abscess at this time. Do i need to be concerned about staph infection?
577106 tn?1219842945 I have an abcess on the calf of my right leg and a culture of it tested positive for MRSA. I am alergic to sulpha and the bacteria showed sensitive to tetracycline so my doctor prescribed it and I have been taking it since 8-9. I finish the last 2 doses on Friday. The sore on my leg looks like it is healing but very slowly. If the sore is not completely healed by Friday should I go back in?
Avatar n tn she was shocked to find out that in just 2 lousy days it went from nothing to life threatening. Well the abscess is a staph infection turned out to be the MRSA form of staph. They did emergency surgery and when the surgeon discovered how deep it was (because it took over the entire lip) Its OPEN and packed with gauze if you end up with this ITS NO JOKE and its EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL ....
Avatar n tn ) After feeling the scalple slicing open my abscess, then the doctor found a previous abscess under that one and had to slice it open as well. After all of this, it was time to begin packing the wound with this stringgy gauze filled with antibiotic by using a small pair of sissors to do it. I felt everything! It felt like he was poking the abscess with the sharp sissor and then dragging it around the inside edges of the wound. Another very painful and tramatic experience!
Avatar f tn As, you mentioned that your daughter has gluteal abscess, the best way to treat this condition is draining the abscess directly with concomitant use of any of the above mentioned drugs. Coming to side effects of sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim which should be brought to the notice of your medical practitioner are sore throat, breathing difficulty, fever, severe blistering, chest pain, diarrhea, confusion, anuria etc.
Avatar n tn I presume the CAT scan is to identify any pockets indicative of an abscess that may be present about the nasal area. This might help in draining and treating the infection. However, her physician should be forthright to her about why this test is necessary and what his/her thinking is regarding the treatment of this complication.
577106 tn?1219842945 The skin peels off and the sore/abscess opens up and becomes an extremely painful abscess. So since this has tested positive for MRSA and it appeared on my leg without an open wound, does this mean that you do not actually have to have an open cut, sore, wound etc for this to come out? All three spots have been on the front inner side of my left leg all between my knee cap and my ankle. I don't know if it's relevent or not but each one gets a little higher (closer to my knee cap).
Avatar f tn Doc was a bit nervous because her fear was that it could be MRSA, otherwise staph celluitis. They took a culture (last Wed) and tried to drain it a bit (very painful). The doc then prescribed her Septra (oral med. know to treat MRSA - sulfer based, also used for UTI's) and bactroban (topical cream). Her feeling was to treat it as if it were MRSA, just in case. She also told me to give her a clorox soak.
1722996 tn?1309487438 3 cultures were done all were negative for MRSA It ruptured on its own on day 8. I saw a surgeon had a second sonogram that showed another abscess deep in the axillary cavity. Surgery was done. I have had nausea vomiting, headaches, chills fever, severe body aches and severe pain at this site. When the pain first started I had what I thought was an asthma attack which subsided. I was never admitted to the hospital and antibiotics have been changed 3 times.
Avatar m tn Greetings, I've been having recurring MRSA infections on my skin, mostly on my head/neck/face and a few on my arms. The first couple were diagnosed as cellulitis (as no cultures were taken) and were treated with Bactrim the first time, and Augmentin the second time. The third time I went into the Doctor, I requested a culture and was confirmed to be a case of MRSA. I was then given a double dose of Bactrim and sent on my way.
Avatar n tn I'll try not to post TMI... About three weeks ago I had a large abscess lanced. Everything seems to be healed for the most part, but the skin around and where the abscess/incision was made is very dark, purplish black at this point, and I don't know if I should be concerned about it or not. Also, I have a small red bump that has developed almost directly beside where the original abscess was.
Avatar n tn I started getting back pain and and a abscess formed behind my spine inthe area where i had the tube. the abcess broke my back and four ribs. do you think i got the mrsa from the chest tube?
Avatar f tn Hi, My son also suffers from MRSA breakouts as well as staph rashes and eczema. (Eczema usually precedes the staph outbreaks) I've been trying to take the natural route along with conventional medicine. So far, I've found that this has been the most effective: Manuka honey- inhibits the bacteria from reproducing. You can use it straight from a jar or buy special creams from Amazon. Tea Tree Oil Soap/ Oil- I use the soap daily. You can actually buy a soap called "Defense".
Avatar f tn Went to urgent care today and the DR said it was infected and he tested for MRSA but I won’t have results until Monday. I’m worried that maybe MRSA or Staph infection spread to my leg or am I just being overly worried? I was prescribed Bactirim took my first dose today. Should I be more concerned about it—I told my doctors about my leg feeling off and he didn’t say anything.
Avatar n tn They thought I might have MRSA and treated it as such until the cultures come back. I had never heard of MRSA and looked it up and like you, I was pissed that they didn't tell me more about it, like how to avoid spreading it to other people or reinfecting myself. I lucked out, cultures came back negative and the antibiotic they gave me to start, Minocycline, seems to be working. I might even be able to keep my March 30 appointment for my last chemo treatment. Good luck and keep us posted!
Avatar f tn I woke up with a big abscess. Hurts like the devil. I knew the time would come when the need to take pain pills would come. Darn it! Going to try to ride it out over the weekend with just over the counter stuff. I know my teeth. ROOT Canal. DARN IT!!!!!
Avatar f tn I work in an ER as a nurse practitioner. I was draining a fairly small abscess tonight that is most likely MRSA, and got sprayed in my eye. I'm not too concerned about HIV & Hepatitis; that is being checked by labs anyway. I'm mostly concerned about developing a MRSA infection in my eye. I called my opthamologist, but one of his coworkers answered and said to call him tomorrow about treatment. Is it usual to treat to prevent MRSA infection? Also, do they make Vancomycin eye drops?
Avatar f tn I have been on antiobiotics since 5/14/12. This is very painfully and I am worried since I have had MRSA about 2 yrs ago. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
577106 tn?1219842945 I had a culture of an absess on the calf of my leg which recently cultured positive for MRSA. I am allergic to sulpha so I was perscribed tetracycline because the bacteria showed sensitive to it in the sensitivity test. I am having a lot of problems that I think may be from the tetracycline but no absolutely sure (nausea, rash, extensive swelling in my feet).
Avatar f tn The beginning symptoms of MRSA are blister-like bumps that start off looking like pimples and end up as deep abscesses requiring surgical draining. The abscesses can allow bacteria to reach the bloodstream which can be very dangerous. The infection can travel through the blood and infect the vital organs such as the heart and lungs. MRSA pneumonia is a serious complication of this virus which infects the lungs.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, for 5 years I've been haunted by this abscess in my groin/labia. It comes and goes, sometimes it's gigantic (REALLY) and sometimes just a painful, red, inflamed, deep seated "nodule" (so it doesn't disfigure me completely, but still makes it awfully painful to walk). I had the abscess drained at the hospital once (never again, the anestesia hurt like hell and did not numb the area at all... urgh!) and the material (the pus) was sent for culture....
Avatar f tn The ER did blood cultures, negative and bloodwork, slightly elevated WBC. They didn't think it was an abscess but did an Ultrasound and found that it was 4cm deep at the center. The Ultrasound was pretty painful but I declined pain meds so I tolerated it. The doc then decided to do an I and D. PAINFUL!!!!! I ended up taking the morphine. He treated it with antibiotics in house then oral to take home.
Avatar f tn A wound culture will show if there is MRSA in the abscess. If a culture was not done initially, you could ask the surgeon to please do one so that MRSA can be ruled out (the surgeon may do one again anyway even if you had a culture done the first time). In the meantime, try not to squeeze or scratch at the abscess. This can actually introduce bacteria into the wound and cause an infection. Good luck and make sure that you get this looked at.
Avatar f tn Well I had 2 hernias repaired, umbilical & femoral both on the same day, 2/3 days after I was walking around feeling much better, day 5 I noticed the hard lump round my frmoral repair was getting bigger but thought its no where to swell like my belly so brushed it aside. Day 7 pain getting worse how could this b, the cut looks clean no redness just a swollen lump underneath I was struggling to sit up & walk something not right.