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Avatar n tn I had had abdominal surgery for an appendicile abscess, and what they did for the C section was to use the same site and cut away all the old scar tissue (if you think of it, it's like a line in your skin, they simply went there and excised all the old scar line.) It looked about the same after the C-section, though my first scar was a little shorter because a baby had not needed to come out of it.
1398586 tn?1370593158 We have discussed that dr's shouldnt push for c-sections just because a prior delivery was a c-section. However, despite her belief in vbacs, she told me it would be foolish and too risky to try vbac after 2 c-sections. I asked why. She said the risk of adhesion from scar tissue is too much, and there is a much greater risk of significant problems that would threaten both mom and baby. This potential is even greater if you have never delivered vaginally.
945369 tn?1320833037 I had a baby 1 month ago via c-section. I lactated 4 days late. During this time, the baby suckled and I ended up sore cut bleeding inflammed nipples. I had to give the baby formula milk with a bottle. When I started breast feeding her again, she used me as a pacifier and would suckle the fore milk. The hind milk left over for days caused severe breast engorgement and breast abcess. I had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the pus and collected milk.
Avatar f tn I am in desperate need of a second opinion. I had a baby 6 months ago by c-section that is still open.
Avatar n tn My concern is pregnancy - my husband and I are planning to try come January and was curious if it's possible to deliver naturally after 2 surgeries where my abdomen was cut...or if a C-Section will be required. I would appreciate any insight.
Avatar f tn I am 37 and have been having more health problems since delivering my twins via c-section 3 1/2 years ago. I had massive post-op infection and spent 8 days in the hospital for IV antibiotics and wound up with my incision reopened, a quart of fluid drained, wound vac for three weeks and 4 months of wound care!
Avatar f tn Its been 4 months and I am still not well-at all. I have dizzeness, severe headaches and pain, and always feel like im under water or in a fog. Oh ya I stammer a lot and have memory loss and am so very tired and just wiped out. Sometimes I dont see things right. When will this all end? Can someone tell me what kind of meds works best for the pain in the head. I tried Vicodin but got tired of being nausea, Then I was on Butalbital and that was worse-didnt help the pain.
Avatar n tn hi i also had a sub-total hysterectomy after heamoraging after a c section on 24 11 06 and now seven months on have started to bleed. my stomach above my scar is still really painful aswell. i feel like i havnt healed properly on the inside and have bladder control problems as well. i am just making an appointment with my consultant to be checked out , but would like to know how long it is before the pain goes.
Avatar f tn This discussion is related to Problems after bowel resection. In February 2006 I had an emergency bowel resection. For no apparent reason, a large portion of my small intestine had twisted and the blood supply to my intestine had been cut off and died. About 40% of my small intestine (ileum and ileocecal valve) had to be removed. For the next 2-3 months I had horrible diarrhea after everything I ate. Within one week I went from 135 lbs. to 115 lbs.
Avatar f tn I tried miralax, stool softeners, laxatives, colonics,herbal teas, prescription meds and nothing is working to make me regular.it now, it actually has made things worse and more uncomfortable. After a year of struggling, it seems as though my gi does not respond well to any meds or supplements. When I take meds my bowel seems to just turn to mush and sit there or swim back and forth like a fish bowl, but no release.
Avatar f tn after getting some sleep ,i woke to find a protrusion on my belly on my c-section scar to the left ,i thought it was a hernia ,then got thinking i have had enough ,i went to emergency at local hospital to be examined and told cyst or ??and sent home and told to find reg.
Avatar n tn In March 2007 I had an Inguinal Hernia repair operation on both sides after I had experienced bad groin pain for about six weeks. About three weeks after the surgery, I developed testicular pain in both left and right testicle with the left one swelling up dramatically. After going for a scan it was observed that I had a hydrocele on my left side. Six weeks after My original operation, I was hospitalised after I developed severe pain on the right side of my groin.
660300 tn?1224793961 Hi Naygirl and everyone else still on this thread I am glad to hear things are back to normal for you, i am losing my mind - i have had the numbness for over a year an am beginning to lose hope, I had an abscess after an extraction after a filling that didn't work, I had to have many operations to fix the abscess and at the end of it have been left with a numb bottom lip and gums behind, it's been over a year and I am at the end of my tether, i have recently found out that my jawbone is still i
Avatar n tn Was told to have no sex light exercise(walking)could go back to normal activities-that blood flow after 24 hrs is healthier to the uterus than being in bed 48hrs. Bowel movements and sneezing/coughing will have no effect on implantation. Is this true should I had been on bed rest longer???? Was told pregnancy test will be done 14 days after transfer.
Avatar n tn That lasted about 7weeks and then I gave birth 3weeks early via c-section to relieve the pain. That happened at first but then it started to gradually get worse. I went to sn orthopedic surgeon and he said it's severe inflammation of the nerve and that there is fluid surrounding the nerve which is causing this severe pain and gave me Lyrica as well as painkiller, an anti inflamatory and a muscle relaxant. Now it's 3 weeks since I started taking these meds and the painis intense.
Avatar n tn I had a C-section about 5 months ago. The area above the scar is still almost completely numb. The only feeling that I have is some tenderness. Is this normal and will it go away?
Avatar f tn ( I am possibly thinking about getting a nerve stimulator after I have this one c section. Fecal incontinence is just not my idea of a good time. I saw you added me as a friend but I don't know how to accept or anything. Do you? Thanks...and you are in my prayers. My name is Renee BTW.
175662 tn?1282217256 Does it hurt during pregnancy? Is there any concern about scars that large, not caused from a c-section or if a c-section was done mid-line not bikini cut? I am supposed to have surgery at the end of February, beginning of March, to remove a large ovarian "tumor" (which is really what might just be a huge cyst)... so they are expecting to have to do a c-section when the baby is due... Anyone familiar with this? I said it would be an odd question!
554628 tn?1362781519 well first off all i can say is wow i had my ob appts again yesterday and today and finally got my full anatomy scan after an hour of trying to get everything we finally got it all and indeed is still a girl thank goodness lol everything looked great so far but i was told i was going to have a big baby i am only 23 wks and 4 days and she is already 1lb 8oz so i'm hoping she doesn't get too big bc i would like to have a vaginal delivery and not a c-section wish me luck on that one!
Avatar f tn I started to have pains in my ribs and upper stomach discomfort, a couple of weeks after I had my daughter by c-section. It wakes me up. And I cant relax. I went to the emergency but they couldnt seem to find out what was wrong, They said my bloodwork was abnormal and asked me to come back the next day for some more bloodwork. I also had an X-ray done. I'm just wondering if it is serious. I'm very wooried.
579258 tn?1250652943 It is a bacteria that requires a 3-6 month course of antibiotics -- Bactrim. (After my research .. it appears 6 months minimum to a year - another question for the doctor.) The fact that the abscesses appear to be forming again is not surprising as he explained they would continue to do so until I am treated with the correct antibiotic. The Bactrim will be started tomorrow and we will keep an eye on the 3 areas I described as they may indeed have to be I&D'd again.
Avatar f tn I'm assuming this may be due to pregnancy lowering one's immune system, which is a good thing for those of us with Crohn's since our immune systems are generally in overdrive. 2) I have opted for a C-section. Why, you ask? Because I do not want to take the risk of having permanent fecal incontinence. It is a REAL RISK for us fistula people. Then, at my first ultrasound I found out I'm having twins! So...for me a C-section is the way to go!
Avatar f tn I then had a two other surgeries including fibrin glue and a reconstructive surgeon came and closed the fisutla... supposedly. Two years later after the birth of my second son (C-Section), I developed an abscess which came from another (or the same) fistula. I just recently had a seton put in to let the tract become more defined, drain and reduce chances of infection. The next step is in 3 months when I will have a flap repair which I have read the chances for success are about 50/50.
Avatar n tn It was a very bad pregnancy because of my hormone levels being really off I was told at any point in a time I could miscarry and then later in the pregnancy I ended up with preeclampsia. I had to have a c-section so I ended up with a spinal epadural. 2 months later I had to have my gall bladder out. Now since having my gall bladder out I have had shooting pain up my spine, my chest will feel very tight and I feel as if I cant breath.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am going through somewhat of a same problem. I had a c-section in July. Previous to this I also had 2 laparoscopies for endometriosis. I feel I have not been the same ever since. It feels like either something must be wrong with my insides or scar tissue. I also feel like I have a constant air pocket & inflammation. I too wonder if something was damaged between all of these surgeries. It is very unsettling at times not knowing exactly what is going on in my body.
Avatar m tn severe pneumonia, w/ sepsis (Xigris), pulmonary abscess from pneumonia (Primaxin), enlarged spleen 2006: enlarged spleen removed laparoscopically 2008: C-Section, cellulits 2009: Feb: chronic diarrhea started, watery, a bit oily, chunks of food, frothy at times Mar: Colonoscopy - microscopic colitis, hospital c-diff (only one test had weak positive) (flagyl, 2 courses vancomycin), no change, then prednisone 10mg/day 5 days, 5 mg 7 days, diarrhea slowed a little while on steroid May: hospital
Avatar m tn 1997: diagnosed Ulcerative Colitis (mild) 2004: C-section, several months after cellulitis with abscess 2005: severe pneumonia, w/ sepsis (Xigris), pulmonary abscess from pneumonia (Primaxin), enlarged spleen 2006: enlarged spleen removed laparoscopically 2008: C-Section, cellulits 2009: Feb: chronic diarrhea started, watery, a bit oily, chunks of food, frothy at times Mar: Colonoscopy - microscopic colitis, hospital c-diff (only one test had weak positive) (flagyl, 2 courses vancomyc
2216535 tn?1339412493 how much swelling??? its normal to have some swelling after surgery for a few days...if in doubt contact your Vet, there would be NO charge for a follow up exam after a surgery....don't attempt to do anything on your own and risk a problem.....normal after surgery swelling will go down on its own within a few days..it will NOT affect the healing, its all part of the healing process..
Avatar n tn The first was iv antibiotics at home fore 3 weeks this was from the second new dr, because the gyno that delivered and primary were buddys, they saw a report that said heavy growth of staph in abdomen due to right after c-section, kept telling me I was depressed, so the second dr gave IV. My abdomen still giving problems he then removed an abscess, still after that he decided to remove my tummy.