Stomach pain after taking excedrin

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268911 tn?1213744781 Yes but it also has asprin in them and it can be VERY hard on your stomach .
Avatar m tn I would be on and off of them. I now have been taking excedrin migraine medicine to get rid of the headaches and give me a boost of energy since it has caffeine. The problem is it works good but even though I eat something before I take it, about an hour or so later I am nauseous. Why does this happen if I eat like it says. Does anyone have any insight into this. Thanks .
Avatar m tn The addiction and cause of the headaches (when you stop the Excedrin) is probably the caffeine. Two Excedrin Migraine have 130 mg of caffeine, which is more than a McDonald's small coffee. I'm considering taking Excedrin -- instead of drinking coffee (because coffee upsets my stomach and Excedrin doesn't).
Avatar f tn d say that your symptoms sound a lot like gastritis caused by the Advil and excedrin. You need to stop taking them now. It has the potential to erode your stomach lining. (I know as I have acute gastritis now as a result of taking aspirin, which I was instructed to do by a doctor. All of your symptoms sound like my symptoms.) Go to the doctor as you'll need a proper diagnosis and medications. Also, stay away from fried, spicy and rich foods.
Avatar m tn They can last around a week or two. The only relief I can get for these headaches is taking Excedrin Migraine, and laying with the lights out until it passes. Excedrin pills upset my stomach and I am worried about my liver. Can anyone give me some advice that might help? I will appreciate it so much.
268911 tn?1213744781 I actually quit taking the Prevacid two days ago and Im still having stomach pain but I guess it takes time for your gut to get back to normal. I know there are doctors that do lots of good for people...I hope I find one soon. With all this happening I'm only at 3 tabs a day but believe me...I really want to take more. It seems just when I start to see the light I get knocked back down again.
3837157 tn?1348286069 If you took the Xanax 12 hours BEFORE taking the aspirin, there would be virtually no Xanax left in your system. Which is a moot point anyway. There is no risk in taking aspirin and Xanax together as long as you follow the dosage instructions.
620877 tn?1282764097 Most of the pain relieving drugs over the counter are for mild to moderate pain. In fact they barely touch moderate pain. If you are having great pain issues that over the counter medications are not helping with, you need to speak with your doctor. There is help available, but you need to work with your doctor, especially because of your stomach problems. As Lulu said, since the NSAID'S are anti-inflammatory pain relievers, I do not think they will help with neuropathic pain.
234449 tn?1429109070 I do abuse Excedrins and Ibupropen due to migraine headaches too so I know my stomach is messed up from that as well. My question is does stomach issues cause severe chest pain? Rib pain? And Such? Please Help. I go to gastrologist in two weeks!
Avatar n tn I have battled an addiction to Excedrin for almost 15 years now, and can't seem to stop it for good. Is anyone else struggling with this? If so, have you had any success in weaning yourself off?
Avatar m tn after taking the amount of pills i took in the past, i freaked when i popped 2 freakin ibuprophen and 1/2 hr later had no more aches, dont get me wrong i get achey, but 2 took the edge off. after speending thousands on oxys it was nice to feel better on about 20 cents.
Avatar f tn I am trying to withdraw from hydrocodone but its hard because of bad headaches n body aches. The first day I withdraw I have headaches n I end up taking hydrocodone to stop the pain. But I need to stop taking this drug because the addiction is getting out of hand.
Avatar f tn Hi & Welcome, So glad you're here. Congratulations on your five clean days! Great job. Do you think you might clarify your question for us. Are you asking about a caffeine addiction, it's effects after acute withdrawal or what? Are you saying you're taking Excedrin every day for caffeine? If so better to drink coffee or tea. You should only take NSAIDS for 'real' conditions. Wishing all the love, clarity and strength you need to stay clean.
505248 tn?1210611005 Does the pain increase when you take deep breaths? I have been a regular user of Excedrin for years as well (for headache relief) and have recently been trying to understand chronic kidney pain.
Avatar n tn but i was at a point where i was getting headaches every day and migraines a couple times a week. horrible! i got the ulcer and quit taking all excedrin and eventually fioricet as well......3 months later, my stomach feels as good as new and most importantly NO HEADACHES! no migraines, EVER! **knock on wood!*** this drug causes migraines....causes pain when taken every day. hopefully if your wife gets free of it, she will experience what i did......
Avatar m tn Thank you for all the ideas. My dad has been using the wrap and the Mentholatum and it is helping some. He can't take the Excedrin because of other medicines he is taking and previous stomach surgery. It's heartbreaking to see the pain he has from these things. I asked him to go back to a neurologist since he hasn't been to one for years, but he said he knows there is nothing they can give him to help.
Avatar f tn I had the pain again last night and was prepared to go to the ER but it stopped on its own. Again had the pain today and it went away after taking Excedrin. So my question is if this was a blood clot would the pain go away with meds? I also did the flex test and I could feel the pain when I flexed but it wasn't excruciating. The pain was actually worse if I just let me dangle.
Avatar f tn I get them frequently myself. Try taking some Excedrin, it is excellent for tension and migraine headaches. Even though it only lasts a few seconds you still need to take Excedrin to stop them.
Avatar n tn I have had a throbbing headache at the top of my head, a little to the right of the center, I took 2 migraine excedrin about 4 hours ago. The pain subsided for about an hour, but is back What should I do? I spoke to my ENT before trying the excedrin, and he stated it did not sound like my sinus but a migraine, and he suggested the excedrin.
3215224 tn?1345829226 Did your symptoms started with taking that? I am also taking 50 mg of it. I think it causes nausea for me, plus very vivid and often bad dreams. I've never heard of that one, but it definately is from the Pristiq. Plus I suddenly had the severe depression return, lost the bad dreams and had terrible insomnia--a known side effect of going off of Pristiq. I got a refill and with the new bottle, everything went back again. I've notified the FDA and the manufacturer about it.
Avatar n tn I am curious, have you quit taking excedrin? i too am addicted to excedrin and have been for about 3 years. isnt much but i dont want it to turn to more. i have tendonitis in both shoulders that i cant seem to get rid of...thinking it may be more. i get bad headaches daily that last pretty much 24-7. and i also sprained my back 3 years ago and never took physical therapy (which the back pain started it all). i take up to 15-20 a day in doses of 4 at a time. i cant seem to shake the addiction.
Avatar n tn I'm a 44 year old woman and I've been taking Excedrin (without aspirin) every day for 15 years now...I've taken up to 8-10 a day at times and then I started taking Excedrin PM every night after my husband passed away 9 years ago. Will this cause serious harm to my liver or kidneys?
Avatar f tn I discontinued taking 50mg of Hydroxyzine per dose with Excedrin (Aspirin, Acetaminophen and Caffeine) because I found that it actually increased both the likelihood and the effects of panic attacks. However, after reading up on the numerous reviews of this medication I've found that it's highly unlikely that it's the Hydroxyzine at fault as it's only reported contraindications appear to be drowsiness.
Avatar f tn Also as crazy as it might sound excedrin works better4pms symptoms(cramps,lack of energy,period headaches etc)way better than norco(I know Ive tried them all n the past(lortab,lorcet,vikes,oxycodone,norco,all OTC PMS+pain killers excedrin works best even10X better than the PMS specific pills).Ur an addict why would u torture urself w/han available script of opiates?
Avatar m tn I had my Fiance go out and get Excedrin Migraine, which knocked it right out...but after the Excedrin wore off...the pain and dizziness came back. Could this be a result of hormone levels dropping? How much Migraine medicine is safe to take within a 24 hour period...I am not a chronic migraine sufferer and before I had the baby, I rarely EVER got headaches and if I did they were very mild. Does anyone else seem to have these types of headaches?