Stomach pain while taking iron

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If you need medication, the above will help you decrease the amount to take as soon as you get it under control. Suggest taking vitamin C supplement with Iron supplement (not on an empty stomach), and eat vitamin C foods with iron foods (example – mashed potatoes with meat) to help with absorption. Hoped this helped.
you aren't supposed to drink milk or take any dairy products when you are taking that little red iron pill. ferrous sulfate, right? Thats the iron pill they gave me when I was pregnant, and I always took it with a big ol glass of milk, and a grilled cheese. BUT my iron levels were still way low. So finally my doc asked me if I was taking it with milk, and I told him I was...
Vitamins C, vitamin B12, folate, zinc helps non-heme iron absorption. Also check your stomach pH levels. Low stomach acid is a common reason for poor nutrient absorption. Try out the baking soda test (i posted this on another answer a while back)... :) http://www.medhelp.
com/viewarticle/501268_print. While we need Iron in order to create new blood cells so the virus also needs iron to reproduce. So less iron is probably better. Some other reasons are Iron is a Heavy Metal, so you may put on weight. Iron makes your Liver rusty Take too much and you will turn into Popeye. Sorry couldnt help myself.
Sugar intake seems to correlate to stomach pain in my particular case. I cut out most refined sugars during college while I was running cross-country and it seemed to help immensely.
For the past couple of weeks i have had stomach pains. Its a pain that seems not to go away. Like when you eat to much and you need to use the restroom. I wake up and its still there. Saturday i just started getting sharp pain in my sides, upper back and lower back around the the love handles. Also during the day i feel very light headed and dizzy. Its really strange and kinda of scary.
I was diagnosed with post-infectious IBS and given iron supplements. Its now been 2 months since I started taking iron pills. My ferretin is back to 11 and my hemoglobin is way high. The hematologist says I should have gotten my energy levels back by now, but nothing has changed! I'm STILL not back at work, I'm in bed ALL day, I walk half-way around the block and I am out of breath! No doctor has found the cause ofmy fatigue, I can't stand it anymore, its destroying my life! What couldit be??
You must be BSing me. I go to the hospital for tooth pain and come back with a prescription for antibiotics. I have to take them every eight hours for seven days with food. Well, now I can't f**king take them because they're too hard on my stomach. If I take my medicine I'll throw up what little I've been able to eat and won't be able to eat again for hours, if I don't then I'm taking a chance of a wisdom tooth infection staying put. This is the best medical science can do??
You need both iron and B-12 to create blood cells and if the B-12 isn't there, your body may be freeing up more iron trying to generate blood, but without adequate B-12, the iron may just be floating around. If you're taking a lot of stomach meds or acid reducers, you might look into trying some "B-12 dots". This sub-lingual form of B-12 is better absorbed if you don't have the stomach acid needed to convert B-12 from dietary sources.
It can cause iron poisoning. It's what my doctor was talking about when I tried taking iron pills after I found out I was no longer anemic. Sometimes I feel really tired and weak and think my iron is low, but every time I go to the doctor for a check up it's fine. It's just my stress and anxiety that makes me feel like that...
Causes may be anemia and deficiency of vitamins C, K, B12, or folic acid, SLE, bone marrow disorders, liver diseases or leukemias Anti-clotting (anti-coagulants) medication also can cause increased bruising. Try taking iron tablets and multivitamins for some days and see if the symptoms improve.If the symptoms persist or worsen,then pls discuss these possibilities with your doctor. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted in case of any additional queries.
Is it better to take the am separate from the vitamins and stuff or the pm closer to bedtime or earlier at dinner. The shot i have been taking about 10p. but notice that I can not sleep well that night or for several days after either. Is it the peg. that causes wakefulness? does the procrit or riba cause wakeful? I usually take with food (but sometimes not). thank you.
I did talk to a pharmacist today when I picked it up ( I got it filled at a different pharmacy) She recommended taking it with lots of water, and an empty stomach. She also recommended that I did not lie down until 30 minutes after taking it. I have been taking it when I get up in the I luckily have been following directions- but I had not been told this before.
Diagnosed with 7 cm liver hemangioma. Recently having extreme stomach pain/spasms. No longer have gallbladder. GI doc want's to send me to UCLA for further treatment. I take protonix for ulcers/GERD. Anyone have any input? It's appreciated.
Functional dyspepsia can be cured by stomach exercise (Kapalbhati/Sit up) while Triphala helps Sensitive stomach and motility issues. Restoring alkalinity of blood will help us in eating heavy foods. Similarly we must increase alkaline reserves by eating Healthy Salts along with regular table salts with every meal.
I take 3 advil every 4 hours.That or the Excedrin is going to eat my stomach up. No counting my liver.
I was literally like 2 days after I stopped taking meds my scrotum stayed nice and high and did not sag in pain. This is good info for anybody taking these meds to know. So when your scrotum is hanging down in pain during your treatment this is normal also the epididymis swelling is down in have in 2 days as well. Something to look forward to for everyone after the prescription runs out. The hot bath or a hot tub witch I used if very important to help with circulation.
Based on the above statement, I'm assuming this is your second pregnancy while addicted to pain killers? If not, then you are indeed involved in "perpetuating propaganda and rumor mongering".
Since I was a child, and until now (27years old) about once every three months or maybe more, I will have a frightening experience while sleeping. Once I'm asleep, sometimes it feels like my head will get really heavy and there will be a deep low humming sound in my head or maybe a train sound that seems to paralyze my entire body, however once this feeling of heaviness occurs, I wake up internally, but my eyes are not open and I can hear everything going on around me.
for the past while ive been taking iron supplements because I have low iron and the supplement seem to be making my stomach go nuts , my stomach keeps feeling like it burning especially after I eat its this annoying burning feeling could this be caused by the iron pills
Then I asked my hepatologist about iron, while living in the country where the iron levels of the water was quite high. He said I might want to have the water tested because too much iron can cause cirrhosis. He's a top notch doctor, up on all the research. cebean: I've been taking a multivitamin w/o iron for years now. They aren't that hard to find. I get mine in the health food store or online.
Hi Julie! I myself always start my probiotics while taking the antibiotic and then continue on for a couple of weeks after finishing with your meds.
i have been finding a connection between chronic stomach pain, hypothyriodism and panic attacks but i CANNOT find an actual prognosis. anyone heard of anything like this? if not adrenal fatigue then what?
I don't know if this is even a legitimate problem area, but I'm having problems with anxiety while driving in my car. It's getting to the point where I'm afraid one day that I won't be able to even get into the thing. My Dr has had me on Prozac and Celexa but I'm now off of both due to the bad side effects I was having. I go back again on the 17th of this month to see what else they'll prescribe. Anyone else have this "phobia"? Thx, Thom.
I still have the pain in my stomach. Its been two years now. I take pain meds for it but there is nothing else anyone seems to know about the pain. My current doctor has taken me off the Effexor because he said I didn't need it. That my pain is real but its pretty much a mystery. Its not a constant pain, it comes and goes. It is right under my chest bone, at the top of my stomach. I have no gall bladder, it was removed in 2004.
I was having a lot of stomach discomfort when I was drinking diet Snapples, etc. When I stopped drinking them, my stomach pain went away. I hope this information helps you.
i took clomid last month and doctore took blood check and i ovalated after day 19th pergrestone i was sick,,i had vomit and dizy sometimes.also knee pain,shwlder, and stomach..i check the urine came neg and wernt to see doctore checked blood and urine came negative.i'm still didn't get my period yet today is my 35day.could i still be prgnant?also blood test could be wrong?
Some stomach acid reducers will cause iron deficiency. Since you loss so much iron so quickly I would assume it could be blood loss. You first need to go back and get your iron level up again via IV iron. Then start working on why you are anemic.
just talked to my study nurse and she says its ok to use milk thisltle while on tx drugs...i asked her about taking a good green drink ,,like simple sprlina...she says no..are there studies that say milk thistle improves tx.??? confused...i cant a green for but its ok to eat the hergb milk thistle?....sometimes i really wonder if the medical field really know anything about nutrition...can .someone here relate to this?? just wanna take good foods to ward off the sx....
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