24 hr urine test during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Is Anybody Elses Docter Making Them Do A 24 Hour Urine Collection ? .. I Feel Like My Docter Is Really Just Doing Unnessary Things now .. Im Really Starting To Get Angry With Her Tbh ! Through My Whole Pregnancy I Mustve Got My Bloodwork done About 4 , 5 Times .. Now I Have To Go AGAIN ! Why ? Idk ! She Keeps Saying " Everything Looks Great " But Then She Has Me Doing Stuff Like This ! My Sister Who Just Had Her Baby In May Said she NEVER Had To Do A 24 Hour Urine Collection !
Avatar n tn My husband and I have been trying to conceive for years. We were so happy to have a positive pregnancy test and now I'm experiecing bleeding.
Avatar n tn I've done 5 hpts in the last week. I'm totally obsessing too. I'm never late and all of them are false. Called the doctor and he said to wait until after the weekend and if still no period, he'll do a blood test.
2075937 tn?1334887794 I personally would wait on anything sweet just incase cuz I wouldn't wanna go back for the 3 HR test lol and ya if u fail they ask u to do the longer test to make sure the results were accurate at 24 weeks it was just like a normal appointment measured belly listened to heart beat urine test and asked if I had questions took all of about 15 min lol
Avatar n tn Now, about me. I dont know if anyone has this same problem as me. I have missed my period for 2 months now. My last day of period was July 9th. The urine test for pregnancy was positive once. Got the blood test, it was negative. Went to ob specialist, the urine test was neg, the blood test was neg. I was experience cramping, not hungry hungry, I felt some movement. Still no period for a whole month, went back to my doctor, we did some test on hormone levels and glucose.
Avatar n tn What do you mean when you say that a positive blood test doesn't mean a successful pregnancy? My blood test came back positve on Aug. 8 with a HCG level of 302 then I had to go back on Aug. 10 and my HCG was 708. I took another one yesterday but my doc hasn't called me back with the results. So, should I still be worried???? mrsstr- Good luck to you and I hope that your bpt come back positive.
Avatar n tn I just read alot of your comments on these pregnancy tests and I think I had a chemical pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test on Sunday- which was positive and 4 since then which have all been negative.. I have a doctor's appointment to confirm what the heck is going on, but reading all of your posts really helped me ease my nerves!! I thought I was going crazy..
Avatar f tn i also have a watery discharge during my period. it is clear and odorless. even if there is very little blood on my tampon, it soaks through and leaks through my pad and clothing as well. recently, i have been having less liquid blood and more clots, with a lot of the watery discharge. i have three solid days of going through both a tampon and pad within an hour. i also have severe backache and cramping, and just generally feel ill, which i realize could be just normal period stuff.
Avatar n tn He told me that I had expelled the lining of my uterus and that it was a very rare occurrence and that it was very possible that I had an ectopic pregnancy. I had a pregnancy test and ultrasound, which both were negative for pregnancy of any kind and then another two weeks later. He has never been able to explain why this happened to me. Since then, I have had five pregnancies, and produced two live children. Has anyone experienced something of the same?
Avatar n tn i was feeling a lil sick and sleeping all the time now i feel a lil better i bought a home pregnancy test but then i got the brownish stuff so i havent taken it..is there a possibility i could be pregnant???????
217229 tn?1192766004 HR - I know you're very busy - and probably have no time right now... But if you do, I could use some assistance in locating any connections (abstracts or total articles/studies) for Fibro or Arthritis or any Tendon/Muscle issues connected to HCV or INF TX. My brief HX.
Avatar n tn I am having a partial molar pregnancy and Im 24 weeks pregnant and 1 day. Im having a little girl but Im scared somthing might happen to her... The doctor said that everything is ok her heart is beating good and she kicks a lot...
Avatar n tn Also If the window is only 12 hr to 24 hr what if I O and did not know it because I only test at 7am every morning. Think it is possable. Well hunny said that he will BD every night if need be to make sure we get a eggie sometime. SO he is up for it me and not sure now. I am feeling bummed.
Avatar n tn Simple question here, has anyone ever had a negative blood test and negative urine test and went on with their daily routine and a month or so later found out you were in fact pregnant while having ultrasound done. If this has happened to anyone or perhaps someone you know, please respond, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I too have had the exact same problems which began approx 2months after the birth of my second child. No back pain during pregnancy or after delivery, until about 2 months after. My pain is in my lower back and comes on only during sleep. As soon as I get up and around it disappears. As tired as I am, I dread bed time, knowing I will soon awaken in extreme pain, tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable. No matter what position I try, it doesn't alleviate the pain.
Avatar f tn My friend took those b4 and during her pregnancy. She has a healthy 2 year old and trying again. G'luck and baby dust to you!!!
Avatar n tn I am looking for more info on pregnancy after an endometrial ablation. I had an ablation in May 2002. January 2003 I was not feeling well and went to the family doctor. She thought it may be an ectopic pregnancy since I was told I was sterile. I had an ultrasound to discover it was an interuterine pregnancy and I was about 9 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and for the past month trying to decide to terminate or continue.
Avatar f tn althoufh my roller coaster hasn't had nearly as many downs as you have... im being monitored for preeclampsia qnd have had to do the 24 hour urine test twice... baby has been measuring small and I have lakes of blood in my placenta.mm. I have chronic UTI'S and had s bout with bacteria vaginosis which was causing bleeding. .. ive had problems with both high and low blood pressure and had to go to the E.R twice... at 28 weeks I still have morning sickness. ..
Avatar n tn We had our daughter 3 years ago with no problems,I got off the bc pill and I got pregnant right away. Three years later we have been trying for some time now and I have not had a period for 6 months, very frustrating, you don't get a period so you think you may be pregnant. My doc just put me on Metformin and novo medrone, I will start clomid 50mg of it on my 5th day of my period, have not had my period yet but I just started this entire process 3 days ago.
Avatar f tn However, one of the blood test made my doctor concerned enough to get me admitted at the hospital for 24 hr urine test, to possibly find the reason why my liver function test is elevated. This is so new to me, anyone of you had anything of this sort during their pregnancy...thn plz advise! I am a FTM. Thanks in advance !
Avatar n tn 2nd I was pregnant with my 1st child by a home pregnancy test. I then got a blood test 2days later to confirm the pregnancy. The results had shown I was 2-3months pregnant. I made an appointment with my obgyn the same day and got scheduled for my 1st appointment that up coming Friday. I was told i was 8weeks and 1day according to my last period (Oct. 14th). I then got scheduled for an ultrasound Dec. 19th, a week before Christmas because I notice a bit of pink (not red) spotting.
294666 tn?1253498923 Okay, so I feel like I am going to go CRAZY during this aweful 2ww. Why is it that life seems to be going by soo quick any other time, except for now of coarse?!? LOL! Maybe b/c this is my first real chance in 4 yrs to have a pos. hpt, but I feel I am definately getting antsy. I would ask if anyone has any symptoms, (I'm pushing it I know). I don't, but it would be great to have someone else to talk to.
Avatar f tn i transfered 3 embies&suppose there r 3 to freeze in lab but they were growing slower so they said will wait till reach good size then freeze but for my 3 transfered they were good at exact time of transfer,my transfer was last thursday 24/4 &still i'll test pregnancy next thursday,a whole waiting week waits me,u said u'll make 3rd beta test,how many times do we make it?is it quantitative or qualitative?
Avatar f tn My dr had me do a 24 hr urine test for protein. your protein levels change depending on the amount of fluids you have. They said my BP was fine but it was higher then normal for me. My sugar test is next tuesday so we shall see when that comes back.
Avatar n tn This morning I didnt have any at all. I have been having cramps to the side and top of my stomach. I havent taken Pregnancy test yet cause I dont wnt a negative result to ruin My Christmas with my little boy. Im going to the Dr on Wednesday. I am hoping a positive result. I should have started this week.
Avatar f tn Did anyone else have to do the 24 hr urine test and is having to much protein bad even for the baby though it's something I've always had ???
Avatar f tn I have had creatinine checked but not a 24 hr urine check, I have not had my adrenals checked blood test wise but I have had lots of other blood tests. I would appreciate some advice.
5265255 tn?1375324405 I had it with my first pregnancy and was put on bed rest then I went in for a non stress test and was told I was going to be induced the next day. I had vey high blood pressure saw little sparkles and would get bad headaches a lot. My amniotic fluids were low too. This pregnancy I was put on extra folic acid which is supposed to reduce the chances ofbhaving it.
Avatar f tn I have never heard of anyone being diagnosed with PE without the 24 hr urine test. Not that I have that much experience- just based on what I have read here so far.