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Avatar m tn by the time i got to the er the doctor told me that my abscess was 1 inch by 3/8 of an inch big. that is pretty large for an abscess. with something like this the longer you put it off the worst it will get. hope you feel better soon.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from preauricular sinus abscess for the past 3 weeks. I regret not going to the hospital earlier because I thought it would heal itself naturally. I think I am extremely naive. I went to the hospital the other day and they did the incision and drainage procedure for the preauricular sinus abscess and took out approx 1.5 mm of liquid. Made 3 incisions in total but there is a still a firm lump there.
Avatar f tn Endocarditis,frontal sinus defect,gram negative bacilli Brain Abscess Following Klebsiella pneumoniae Septicemia are some of the causes.
Avatar n tn Wondering if anyone can help me please, I've had an abscess above my tooth now for the past 2 days and I've been to the doctor today and he's put me on a course of antibiotics called ERYTHROPED A. I'm also taking Codeen to help ease the pain. The antibiotics don't seem to be doing anything at the moment, I began taking them around 6pm today when I got in from the doctor. I have two questions: Will my tooth have to be removed and how long does an Abscess usually last for?
Avatar m tn hi im sukumar, past one and half years im affecting in pilonidal abscess problem, already last year i did one surgery, but still it is not recover, one general surgen suggested to plastic surgery treatment is better to recover...... but im not beleive still searching for better treatment method for pilonidal abess can u please any one suggess? can i do one more surgery or any alternate method is available..........i my number is 919840353076.. please suggest..
Avatar f tn this is not specific for any single ETIOLOGY. Possibility of CEREBRAL ABSCESS IS MORE LIKELY, HOW EVER RATHER THAN CYSTIC NEOPLASM. Mild mass effect is seen in the form of partial of effacement of right lateral ventricle and midline shift to left by approx 6 mm. mass effect also noted over mid brain and perimesenphalic sistern is apprearing affected. Rest of the brain parenchyma is unremarkable. Visualized para nasal sinus and bilateral maspoid cells are clear.
Avatar n tn 1) There are several different types of abscess but the most common is a periapical abscess in which there is a cavity in the tooth that invades the pulp of the tooth. The bacteria then travels down the pulp into the jawbone and begins to destroy the jawbone.
Avatar n tn For 2 weeks I have been dealing with a very painful abscess on my ear, where after alot of research and several trips to a local medical clinic and ER, I have found that what I have is an abscess in the Preauricular pit/sinus. I have been given 3 rounds of antibiotics, one of which I am still taking (Clindamyacin). I have yet to see any improvement from taking the antibiotics, so I went to the ER yesterday where they attempted to do and Incision and Drainage procedure.
Avatar n tn I still need 2 crowns upper right, and one crown lower right with a few more cavities filled. My dentist says there is no signs of dental abscess, but I have been having a lot of bad symptoms that seem to be getting worse. I feel really ill all the time. All my teeth hurt, It comes, and goes for what seems like no reason at all. My face feels tight, and puffy sometimes. My eyes burn. I get headaches, and sensitivity to light.
Avatar n tn The s/sx progressed to sinus pressure swollen glands, cough runny nose with yellow sputum from cough and nasal. I began to feel better so nixed Dr. visit as my insurance had not started. Two days ago I began having swelling in my gums. Yesterday I found a discolored area on my gums above my front right tooth. Today the sore has progressed to my pallet and is sore and feels blister it is also bleeding. Could this be a sinus abscess?
Avatar n tn I have ignored a toothache for a few years due to a fear of dentists (no offense intended) and recently had an abscess diagnosed from a CT scan done for a suspected sinus infection. It turned out to be a very large abscess of 2 teeth, so big, that the dentist and his partner at first told me it was way to big to be an abscess and had to take repeated x-rays to identify it. I am on antibiotics and they told me with a root canal my teeth could be saved.
Avatar n tn I felt the pressure building, assumed it was sinus. Put out an all assault effort on my sinuses and found some relief off and on. Went on a road trip and slowly it got worse and by the time we hit altitude over 4000 ft it got almost unbearable. It almost felt like labor pains of the face. It would come on sudden, and leave sudden. My mouth would feel as though it was on fire all around on that side and on that side of my tongue. We left the high altitude, highest of 10,000 ft.
Avatar m tn I was born with preauricular sinus, at that time doctor told my parents that you can go for surgery any time after 5 years of age. Today i am 25 years of age and surgery still not done. I don't have any problem, just once in a week or once in two weeks, i press the lump to remove the white paste like discharge. often it has not any smell. But some times it itches & discharge have smell. I was thinking to go for surgery, but read some where of its re-occurrence.
Avatar n tn I had an operation (endoscopic) done about a year ago to relieve my sinus pain and pressure and to remove polyps, and was told by the doctor that the infection in my maxillary sinus (shown on ct scan) was probably caused by something about 8 years prior.
Avatar f tn Someone from radiology went through my films and noticed an abcessed tooth on my left upper side! The abscess was pushing up into my sinus cavity. I made a dentist appt for the next day. That led me to an oral surgeon two days later and I had that tooth and two upper wisdom teeth removed~! The oral surgeon said he cleaned out the abcess and stitched it up, and put me on penicillin. So, here I am 4 days after the oral surgery and these headaches are still as prevalent as day one!
Avatar m tn Your symptoms of bad foul smell in the nose could be due to sinus infections. They are due to stasis and infection of the sinus cavities, and the resultant drainage into the nose causes the bad smell. Facial pain, fever and nasal discharge are the other symptoms of sinusitis. You may need antibiotic treatment is for 4-6 weeks. A nasal steroid spray is also beneficial as well as oral steroids. Nasal saline irrigations over the counter like Neti pot are very effective.
Avatar f tn I was released 3 days later but the following day readmitted due to pain. The day after that I was given a CT scan and my MD found an abscess on my right side. Immediately the following day I was sent back to my oral surgeon's office which is attached to a hospital. Later that day I had surgery on the abscess, the Oral Surgeon enlisted the help of an ENT doctor also. He knicked my sinus during surgery.
Avatar f tn Hi...I have very similar symptoms as you...how are things going? I have seen a dentist and endodontist, who both say they can't see anything in xray, I had a sinus cat scan that was normal that was ordered by my ENT, The endodontist was already to do a root canal..No way! Not until He can tell for sure that I truly need it.
Avatar f tn Anyways, It has been about 3 days and it seems like the abscess is constantly leaking pus down my throat. My throat is sore and raw, I constantly taste the foul pus, especially when i talk or put any type of pressure on the area. I can't take it being that i am a germ freak. I have tried to pop it but it just slowly comes out (no blood) and It seems like its a small, hard, white ball that kind of moves around under the gum. I don't know what to do??? Please help?
Avatar n tn Hello, This persistent abscess that does not get cleared with antibiotics is called Parulis as this elevated nodule is actually an opening of fistulous tract from some chronic abscess either in association with tooth (periapical abscess) or gum abscess or could be sinus in your case. As I can not do physical exam hence can not say for sure about the origin of the abscess. It needs x-ray and second opinion of a dentist who can examine.
Avatar n tn Hello, This persistent abscess which does not clear with antibiotics is called Parulis as this elevated nodule is actually an opening of fistulous tract from some chronic abscess either in association with tooth (periapical abscess) or gum abscess or could be sinus in your case. As I can not do physical exam hence can not say for sure about the origin of the abscess. It needs x-ray and second opinion of a dentist who can examine.
Avatar n tn The opening of the sinus is blocked and therefore this functions the same as an abscess. This can be determined by a CT Scan of the sinus, which can evaluate the sinus opening. I would work with an ENT specialist to get to the reason for a lack of response.
136122 tn?1218311597 My dentist did an x-ray of them and I do have to get all four of them removed. However, when he took a look at my ex-rays he noticed a growth in my right maxillary sinus.. He wasnt absolutely positiive what it was and neither am I?? Since I am already going to get my wisdom teeth removed by a oral and maxillofacial surgeon, my dentist wanted to wait until he could take a look. However, it will be another month or so before I am seem by him.
Avatar m tn Were you able to have your symptoms checked? Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck and constant blood in the sinus or nasal passage may suggest infection that warrants further evaluation by your doctor. There are many possible cause of night sweats that needs to be ruled out. This include infection, autonomic neuropathy, abscess, thyroid dysfunction, medication effect, and other underlying issues. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation.
Avatar f tn 5 days. I went to my family DR as now it seemed I had a horrible sinus infection & eye issues. She said I now have a sinus infection & conjunctivitis and gave me another Z-pak to start. It has now been 10 days & I am still blowing this green foul smelling stuff out of my nose. I have now started with another headache on the other side of my head and have an odd round place on that cheek. Everything originally began on the right side of my face by the way.
Avatar m tn TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS... abscess: An abscess is a localized collection of pus that generally develops in response to infection. An abscess is typically painful, and it appears as a swollen area that is warm to the touch. The skin surrounding an abscess typically appears pink or red. Abscesses can develop in many parts of the body, but they usually involve the skin surface.
Avatar f tn Pain killers will just loose the sense of pain so you should go for the root cause of the problem. Sinus has symptoms like feeling pressure on forehead, sinus drainage, fatigue, poor sense to smell and taste, bad breath, sore throat, ear pain etc. You need to undergo detailed evaluation and rule out deviated nasal septum, blocked sinus, presence of foreign body etc. You may have to undergo surgery (drainage and corrective procedure) if symptoms persists.
Avatar m tn I have a granddaughter that was diagnosed with a dermal sinus tract at birth. She is approximately 2 1/2 months old. She has a vertical, oval-shaped pupil on her right eye. Both eyes are watery and teary. Her right eye globe appears to be slightly larger, and the iris on the right side appears to be larger as well. She moves all extremities. Are the eye conditions related to the dermal sinus tract? She has a dimple located just at the top of her buttock crease.