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407790 tn?1397764626 I don't remember exactly when I was officially diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression…a few years ago? Anyway, the side effects of Abilify scare me because there's a history of heart disease in my family and the risk of metabolic syndrome freaks me out. Plus, I really, really don't want to gain weight. I know that sounds shallow but fitness has been very important to me throughout my life and to gain weight would be like losing part of my identity.
Avatar n tn I am on Abilify 10mg..and have been for a while and I have no noticed any weight gain. Are you on any other meds? It may just depends on who you are.
Avatar f tn I have been taking lexapro and abilify for my bipolar and a benzo for my anxiety disorder. I have been taking them since 2005 or 2006 (not steadily taking them until about 2011, that is when i started taking them daily). Over the past year or longer I have gained 10 sizes which has done nothing but make my anxiety and my bipolar 100x worse than it is right now. I am unhappy, tired, hurt, lack of any sort of energy, no self confidence whatsoever. What am i supposed do?
1134609 tn?1269275800 Every atypical antipsychotic has the potential of metabolic changes that can cause weight gain and on ocassion diabetes but if you eat a sensible diet and exercise that can be kept under control (that also includes the second issue, a person I knew developed pre-diabetes from Abilify and through weight loss, proper dieting and exercise and following up with his doctor was able to keep this in check).
Avatar f tn I beleive he'll be on Risperdal for another couple of months (he did try Abilify and it was Horrible, it made him even more angre and psychotic!). on the top of that he is also taking Depakote as the mood stabilizer, but I hear that does not cause weight gain in most people..... For now he is not happy with the weight gain but he is ot talking about stopping Risperdal, he had a really bad Psychotic phase that is not entirely gone yet, so I really hope he'll be patient!
Avatar n tn I'm a little confused. Your suffering a major clinical depression and your worried about gaining weight? When I was suffering from this disease at it's worst, even if taking an AD medication ment that my hair would fall out and would cause me to gain 400Lbs, I would have still taken it. That's how bad I wanted the pain to stop. They all have side effects without exception.
Avatar m tn topamax was what I was prescribed with zombie like results.
Avatar f tn So again, take it slow, may need to balance towards the end with with another antidepressant and ask your physician to put you on 5 mg - 10 mg of Abilify (aripiprazole) until the anger issue is resolved. I was able to stop aripiprazole, without any withdrawal effects, when my mood became more stable. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn About 6 mos after surgery began the downhill depressive slide. Has been on Zoloft, Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, and now Paxil with Abilify and still not having relief from depressive symptoms. Great grandmother had thrombocytopenia and took Thyroid med for underactive thyroid. Our next step if this isn't rectified is to have our child in a residential facility. Although it would be heartbreaking to do that, we just need them to be safe and stabilized.
Avatar n tn I lost 50 pounds on my own when I got better and was no longer confined to bed and a wheelchair but since my metabolism has turned off I am now seeing a Dr. who speacializes in treating patients with Topamax for weight loss. He started me at 25mg for the first week then 50mg the second week and now I am on 100 mg. I have been doing this for 10 weeks and have lost 36 pounds. The first week I started the Topamax my brain was really foggy but my body adjusted.
Avatar n tn i think that with drugs like effexor, the only way to lose the weight you gain from them is to go off of them ( i am not suggesting that, esp if it helps you to feel better)- just saying that from what ive heard, as long as they are in your body, they alter your metabolism and make it super slow, making it nearly impossible to lose weight and a sure way to gain weight. i have heard that in some cases they alter your metabolism permanantly, but i am skeptical of that.
Avatar n tn These medications did not cause me to overeat but, I believe that these drugs caused my metabolism to slow down and that is what caused the weight gain. I have found that when I stopped taking these meds that it took 8 to 10 months before I was able to see significant weight loss (and for my metabolism to readjust itself. I have always had a very healthy diet and get plenty of exercise even while on those antipsychotic drugs.
Avatar n tn Weight gain, a change in metabolism and the potential of diabetes can occur with all atypical antipsychotics, Abilify Fanapt and Saphris having the least of that potential. Sometimes a change in diet can be helpful but it is a concern.
5764859 tn?1400885356 I use Lamictal as my mood stabilizer and take Effexor and Abilify for my depression. The combo of all of these had made all of the difference in the world for me. I take 200mg/day of the Lamictal and for me it worked pretty much right away but seemed to lose its effectiveness after the first 6-7 months. So after getting up to the full dose 200mg, my doc added Effexor and then eventually the Abilify. I'm BP2 also and have tried so many different meds over the years I lost count.
Avatar f tn Looked up some supplements to increase Metabolism, I'm starting to think that the medications I have been on have really decreased my metabolism. I don't really know for sure, however I know that Hoodia (an herb that is suppose to decrease appetite) Did not work at all $20 down the toliet. I have started to take vitamins, protien, glutamine, and a new weight loss aid.
Avatar f tn Hello and welcome. You sound a lot like me. Lithium can zap your metabolism and Wellbutrin boosts energy. I am actually tapering off of Lithium onto Abilify and liking it so far. Lithium has caused me a lot of water weight gain too so my Pdoc wants to taper me off of it so that I can use a diuretic. Energy levels fluctuating is a big part of being bipolar. When we get manic and crash, we have used up our energy supply because mania sucks it out of us.
1257808 tn?1322765815 I don't know how long metabolism takes to get back to the way it was or if it ever dose. I'm not knowledgable about meds and metabolism. There's so much to learn about all of this stuff. I believe your anxiety will decrease once your back to where you want to be. If the food cravings happened with the Zyprexa it just might take a while to go away. Just remember some meds do cause food cravings even though they are not listed under side effects. Everyone is different.
Avatar n tn Most of the drugs that cause weight gain do it by slowing metabolism and interfering with the serotonin in our digestive system, and also by giving us thoughts and urges we wouldn't naturally have. Remeron is the most notorious for causing people in general to want to eat, but all ssris are known for this as well. Drugs are just weird.
Avatar m tn I am on welbutrin 300mg a day, abilify 5mg, and Vyvanse now 50mg. I actually remember a time last year where i was sick during spring break. The thing is, I don't get sick often. Never had the Flu, never had the shot either. The only time I get sick (throwing up) is when i eat something bad. The odd thing I notice now is last year when I was sick, i was just put on Welbutrin. However, my symptoms include: Weakness, Dizziness, And a feeling you get before you get really sick and throw up.
Avatar m tn I do know however that when I was on Zyprexa (which has the strongest potential of weight gain) I gained 35 pounds and that when I requested to be changed to another antipsychotic I was able to lose the weight but I had to make dietary changes. Abilify (along with Saphris and Fanapt) has the least likelihood of this potential but its still there.
5509687 tn?1369721731 I have tried Haldol, Zyprexa, Abilify, Seroquel, Risperdal, and Invega. I have had severe allergic reactions and over 50lbs./almost 75 lbs. in weight gain. I have always been very active physically and kept my diet healthy (well-rounded, home-cooked meals, avoid sugar and junk food. plus doing 50-150 sit-ups every night for last 6 weeks, with no change). I am only 5'3" and approaching 200 lbs. Just trying to figure out... what else I can do to lose weight?
Avatar f tn I have to make myself eat 1000 calories a day. This drug screwed up my metabolism plain and simple. I work harder than anyone I know at fitness to loose the weight the Seroquel made me gain yet I can't drop another pound. I have 28 pounds to go, when is it going to happen? I am running 5 miles a day and doing the 4 days of intense training even my trainer is frustrated. Please if anyone has any suggestions let me know. I am doing all I can possibly do.
Avatar n tn i take 375mg of effexor and 300mg of seroquel each day and ive noticed the weight gain coz im quite skinny and i dont really eat that much, i get the crazy dreams and nitemares with the effexor ive even been unlucky enough to be 1 of the 1 in 10,000 that gets seizures from taking it, its no fun shoving a load of pills down ur neck every day just so u can be semi normal, i look 4ward to the day i dont have to fight myself just to stay alive, its no way to life your life
Avatar n tn I did bookoos of research before I was put on meds and that is one I stay away from because of the weight gain. It causes lower metabolism and keeps most patients pretty sedated most of the time. I tired it, desperate for sleep when I was having sleeping problems, and it made me feel awful. So I researched it and learned how bad it is at sedation and weight gain and told my PDoc, NO WAY!! Hope this helps! Good luck.
Avatar m tn Thankfully this stopped and things became more normal and my weight settled although i'm still trying to lose weight which maybe related somewaht to my meds and my metabolism i think.
Avatar f tn I have been on this medication for over 9 years and I am sick of going on and off of it because of the hair loss and bad side effects that it has, and I also cannot take my birth control pills on this pill or get pregnant in the future.
Avatar f tn Over the years my depression has worsened with the deep spells lasting longer and longer and getting lower and lower. Medications have either worsened my condition, or not made a dent at all. A bad reaction to Abilify has resulted in a misdiagnosis as schizoaffective. My new doctor tells me that I do not have those symptoms naturally and that I just have plain old depression. My previous doctor, therefore, had me on incorrect medications for two years.
Avatar f tn They do more to cause weight gain than that because I don't go through mania and after I started taking Abilify I gained weight. I think it's because it made me start eating more however and it can also lower the metabolism. Geodon however didn't make me gain weight at all.
Avatar f tn Some meds have made me smoke more too!! You may just have a high metabolism and that's why your not gaining which is a great thing. Not eating is not only not good for the brain but body too. Not eating also will slow down your metabolism. Some meds actually change your metabolism. Bubulous gave some great advice.
1203197 tn?1265559429 I take Cymbalta, abilify, and trazadone. I am extremely overweight and have sleep apnea. I find it increasingly dificult to focus and function in my daily life. I was taking seroquel for a year and I think that it did much more harme than good. I could not get off of it without help. that is why I am taking trazadone to get me off the seroquel. I no longer take the seroquel.