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If you did, most likely it will never cause any problem. For sure HPV never causes the sorts of symptoms you describe. And the chance you'll get throat cancer are vanishingly small -- as explained in the link. Nobody should be avoiding oral sex for fear of oral HPV or throat cancer and you shouldn't let this bother you at all. Let me know if you have any brief follow-up comments/questions after you read the other discussion.
doesn't sound at all like throat cancer. give strep time to clear up . have you ahd your gardasil hpv shot series yet?
Well we have been having oral sex regularly and im afraid the symptoms im suffering with my throat could be precancerous or possible throat cancer caused by HPV exposure. Please help. Should I be worried? I'm going to an ENT but i'm very nervous.
In my opinion your recent feelings in your throat, right ear, and tongue are no more than your anxiety. I don't have any studies to cite to support what the brain can do when scared about what-ifs, but I don't need any because if we all don't know by now, at the very least anecdotally, then we haven't learned about humans. I've been on this site since January of 2010, I went through the exact same stuff you did after my genital diagnosis.
Handsfield, I know with the recent news regarding Michael Douglas, you've been inundated with inquiries and I thank you for taking the time to answer as many questions as you do. I actually posted a question about HPV and throat cancer over a year ago and was grateful for the thoughtful and informative response you provided. I am a 31 year old male who has had numerous partners (about 20 - both male and female), where oral sex was involved.
1. Are the symptoms I explained cause for concern? 2. Does throat/oral cancer first manifest as a lesion or a tumor? Or are those essentially the same? 3. How did Michael Douglas' tumor go undetected for so long? I was reassuring myself that regular visits to the dentist would allow for early detection and ensure that if I ever do develop oral/throat cancer it would be treated in the early stages and pose little serious threat. Now, I feel less confident.
I just found out HPV can cause mouh cancer. I wanted to know the symptoms of mouth cancer. Im worried as it is that i have hpv. I just wounder if i ca ever have a life with someone due to my diagnoses..... Help highly appreciated.....
Overall, HPV-linked oropharyngeal cancer is uncommon — for instance, 18 times more individuals will be diagnosed this year with colorectal cancer than with oropharyngeal cancer associated with HPV. Nevertheless, in a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) where researchers screened nearly 5,600 individuals ages 14 - 69, results showed an estimated 10 percent of American males are infected, or about three times as many men as women.
help! :( ik i hve hpv infection in my mouth and throat because of my symptoms. the girl that i gave oral sex to, didnt tell me she had hpv high risk 16... for the past 9 mouths my throat is always hurting with my tonsils my middle of my chest hurts. i get ear pain and jaw pain not most of the time. i always clear my lips get jelly white growth that goes away and come back... i dont know what to do.. every docter isnt taking me serious.
Even if your cigarette smoking or oral HPV infection causes a mutation in your throat mucosa right now, it's going to take years, even decades, for the lesion to be detectable and cause symptoms. So unless you have symptoms which suggests cancer (difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness, unexplained weight loss), an examination done now would most likely have a negative result.
And despite the media attention about oral cancer, it's not a big deal. In the entire US, there are only about 6,000 cases of oral or throat cancer per year that are due to HPV-16, the main genital type that has been implicated; and those occur almost exclusively in people age 50 and over.
HPV can be split into to groups, low-risk which causes genital warts and high-risk which can sometimes lead to cervical cancer in women as well as rarely to cancer in the throat for males and females alike. That is very rare and treatable, just as is the cervical cancer. For men, there is no way to know if you have high-risk HPV as there are no symptoms in men and no test for it either. For women, they know when they have a pap test and the swab tests come back positive for abnormal cells.
it depends which type of hpv you have as to whether you will grow any warts. some types of hpv cause warts some do not. cancer cells can grow in these warts but very rarely. Doctors tend to remove these warts just in case........for others who do not get warts the virus causes dna changes to the skin cells and causes pre-cancer cells (VIN).....IT IS NOT CANCER UNTILL IT SPREADS BELOW THE SKIN AND INTO THE MUSCLES ETC UNDERNEATH...this takes years.....
I keep hearing it never leaves yu if you get it, but I read it clears in men in a couple years. It did not make sense. Could I get the HPV that caused her cancer and get penile cancer or somethng, and if one clears it you could not give it to another then right?
I would like you to tell me which are the possibilities to get hpv in mouth, tongue and throat via oral, how long elapses from infection to first symptoms, and what the symptoms are because I have been feeling so weird. I my throat I can see some blisters or bumps and an otolaryngologist told me were completely normal but I don´t think so. Please help me because I am scared to dead.
Is it possible I have some viral infection from the HPV in my throat, possibly cancer? Would symptoms appear that quickly? Should I go to an OBGYN or an MD to check this out? And what tests should I get done (std testing, tests for hyper-/hypo thyroidism, cancer screening)?
I'm freaking out. What exactly is HPV strain 16 and what are the symptoms of HPV strain 16? Should I go get tested, or am I just paranoid? Please help, thanks.
I thought I saw a small bump and I can see some veins at the back of my throat. Is this HPV of the throat? I am freaked it can be cancer due to HPV...or am I just overreacting? I have two dr appointments tomorrow, one with my family doctor and one with ENT. Does anyone have any ideas? Is this HPV of the throat or Tonsils? Am I in trouble?? Please help!
i read the internet as a recent update a few months ago that, hpv is one of the leading cause of cancer in the throat and neck for people between the ages of 19-24. my lymphnodes behind my ears have been swollen and seem to be getting bigger for like a year now. i have hpv also. im worried about it, should i go to the doctor or am i freakin out about nothing.
In addition, even though there appears to be an association of oral HPV-16 infection (among the 100+ HPV types, that's the only one associated with throat cancer), I would stress *association*. It isn't actually clear that most oral HPV-16 infections are actually acquired that way. You don't say how old you are, but I would guess that by age 30 around 70-80% of Americans have performed oral sex 100 or more times, typically on several different partners.
Do I have risk of cancer in the mouth from this? Does that HPV ever go away from her vagina or it stays? If I have HPV on the penis, can she get oral cancer too?
No reason to think they are hpv related either. Oral hpv typically presents differently and not on the tonsilar region. throat cancer at your age is also very low risk and not likely. definitely follow up with the ENT specialist if things aren't better by next week. as for your genital pain, it seems to be more random than constant and odds are it's not a std going on either at this point. should it get worse, see your provider for further testing.
I looked up internet aymptoms and i see a throat cancer is linked with hpv? How common is that? Could this be cancer? I feel ill in general and its spooking me out Could this be mono?
Those who had evidence of prior oral HPV infection had a 32-fold increased risk of throat cancer. HPV16 - one of the most common cancer-causing strains of the virus - was present in the tumours of 72% of cancer patients in the study. Risk factors There was no added risk for people infected with HPV who also smoked and drank alcohol, suggesting the virus itself is driving the risk of the cancer.
I was wondering if anyone had first hand symptoms with hpv in their throat/tonsils. I am a huge hypochondriac and need to learn to stop using google! I have had a sore throat for about a month now thats been persisting since finals week. I am not sure if its sinus/allergy related. I know the odds for HPV in the throat are slim to none, but i haven't always had the best luck with odds. If anyone could give me first hand experience with this it would be greatly appreciated!!
HPV can be related to cervical cancer but certainly not bone cancer.
typically most people clear hpv within 2 years of being infected. no real reason to think that you both have hpv at this point in your relationship. also no reason to stop having oral sex at this point either. WAAAAAAAY to late for that. make sense?
I have read and seen a ton of articles of late on the front page of CNN, Fox, you name it saying that HPV is the main cause of oral cancer now, surpassing tobacco, but survival rates are higher for HPV than tobacco and alcohol. The main area of cancer seems to be the middle throat. So I am a healthy, fit, 33 year old male. I am currently single, and I have done STD screenings at physicals with all clear results.
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