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Avatar n tn 1) There are several different types of abscess but the most common is a periapical abscess in which there is a cavity in the tooth that invades the pulp of the tooth. The bacteria then travels down the pulp into the jawbone and begins to destroy the jawbone.
Avatar f tn So I was told my root had perforated my sinus cavity. The dentist then put a bone graft in and sewed it semi shut and sent me on my way with antibiotics and pain medications. Should I see a doctor about this? Is this a common occurrence?
Avatar f tn Someone from radiology went through my films and noticed an abcessed tooth on my left upper side! The abscess was pushing up into my sinus cavity. I made a dentist appt for the next day. That led me to an oral surgeon two days later and I had that tooth and two upper wisdom teeth removed~! The oral surgeon said he cleaned out the abcess and stitched it up, and put me on penicillin. So, here I am 4 days after the oral surgery and these headaches are still as prevalent as day one!
Avatar n tn About a week ago I started getting a toothache in my 2nd molar, upper right side. This particular tooth has had some problems (bad cavity, which was filled). Anyway, I went to the dentist and he said there was another cavity and he would fill it in a couple of weeks but there was a possibility it wouldn't work and the tooth would have to be extracted or i would need RCT.
Avatar n tn I have no tumors, no anyrisms seen, i do have a blockage behind my right eye in my sinus cavity. My ENT has given me nasal spray and a predisone tablet to take to see if this will reduce the size of the blockage. My scalp tingles and sometimes hurts so bad i can not brush my hair or wear a cap. I have severe headaches, my neurologist says these are cluster migranes started and has given me imtrex, and they do seem to help.
Avatar m tn Then i noticed my fecal matter was covered in a thin layer of fuzzy white stuff. I am now noticing pus in my fecal matter on a daily basis. Now I have a tooth that had a cavity and basically crumbled away about a 6 months ago..I was told I needed a root canal but i never ended up getting it. I have no pain whatsoever from my tooth but i was thinking I may have an abscess i cant see or feel underneath whats left of my tooth.
Avatar m tn As you can see by the hundreds of comments, the Flip-Turn Sinus Flush works extremely well for chronic bacterial infections of the upper sinuses, replacing antibiotics and surgery in most instances. For infections of the lower sinuses, I recommend the Neilmed Sinus Rinse--available at most pharmacies--as it requires less effort and risk.
533880 tn?1237616052 I wanted to ask a question..I am pretty sure that I have a sinus infection but I have never felt like this before....It all stared with a headache and a fever. My headache is not is the front of my head but along the back, closer to the neck, where I am having pain as well. My jaw hurts, i am sensitive to light and sound. It hurts even if I talk or yell. My ears hurt like nothing I have felt before. But my problem is...I have no pain on my forehead or cheeks...no pain..weird.
Avatar f tn A CT found a cyst in my face/sinus cavity. The abscess's had my entire left side face swollen out like the elephant man. The pain was excruciating. The ENT said I needed to have sinus surgery to remove cyst. I chose to have that done immediately in office instead of waiting til morning to have done in hospital w/medications (Dr said procedure takes 10-15 min only) so I did it...2.5 HOURS later....they still were not sure if they got it all. They said they had a heck of a time getting the cyst.
Avatar n tn About four days ago i had a small minor isolated headache that began, i thought nothing of it even though i normally dont get headaches. I don't have a history of Sinus problems, or anything like that.I do however need a root canal. Well, anyways, it has been four days now, and the headache has continued to grow, it has spread from the left side of my head and into the right. the weird thing is that it hurts more in the new location than it did where it started.
Avatar f tn A sinus CT wouldn't necessarily pick up on the problem unless the abscess was so big it ruptured into a sinus cavity since they focus exclusively on the sinuses and not the mouth. If you haven't already gone that route, it's worth a trip to a dentist to at least rule it out.
Avatar f tn During that time a significant amount of my jaw bone has deteriorated and then a root canal on the tooth next to it two months ago brought the whole thing to a head with very severe sinus drainage and a huge abscess. The tear in the membrane was caused by the most recent root canal. To add insult to injury, now my insurance doesn't want to pay. Still working on that part. The tooth with the root canal of 6 years ago has been removed and now doing much better.
299940 tn?1192322967 A cyst (you said in the left sinus; may be maxillary sinus) is not an unusual finding in sinus X-rays and may not be responsible for the headache.
Avatar f tn Also my teeth roots are high into sinus or touching the floor to sinus. Both extractions 15 and 12 caused a hole in sinus. I never had gum books or gum infection. Facial pain is mostly left side. Sinus dr thought teeth and vice versa. So one day I hope to recover from all of this and I feel doomed right now. Lots of meds too so I feel doomed with that as well. I did so good for so long and then this just wrecked me.
Avatar n tn I strongly suggest that you not proceed with a tonsillectomy and that you request a second opinion from either another ENT specialist or from a specialist in Internal Medicine.
Avatar m tn There is a small air fluid level within the left maxillary sinus. Postsurgical changes are noted in the left aspect of the nasal cavity. There is leftward nasal septal deviation. The ostiomeatal units are patent. IMPRESSION: 1. Small air fluid level in the left maxillary sinus compatible with acute sinusitis. 2. Mild mucosal thickening within the frontal sinus. 3. Probable small retention cyst in the right maxillary sinus.
Avatar m tn I get cronic sinus infections and right now I currently have sinus pressure in the sinus area next to my right eye along the nose and below my right eye. I've had allergies pretty much the whole summer. Yesturday I noticed my eye socket felt werid when I would roll my eyes. It felt like the tissue or muscles that move my eye felt tight with some pressure. I went to the doctor and he looked at my eye and he said there was no noticeable inflamation and my eye appeared to be moving fine.
Avatar f tn I have yet to go to my appointment to find out about the sinus. I know I have something wrong in the sinus, got headaches, blurred vision even with my contacts, taste buds not there and my right side cheek/jaw hurts and it feels like my flesh is being eaten away slowly, I don't have anything wrong dentally either, that's been checked.
Avatar f tn The tooth started turning a blackish color so Today my dentist drilled it out and applied a temporary crown, as the permanent is being made. its 6 hours later and my tooth is in severe pain. my sinus cavity is sore to touch. Is there a problem??
Avatar m tn My cheek and nostril swelled all the way to my eye. The fluid buildup had to go somewhere and finally went into the sinus cavity and eye duct. My nostril and eye leaked fluid, relieving the pressure and the abscess went down. In a way, you could say it was a combination tooth abscess/sinus infection since it affected both areas. Along with warm warm salt water rinses, try placing a very warm, wet wash clothe over the cheek and nostril several times a day.
Avatar n tn I had a big cavity filled in my upper right molar earlier this year, and ever since then the tooth and maxillary sinus area had bothered me slightly on and off. But a few weeks ago, I started getting *excruciating* pain in my sinus, tooth, jaw, and below my jaw down my neck towards my thyroid area, with swollen lymph nodes. Have had a mild on and off fever. Amoxicillin relieved the pain and symptoms 90% but when I finished a weeks worth, the symptoms are trying to come back.
Avatar n tn After obtaining my history they suggested a CT scan of my jaw and sinus cavity. When the results came in they informed me that the actual TMJ joint looked fine and no abscesses could be found, however they was a notable amount of dense mucus in my sinus cavity. I was placed on Claritin as an antihistamine and given Cefdinir for infection. They also recommended a sinus flush using a neti pot.
Avatar f tn As far as extractions on older horses, it is not abnormal for there to be an enlarged area above the tooth IF the tooth was repelled by opening the sinus cavity from the outside as some boney enlargement from the flap of bone made into the sinus would be expected. However, the swelling should not increase and decrease so my concern is that there could be a sinus infection present or problems with an adjacent tooth. I would rec.
Avatar n tn Also have your ears and sinuses checked if they haven't been already - as we all know from inadvertently getting water up your nose or inhaling something, that the sinuses do drain down our throat, so if you have a sinus infection or abscess, it could be draining into your throat causing the horrid taste.
Avatar n tn I've had allergies/sinus problems for years. My left nasal cavity has had swelling in the lower area for years, despite prescription decongestants, nasal sprays, antihistamines, prednisone, etc. A few days ago I awoke sneezing. My nose was draining (one side) a honey-colored to bright yellow liquid. This was not thick mucous. Upon inspecting the inside of my nose the swollen area was completely gone. It was as if a water balloon popped and I had these flapping balloon pieces left.
480331 tn?1310407129 Possibilities are a trauma (bump, hit or cut on the nose), a skin infection below the surface that is not obvious, something in the sinus or even a growth of some kind near the tip of the nose. One way to know for sure is to let your veterinarian examine her and proceed accordingly.
Avatar n tn Soon after finishing the clindamycin treatment (which I developed a skin rash from at the end), my tonsils and lymph nodes swelled again. My tonsils are covered in white grossness and are the most inflamed they have ever been and I also have a sinus infection now. The ENT just prescribed me Amox-Clav and said that the infection may be so far in the tonsil, antibiotics cannot reach it. If this fourth antibiotic doesn’t work, she said she will have to remove the tonsils.
Avatar m tn My other front tooth had a root canal before the crowns were done. 3 years or so ago. Had an abscess in there from a failed pulp cap. I let it go, only found the abscess on a dental xray, had no symptoms. Now out of the blue this tooth hurts a little when you tap on it. No other pain other than that. Tooth has a post. Both teeth showed clean on the x-rays taken 6-8 weeks ago. I am afraid that I may have fractured it due to my tooth grinding. I am going nuts over these two teeth.
Avatar n tn 2) Possibility of bite associated muscle pain syndrome, especially of a muscle that originates from the zygomatic process and arch (which is the area right below your eye an also the sinus area) In this particular muscle (masseter muscle) Trigger points in it can cause molar pain, maxillary sinus symptoms and aching in the jaw. It is common for masseter trigger points to cause these symptoms, but it is also common for master trigger points to be set up by these symptoms.
Avatar f tn Two days after antibiotics are complete, I start feeling severe pain in my left jaw and rear molar.( felt like I got kicked in the face by a horse.) Face started swelling up, lots of nerve pain. Ended up in ER and they concluded it might have been my dental infection. They gave me three nerve blocks and prescribed a stronger dose of augmentin to continue taking. He told me to see my dentist asap. See dentist the next day.