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Avatar n tn So he referred me to a psychiatrist, after all the interviews, he said it was a mood disorder, and then referred me to the nurse practitioner who wants to put her on abilify.. I almost feel like it is not a mood disorder, and it is just adhd... What do I do now.. I don't want to give her the meds.. She is a happy, happy little girl.. Very smart, but she just doesn't sit still, talks out, doesn't listen to the teacher, disrespectful to the teacher, but no down periods... I don't understand.....
Avatar m tn As one who is suffering impact of childhood ADHD lasting even after becoming adult due to ADHD being untreated during childhood, I would say that ADHD actually can be a torment for whole life. Methylpenidate do build up tolerance and it is not clearly proven to be a cure for ADHD but it is virtually impossible to get addicted to it unless it is abused. Meanwhile amphetamines are known to be a proper cure for ADHD but it has serious safety issue. Neither of treatments is perfect.
Avatar m tn I have a 12 year old grandson diagnosed with ADHD/ODD/Bipolar. He was first prescribed concerta. He did very well for about two weeks and then started to act very violent aggressive and angry. The doctor doubled the dose and the anger and aggression etc. became worse. That was when the doctor diagnosed Bipolar and took him off stimulant and put him on Resperidone / mood stabilizer. He has been on resperidone for 11/2 week showing only ADHD and ODD symptoms.
Avatar f tn My son is 5yrs old and has adhd and odd. He is on Ritalin as well as Abilify. The Ritalin helps him be calm but he is constantly throwing temper tantrums at school. They are so bad I have to pick him up early almost everyday. Is there something else that I could do to help this issue?
Avatar m tn Latuda and Ability are in the same class of antipsychotic but each person responds differently to each medication. Latuda isn't FDA approved for treating adhd but some people have found it to be of help as noted. As regards changing from one prescription to another or dosage or titration concerns his psychiatrist would be aware of the clinical specifics.
Avatar m tn One final note, I see that you are asking for some clinical data on using DMX at low doses for add/adhd. One of the reasons why that information is not readily available is because the data was not sufficient to warrent using it for such. There are numerous drug trials that go on in this country in which the end result is not favorable to the drug. I think the tricky part with DMX is that fine line of dosing and its addictive nature.
Avatar n tn old daughter that the doctors are telling her that she has ADHD/ODD/Bipolar. they have her on Abilify but it only works for a little bit then they have to change her medications. yes the child was tramatized as a young child. she walked in and found her father dead. but we don't think that has little if anything to do with it. is there any medication out there that will combat all three problems with little or no side effects or other problems? please help the mother is at wits end.
Avatar n tn This i realise is not an answer to your question, but i do have a son who was sever ADHD and has grown up without meds to be a high achiever. HAve you tried behaviour modification with an expert. This worked greatly for my son. Also if he askes for something and you say "no" you cant change your mind a few days later after him begging. You are training him to be manipulative. I rarely say 'no ' to my boy but when i do I really mean it.
Avatar f tn he excelled academically and began to read; he was happy and really things rocked along well using focalin for the ADHD and Risperdal for mood swings/depression which stem from witnessing domestic violence. at end of school year he developed tics that started with eye rplling and balance issues so severe we went to the Emerg. Room. Discontinued all meds and he was a mess.
Avatar n tn Hoffman said that it was unfortunate that Brandon responded poorly to Abilify because the dopamine is what he needs for his condition, but since this caused a Dystonic Reaction he will have to work around this with different medications. Dr. Hoffman decided to change medications as follows and to see Brandon back in three weeks: DEPAKOTE ER 250MG (Morning and Afternoon) ZOLOFT / SERTRALINE 50MG (Morning and Afternoon) CLONIDINE HCL 0.
Avatar m tn social stuff it looks good and then i feel - what for?
Avatar f tn thank you for the feeback. i apprecaite it. i actually tried topamax but dr used it for bi polar symptoms..he said it was an off label usage of it as a mood stabilzer. the topamax gave me really bad restless feelings i felt nauseas and it gave me these buzzing sensations in my head.
Avatar f tn my son was very aggressive. His doctor put him on a medicine called Abilify. it is primarily used for bi-polar but it does work well calming aggression. Also a trick i did with my son is i took EVERYTHING away from him. TV's, videos games.radio's etc. It was hard but he had no choice but to work for what he wanted . I made him earn things back. Even simple things like a favortie tv show. If he wanted to watch it, he had to earn it.
Avatar n tn Vyvanse and Tenex for the ADHD and Risperdal and Lamictal for Bipolar. He also takes Melentonin to help him sleep. This combination of drugs to help him has been wonderful. They all seem to compliment each other.
Avatar f tn t all have the dame chemical imbalances or mental ailments.. for example, a person with ADHD uses Adderall to calm down where as college students without ADHD use it for speed - to keep them focused. Or in my experience.. I have watched people take benzos & nod out, while I actually needed them & they gave me energy making me talk alot lol. Medications are different for everyone.
Avatar n tn We are now using Kapvey, 4mg, for adhd and starting at 2mg of abilify for mood disorder - its all helping tremendously but we are still tweaking dosage. We go for full blood work ups every 6 months to be sure his system and organs are not being effected. Do I like handing a 5 yr a cocktail of meds? NO absolutely not!
1018985 tn?1257526838 My doctor just started me on Abilify 10mg for bi polar disorder. I took it for the first time yesterday at around 4pm and I felt kinda loopy, the doctor told me that it should be stimulating and not so sedating, and wants me to take it once a day. I am suppose to take it again today but scared to take it early in the day because I dont want to have that loopy feeling again. Does this medicine make anyone else feel loopy, or is it just me? Maybe the meds work differently on me?
Avatar m tn ) and a nutritionist which is the route I had to take for my son who has ADHD. I wish you and your son well. Just remember to be patient, resourceful and don't give up finding what works for your son.
16638194 tn?1449938541 Concerta doesn't seem to be working for him. We have him on medicine for aggression, better concentration, melt downs and ADHD. This poor kiddo literally has no control over his limbs off of medication. His IEP goal accuracy goes down tremendously off of meds. I'm needing your insight on finding the right meds to pursue. I feel like we've tried everything that Parents typically use for children with Autism. My Pediatrician seems to be going off of what I research and my knowledge.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective and adult adhd. I take abilify and citalopram for the schizoaffective disorder and vyvanse for the adhd symptoms. I find that since i have been given adhd meds, my condition has stabilized completely. I was not well on the schizoaffective meds alone. i still had problems concentrating and with focus .As well as social problems and listening to others and paying attention.
Avatar f tn methylphenidate (focalin) is what my grandchild has taken for 3 years he was very small for his age and mentally delayed he now takes abilify and strattera....
Avatar f tn com/od/abilify/a/meds_abilify.htm This website talks about the FDA approvals of abilify. Hope that helps...
Avatar f tn My teen son has been on abilify for about 4 months. Beforehand, he seemed to still have difficulties with being angry and short tempered when asked to change an activity (or begin his chores). He was dx ADHD about a year ago. Now, he claims abilify helps him feel calm and lest static-y however, I'm noticing the intensity of his sort tempers increased enough to worry about physical harm to others and property.
Avatar f tn Have the doctors looked at everything that is going on in your son life and check him for everything.There are things that go with ADHD and ADD and doctors don't always look at all of them and check for them. Have you looked at all the side effects of the medicines your son has been on? My son was on conerta and adderall and both of them can cause seizures and since 2006 he has had seizures and still is.And now we have to worry about those to.
Avatar n tn Diagnosis of any emotional or menatl disorder is performed by applying standard diagnostic criteria and, if diagnostic critera are met, ruling out other possible explanations for the symptoms. ADHD sometimes occurs without the presence of any additional conditions, but it also exists alongside other conditions (e.g., Mood Disorder, other Disruptive Behavior Disorders) in many patients.
Avatar f tn He was diagnosed with bipolar and then also with ADHD he takes risperdal for bipolar and adderall for adhd. The adderall has been wonderful it really helped a lot the risperdal i am not so sure as he still gets very angry and aggressive he has also been recently diagnosed with social anxiety disorder.
Avatar n tn I am a single mom of three wonderful daughters and I just want what is best for her. Anyone out there taking ADHD meds along with Bi-Polar meds? I am optimistic that it can change her life and scared to death at the same time........ Thanks for listening and any advice you may have to offer.
Avatar n tn My doctor said at my next visit he's putting me on adderral because I can't focus or keep pace very well. I'm on Abilify for my bipolar but he thinks the reason SSRI's don't help and my body won;t tolerate them is because I may have ADD too. I'm not self centered though, actually I get my happiness from working & talking to others.
Avatar m tn My 16 yr old son was just diagnosed with severe depression (all this time we thought it was ADHD)....the pyschiatrist started him on Cymbalta and 1/2 of a 2 mg Abilify......I am very scared about what I am reading about these two drugs......especially about coming off of them :-(......and so far I have only read that Abilify is only approved for teens with bipolar or schitzophrania. So far the dr has not answered my questions regarding the use of these two meds. I am very concerned!
739655 tn?1456309993 My 21-yo daughter who is diagnosed BPD and BiPolar with ADHD and Depression came home from the hospital doing wonderful on Cymbalta 120mg (which she had been on already) and added Abilify 5mg. She is also prescribed .1mg Klonipin twice a day for anxiety. They discharged her with Rx for Abilify 10mg. She did really well for 2 months but is back to agitation, sleeping all day, depressed, etc. She saw a new doctor who wrote rx for Abilify 15mg.