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Avatar f tn I have just been diagnosed on the bipolar spectrum. As I have been doing a little research to ease some of my fear, I ran across this "mania" diagnosis. I just want to share some of my symptoms....I experience feelings of disconnect from reality mostly during my cycle. I feel like I am sleep walking outside of my body a lot of the time. This scares me sooo bad and then lately, I have been doing things that I can not remember.
Avatar f tn Abilify I am taking and don't have this problem of mania but I also have never experienced mania and as I'm finding out probably depression and I probably mistook what depression is from bad descriptions to me and being apparently misdiagnosed with major depressive disorder earlier in life but I took them both for a psychotic disorder instead of a mood disorder. I don't know about Abilify but I know I read Geodon had the potential to send people into a state of mania.
574118 tn?1305138884 //www.askdrjones.com/2005/02/14/ranking-the-mood-stabilizers/ . To tell you the truth I became happy because I know tegretol needs blood tests, etc…while abilify has a few side effects except some anxiety. I only became suspicious about its potency as a mood stabilizer. Otherwise why do pdocs recommend always one of the triads (lithium, depakote, tegretol) or lamictal lately. Never did I hear an AP to be working as a MS although in www.bipolar.net they even mention seroquel.
1356915 tn?1277347703 I was wondering how Abilify added to an anti-depressant affects a bipolar II? Will it cause Mania?
Avatar f tn Hope someone can help inform me............I have been on low dose of abilify since jan 09...
Avatar f tn I was able to experience moods, but not in the extreme measures that I was... Personally, I liked abilify- i had that and PRN of seroqoel. I think that abilify is able to get the job done with the least amount of side effects (for me) Unfortunately, the problem is, what works for my BP, wont necessarily work for the next...
Avatar f tn I am wondering about Abilify instead of Geodone. What is your experience with this drug? Does it work as well as the atypicals? It should for how much it costs. I also take lamotrigine 200mg/day and trazodone 50mg for sleep.
1011752 tn?1269245119 The increase in Abilify should help out and I hope things work out for you. I ended up stopping the Abilify because it made me gain 7 pounds in 2 weeks. Well, it made me hungry enough to eat enough to gain that much. I've already got a bit of a weight problem so I figured the risks didn't outweigh the positives. It wasn't really working with my mania anyway. I am curious about the Lithium. Is it scary to be on such a high dose? I know the risks are pretty extensive.
601528 tn?1224085098 I atempted suicide on Prozac. They cause mania and can cause pyshcotic mania (which is as much fun as it sounds trust me). SSRI's are up there with Ritalin as the most over prescribed drugs around and they can be killers. Right now you are manic, thats ok, its part of the disease so dont worry OK Jst go see your doc and talk to them about it. It can be fixed with a med change.
96108 tn?1197694930 Your husband might find some relief with Abilify (as mentioned earlier) or any of the atypicals. Abilify is a very new drug, which I use quite often in my practice. Seroquel is another drug which I've found doesn't cause as many negative side effects as Abilify. Both are very effective. hope this helps -- let me know if you have any other questions.
1965148 tn?1354982234 has anyone experienced dysphoric mania? ive been experiencing it myself and i would like to know how other people find it and what they go through so i know im not alone, because currently i am.
1030383 tn?1338464385 My dx is schizoaffective disorder, and I'm coming off Zyprexa, Abilify, Ativan, Sertraline. I'm hiding this from everyone except a couple people - don't want to get thrown in the hospital. Any ideas on getting through withdrawal when you're getting manic, should sleep, and usually you'd take pills??
Avatar f tn Not quite in the same manner. Abilify does have mood stabilization effects. An SSRI generally is of concern for someone with bipolar and can easily worsen mania. Abilify like all antipsychotics can treat it. Abilify and Geodon are activating, that is they will make a person more likely to be awake instead of being sedating. I know when I was on Geodon and Abilify they kept me up practically the whole night but they didn't make me manic.
1564087 tn?1308951118 heya, i've been diagnose with bipolar 1 and suffer from hallucinations at times. doctors put me on sequel xr.. but wasn't happy with it. now they have me on abilify and effexor but i'm worried about side effects... guess i'm just wondering what peoples experiences have been with the medication?
Avatar m tn I used to spend about 75% of the time in mania and 25% depressed. Since I had a psychotic break, due to sustained mania, it is more like 50/50. Mixed states are the worst and I have only had them a few times. I am not sure it is a FACT than bipolar spend 75% of the time depressed, maybe for bipolar 2, but my observation, it is unique for each person. I would be manic for up to 6 months sometimes, then be depressed for as little as a week or two.
918275 tn?1254072352 I am on Abilify 20mg and I have absolutely no energy. I am in bed for 3 and 4 days at a time. I am getting really discouraged. I am better mentally than I was, but I am zombie like, unable to participate in my own life. Is the Abilify causing this? Or perhaps I need another medication added? I don't know what to think.
Avatar n tn I had been taking 600mg of the seroquel and my md lowered my dosage to 300 adding 5mg of abilify. For the past two days (first two days on Abilify) I have experienced extreme mood swings and seem to snap at relatively small things. I have read several entries stating that the Abilify works extremely quickly and my md said the same, I am just hoping that this isn't going to be the end result that I have on this drug. Please help!
Avatar n tn I guess my basic question is, if my doctor switched me to Abilify, what would the Abilify be replacing - the Depakote, or the Risperdal, or both? Also, could I take the Abilify at night or is it likely to interrupt my sleep? I am overweight with borderline high cholesterol and drink a lot of sugary sodas. While not diabetic, I am always afraid I will some day soon be diagnosed with that.
Avatar f tn I've tried Lithuim and Abilify too and still it hasn't helped. So, I'm back on Depakote. When they upped to dose of Remeron from 30mg to 45mg, because they said I seemed more down and depressed. I slipped into the most manic phase of my life. I got even more depressed and started sleeping 13 hours a day! I was so up and down and irritable and hated the world. I'm usually not that angry or emotional. Then once I came back down to 30 mg of Remeron I was much much better.
Avatar f tn so i called the on call doc and he said my doc should not have taken me off the prozac because i do not have severe mania and that the crying was probably due to the prozac leaving my system. so long story short, say my doc yesterday and she took me off the lithium (last night was the first night i didnt take it) and wants me to wait 3 days and start Abilify. I'm reading lots of posts and seeing some pretty severe side effects.
Avatar n tn Tho as far as depressions go, I just wait those out- haven't been able to find a safe AD to take that wont shootme into mania. Abilify can do wonders for some people, just not me. Good luck with it.
Avatar f tn I started taking Abilify this weekend with my Lamictal and I was a stoned out wierdo all weekend! I wasn't sure if it was the Abilify, but I didn't take the dosage last night (I started at the daytime and switched to night because I was so sleepy!! - my pdoc told me to do that if it happened), and when it left my system, the fog lifted. I swear my husband told me that I looked stoned all weekend.
800339 tn?1270437086 I think I have reached the point of mild mania. I am not sure if it is due to my new medication (and taking 30 mg of Adderall), but I do know that I have an increased spending pattern appearing, my insomnia is worsening and I am unsure if these "elated" moments are med-related or brain-related. My increased spending is nothing that will make me broke; however, I am continuously spending money like I grow it. I will be broke if this mentality keeps up.
569026 tn?1216985893 I am on Abilify and Effexor and have not taken Effexor for two days and am having a meltdown today. I really do not like Seroquel nor Abilify since I have so many side effects like swollen neck glands, stiff neck, manic mania that lasts 24/7 and insomnia.
Avatar f tn I love Abilify!!!! It saved my life!! It has been approved for bipolar mania as well as severe depression. I don't take an antidepressant because I don't need it. All anti-psychotic drugs must carry the same warnings about raising blood sugar levels. I have read study after study and Abilify is not known to cause that. It is also not associated with weight gain. I don't take a high dose, only 2 mg. but everyone around me has seen the change.
Avatar f tn I have had manic episodes before. The last one was brought on by stress. The mania I experience has the effects of insomnia, racing thoughts, and severe depression. I have felt hyper and excited before but not at all to the point of spending sprees, multiple partners, anger, ect. The last time my mania hit was due to the stresses of a new job. I was just too hard on myself, lost 30 lbs. That was over 6 months ago. I am no longer working. My doctor wants to put me on Abilify.
1806584 tn?1316211637 Within a few weeks I'll be tapering off Abilify with the help of my pdoc. I'm happy about it, but I still wonder what your experiences have been with lamotrigine (Lamictal) as a monotherapy for bipolar I. I'd really hate to get manic again, but I also feel that Abilify is holding me back in my studies. Any tips and suggestions?
Avatar f tn Hi, I am on a combo of zoloft and abilify and it has worked wonders for me. The Abilify really helped get rid of the depression that the zoloft didnt handle. You are right in that it is very expensive. My pdoc gave me samples for a long time but now I am buying it in the generic form from Canada. My last prescription for 100 pills (10mg. each) cost me a total of $70.00. The generic works as good for me as the brand name and is so much cheaper.
Avatar f tn Also on forums we see people got cured from mania also by abilify, or to be more precise, some pts when stopping abilify got their mania, so i assumed that both can't cause mania, yet since they work upwards most probably do not help in mania. it's like lithium which works downwards, can't cause depression yet doesn't help in depression.
603015 tn?1329866573 Yes, even though you have only had hypomania, it is possible to move into full mania, in which case your diagnosis will change to BPI. Bipolar has a tendency to get worse as we age and it is possible to move from BPII to BPI. Only you can decide what you will do. It would be good if there was someone who could help you monitor yourself, such as a tdoc, so that if actual mania starts coming on you can get immediate help.