Abscess formation in the liver

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Avatar m tn Abscesses can also affect the brain, kidneys, liver (hepatic abscess), lungs, teeth (dental abscess), and tonsils (peritonsillar abscess). Inflammation surrounding hair follicles can lead to the formation of abscesses. Skin abscesses are often referred to as boils. Unlike other infections, antibiotics alone will not cure an abscess. In general, abscesses must open and drain to improve.
Avatar m tn A study released a few years ago by the Mayo Clinic revealed the surprising discovery that if the cause of sinusitis is the toxins from the infected mucus in your sinuses, and you remove the infected snot, the problem will go away. There’s two ways to remove infected snot from your sinuses, if long-term antibiotics do not work. The medical way is with surgery—stick an endoscope up your nostril and suck enough of it out to end the infection.
211940 tn?1267884866 The acromion is the large bursa in the shoulder that protects and cushions the tendons as they glide beneath the shoulder blade. With repetitive activities above shoulder level, overuse, aging or falls, this bursa may become inflamed, producing noises when the shoulder is moved. Pain coming from shoulder bursitis is frequently felt halfway down the upper arm toward the elbow.
Avatar f tn 4 cm slightly hyperenhancing area at the posterior inferior aspect of the medial segment of the left lobe of the liver anterior to the gallbladder which is only seen on the arterial phase postcontrast images. Differential diagnosis includes trnsient hepatic intensity difference or AV shunting, or possibility focal nodular hyperplasia or hepatic adenoma. Consider correlation with alpha-fetoprotein level. This doctor doesn't seem concerned and I am freaking out. what should I do?
Avatar m tn Will that poaas abscess will be eliminated by the these drugs? Plz do help me sir i am really worried due to the formation of psos abscess again. Sincerely. Sincerely, Bikash Shrestha.
Avatar n tn Evidence of mild fatty haziness, and multiple enlarged lymph nodes in the mesocolon. No evidence of abscess formation at this time. Only recommendation from the Radiologist back to GI Spec was for interval endoluminal evaluation. CT 1 year prior was very similar but with no finding of enlarged lymph nodes. July 2nd, 2009, CTC along with 2d imaging to help with 3d findings. Note, prep was deemed to be moderatley well prepared and distended.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, it started to get bigger and the skin became pink and peau d' orange in texture above the lump. Now the skin is changing all over the "flap" and I have another surgery scheduled to remove the mass. My breast surgeon is out on maternity leave and I was told that I would never need another breast surgeon since I don't have breast tissue anymore.
Avatar n tn e many many tics mainly in the sigmoid but a good handful in the decsending colon.    Dec, 2008, CT with triple contrast, shows Bowel wall thickening with evidence of inflammatory changes in the sigmoid mesocolon.  Evidence of mild fatty haziness, and multiple enlarged lymph nodes in the mesocolon.  No evidence of abscess formation at this time.  Only recommendation from the Radiologist back to GI Spec was for interval endoluminal evaluation.
Avatar f tn An ultrasound scan is not sensitive to detect infection, though it may be able to detect severe cases with abscess formation or effusion. The scan is likely to have been done by a technician with limited knowledge to read images possibly resulting in the erroneous conversation. The final report is formed after review by a radiologist and if it reports normal, the scan in most probability is likely to be normal. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn After speaking with the second surgeon, they performed surgery to drain the abcess and placed 2 JP drains in his cavity on the night of the 2nd. After the surgery the doctor said she removed hard stool from the cavity probably left over from the first surgery. On the morning of the 4th they moved him out of PICU and planned to release him on the 5th with the drains to remain in place for about 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn Acute or chronic pancreatitis Pancreatic cancer SPLEEN The spleen is the largest lymph node in the body responsible for filtering blood and removing cellular debris and foreign microorganisms. Although the spleen can be removed without hampering life, it nevertheless plays several important roles in the body.
Avatar n tn There is minimal linear stranding or scar formation in the anterior portion of the right lung. No indication of an acute process or a mass. No effusion is seen. The mediastinum is unremarkable. The liver & abdomen are not remarkable. The spleen & pancreas likewise appear normal. No abnormality of the adrenal glands is seen. What does all of this mean & are these findings good or bad?
Avatar f tn That tooth was extracted, I remained on clindamycin, and although slightly improved, I remained ill, and the infection started flaring up again, this time causing lots of pus in the extraction site.
Avatar f tn It may not harm the cat's health in the short term but in the long term it can potentially cause serious damage. Dry food is processed. Since wen do cats naturally eat processed foods in nature? The only thing technology has done to kibbles is add more fillers, preservatives and by-products..gotta love it. And the question is: Since when do cats find these things in nature? To my understanding, cats have not evolved or mutated in order to be able to stay unharmed by these tings.
Avatar m tn More research is needed in this area. Cancer Although ozone may inhibit the growth of human cancer cells in culture, no human studies have supported the use of ozone in cancer therapy. Complications after transurethral resection of prostatic adenoma (complications after prostate surgery) Ozone therapy may reduce the amount of inflammation following prostate surgery. However, very few studies have shown ozone to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent.
Avatar n tn and won't see me again, but the PA prescribed Prednisone 6 day dosage that seemed to give me some comfort while I was taking it. The day after I completed the dosage, the pain and swelling was back in full force. No one will see me without a referral because this certain doctor operated on me. What am I to do? I am so frustrated after four months of extreme pain, all I do is cry. I've turned into a big crybaby and that is not me! Help, somebody!
Avatar n tn it will be costly but save you from this pain in the long run. Also...when these abscess drain the puss is contageous...so make sure you wash your clothes and that warm compress in hot water to kill any bacteria that may have contaminated the material. Hope all this has helped....
299940 tn?1192322967 She had an xray on her head and it showed a cyst in her left sinus. We have an appointment at the ENT specialist for the cyst and her doctor is trying to get her in to the neurologist but he is out of town till monday. In the meantime, she is miserable. I don't know what else to do. I was going to try to take her to the ER in hopes of getting a CT scan. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much in advance.
Avatar n tn in an mra, a intrinsic scan ,detailed, is taken of your artery and the fill of blood in the vessel, if any mentioned above would be the culprit, it would appear. the mri scan looks at the brain in detail, csf,sulcus, deviation any masses,changes,edema,fluid, old vs new cva, its amazingly detailed. if you had a mass,bleed, a developing aneurysm it would have picked it up. so iwouldnt worry about that.
Avatar n tn I read your recent post with interest. I just took my 11 yr. old half Siamese Sophie to the vet and learned that the lump I recently discovered on her left lateral tibia was probably vaccine related Fibro Sarcoma. I have been reading up on this condition and am getting quite depressed. My Sophie's lump is 3/4" in diameter. The vet recommended monitoring the growth of the lump to see how quickly it increases in size.
Avatar n tn A long with this, I was told to wear a hear monitor for a month which did nothing except increase it even more, and I did not even wear the monitor in the end. The strangest symptons though are just constant vibrations or movements in my intestinal area, bad heart burn, bad gas, and a feeling like I have to burp but just cant. Im hoping that my heart is fine and the feelings are just from my focusing on it too much, but I just dont know. Can anyone relate to this?
Avatar n tn Yrs. ago, I also went through this terrible problem & ETD is just the worst thing to dx/treat/fix. My case was unilateral w/ ear but bilateral w/ nasal prssr-hdprssr. I also went through several ENT's/Neurotologists scans & tests. Cause can be 1 or multi-problems. It's a rule out game. Hm-journal, like a sm- calendar bk is great since it's dated & can go back to see date of matching events/symptoms. Use abreviations. The ET's are in the back of the throat & connect to middle-ear.
Avatar n tn Inside the vaginal lips on the sides almost always in the crease (between the labia minora and majora?) 2. Between the anus and vaginal opening (perineum) 3. Above the clitoris in the "hood" area. This tearing is not related to intercourse since my husband and I are unable to do that due to the pain it causes me. There is no real pain otherwise. I am getting some minor bleeding when I poop due to the tears in the anal area.