Abilify for anxiety and depression

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Avatar n tn Lexapro affects chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and cause depression or anxiety. Lexapro is used to treat anxiety and major depressive disorder. Lexapro can have any or all of the side effects that you describe, but they usually dissipate or go away completely after continued use.
Avatar n tn , depression, attention deficit, etc.). For the symptoms of anger and volatility, both Abilify and Seroquel can be very useful medications. Sometimes it takes a while to establish the correct doses, so try to be patient and be sure to ask questions about what you should expect from each medication (including the more likely side effects).
Avatar f tn I dont think Abilify works for depression alone. I ran out of my effexor xr (antidepressant) and only took my abilify and was a real mess for a week.. It was as if i werent taking anything. The abilify doesnt work alone in my case. Its only a booster pill, so to speak. I was tearful and restless without my antidepressant. However that could have been withdrawal or something.
Avatar f tn I took it for awhile and it didn't work well for me. My depression didn't improve and I had a really bad restless and uneasy feeling all of the time. It was like I couldn't control my thoughts. I hated it.
873773 tn?1257564202 I am on the medication for anxiety and depression and i just lost my father so this is why i am on medication i am having a hard time copeing i guess
Avatar n tn they work differently for different people and no 2 are the same. this looks like a small dose and anxiety is a common side effect of tx. it is important that you read about it on line or in print out as some of the sx are similar to tx and it might be hard to tell which is causing sx. even at small doses some of these meds are hard to come off of and one must withdraw carefully. i am glad u are doing your homework and not just trusting doc.
165308 tn?1323190145 tried coming off it but the anxiety and depression came back terribly...that is where i am now....just started taking my abilify again.....does anyone have any suggestions for me? a different med than abilify or a way to get a good nights sleep? i am desperate! please help me!
Avatar f tn The zoloft was working pretty well for my depression/anxiety but it wasnt until we added the abilify that all my symptons disappeared. I love this med and I also have not had any side effects from it.
Avatar m tn Also psychoanalysis and various forms of behavior therapies are used to treat depression and anxiety. They are shown to be really helpful in treating mild anxiety and depression. It would be worthwhile to discuss your case and diagnosis with your doctor. If you are not taking any other drugs for depression, then normally your doctor would not start you straight on Abilify, a dopamine agonist.
Avatar m tn Trust my doc, she has been great for 3 years now but I'm a little nervous bout taking this. Any advice? Experience? It is not as an add on. I take no other meds for anxiety or depression. ThAnks so much!
Avatar f tn due to (lack of) insurance issues, I have to wait until June to go back on it. Lamictal and Abilify are absolutely the perfect combo for me. The Abilify took my edge off, and I felt 'normal' for the first time ever, not just 'stable'. There is a HUGE difference. Everyone reacts so differently to each med, though, there's no telling what will happen. I've had horrid experiences with Depakote (50lb weight gain in 2 months) and Topamax (hands and feet went COMPLETELY numb - terrifying!).
Avatar n tn My anxiety is so bad I don't know what to do. I am also on a low dose of prozac for depression. Abilify was added because the dr. thought i might be bi-polar. I dont think i am nor do my friends and family?? But recently the anxiety is unbearable i take xanax when it's really bad but it's has been so bad that i would have to take it once or twice a day and i really don't want to??? any suggestions??
Avatar f tn Sometimes, Abilify will be used as an adjunct treatment, along with another antidepressant, to treat anxiety or depression (more often depression). The addition of the Abilify to another antidepressant is done to improve the effectiveness of the AD (which of course is all speculation).
Avatar n tn My doc put me on Abilify, I just started this morning. Does anyone take abilify for OCD? Does it work for them? I am also on Zoloft and Xanax, but my racing thoughts have my depression has resurfaced. Does anyone with OCD have anyother suggestions for medications for OCD? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Is it true that we can have anxiety and depression at the same time? Sometimes I feel like I have both. I need to be on medication for this. I am already on a moodstablizer (abilify). What do you guys think?
1258608 tn?1269556197 I have been experiencing severe depression and anxiety for about a week and a half. It is driving me crazy and makes me want to isolate at home. I would love to hear any suggestions you guys might have. Is there a better diet I should be working on or supplements. I am currently on 160mg of Geodon, 200mg of Zoloft, 5mg of Abilify, 2mg Klonopin, 60mg of Propranolol. I also suffer from major tremors that are pretty much constant and very noticeable to others.
Avatar n tn I have been taking the lexapro for almost 2 weeks now for anxiety/panic. After 4 days of just half a dose (5mg) I felt really strange and depressed. Alittle better now, but still down more so then before the lexapro. Is this something that goes away once you're on the med for awhile? I already had severe anxiety with panic, I don't want to add deppression on because of the meds, if this is the case. Now the dr. wants me to try the 5 mg of lexapro and 2.
716699 tn?1234067420 Do anxiety and depression go hand in hand? I have bad anxiety, but other days it feels more like depression. the feeling of not being in reality or not being myself gets strong sometimes, but that could be either. I just wondered if maybe my anxiety was causing depression...or maybe i have depression causing anxiety..?
Avatar f tn I have a wonderful psychiatrist, but over the years we have tried just about every SSRI out there and combination thereof. I have also been on either xanax or klonopin for the intense anxiety and panic attacks. Recently, after being on a combo of lexapro, wellbutrin, and klonopin for some time, I slipped into a bad depression and more uncontrollable panic attacks...
1348086 tn?1370786785 I took my first 2Mg pill yesterday and my second one today. I am on Cymbalta 60Mg and my doctor added this because of my sudden depression.
430277 tn?1203874425 One doctor told me this was just depression, and the other one told me that it was depression with anxiety. Either way, it is just getting worse and nothing is helping. What should I do and does anyone know what this could be???
Avatar f tn I have bipolar II, Major depression and generalized anxiety. I have been working with my psychiatrist for 10+ years to find a combination of medications to relieve my symptoms. I have been taking Wellbutrin XR, Lexapro and Klonopin (as needed.) Last year we added Abilify and the results were incredible. I came out of a very dark place, laughed, chatted, felt positive emotions and, for the first time in 15 years, felt like a "normal" person.
6757907 tn?1385105865 I have developped panic attacks due to all of this and now my anxiety and stress as well as fear, is interfering with me moving on with my life. I used to be very outgoing, fearless and full of energy. Now I feel just the opposite. I need help so that I can move on with my life and heal. I don't want to be like this anymore. I want a sound mind and fearless heart again. Please help. I have been on 300 mg of Lithium as well as Ativan when needed.
Avatar f tn im only 39 years old and I take more pills than my 83 year old grandma! I used to take sam-e for depression but it didn't seem to help enough for my depression like the pharmicutical pill do,, what can I do?
869879 tn?1239663909 I have also taken Abilify, but never with Lexapro. I took Abilify with Pristiq. I took the Abilify for about 4 months, but I never did notice it helping and it was expensive so I dropped it for a less expensive and more effective add on medication. I never got bad side effects from the Abilify, it just never worked even when my P-doc increased the dosage. I guess some people say it works pretty good for them, but in my case at least it failed to produce a positive response.
Avatar f tn I am on Abilify 5 mg, and I have not had any problems other than drowsiness. It has cleared my anxiety, though my doctor says she does not see the major/normal factors of bipolar disorder, and she believes that something else underlying caused my depression period. I am wondering if anyone else has taken a cup of coffee or two to nullify the effects of drowsiness? I'm going back to school in the fall and though I enjoy having better concentration, etc.
1564087 tn?1308951118 Only side effect I really noticed from Abilify was weight gain but this was because it made me start eating every 3 hours and become obsessed with food I guess. I take Abilify for psychotic symptoms associated with my diagnosis of schizophrenia.
Avatar f tn Geodon and Abilify were HORRIBLE for me. I thought I was losing my mind. I just wonder if I were given the correct AD, would I be able to get out of this? Is there a good AD that we can take? Can we feel "normal"?
712802 tn?1274649085 My doctor gave me abilify but also warned me it could cause impulsive nerve action of throwing your head back. Permanent? I don't know. Not even going to risk it.
1565420 tn?1304576148 I would address this right away with an Endocrinologist, as it may be related to your thyroid which can also cause anxiety and depression. Hair coming out in small clumps is a symptom of an underlying condition and blood work can determine what this is. Don't stop the Abilify, but make the prescribing doctor aware of what you're experiencing........Abilify makers request that we report any "new" side effects not listed and this could possibly be a new one.