Stomach pain after taking laxative

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Avatar f tn 2 weeks ago everything I would eat started giving me indigestion and my stomach started to spasm and cause pain under my upper left and right rib cage. I started taking prilosec and antacids about 6 days ago. Starting yesterday I became naucious and have lost my appitite. I am getting pain under my left and right rib cage. The pain seems to come and go and sometimes feels like it moves down my right side and spasms. I am going o the doctor tomorrow morning, what should I be expecting.
Avatar f tn hi y'all:Rabb here closing down on day 4.i've been feeling really crappy,but my mmain concern at this point is my lack of having (belief it or not)diarrhea!!i have never gone 2-3 days off the opiates and not gotten the big D for a couple of days at day 2 i think had 1 bout and none since!now my stomach feels as though it's blocked at the bottom with pressure.called pharmacist about taking a laxative,but he suggested a softner in stead.
Avatar m tn About 8 weeks ago I started taking a colon clense from GNC, about four days in to it I started to get constipated so I called the mfg of the product and he told me that was normal and to keep taking it. I did not keep taking it and I waited a week and still could not go, after three weeks of not going at all I went to the emergency room and they gave me a prescription for stool softner and sent me home.
Avatar n tn I've abused stimulant laxatives for about 25 years, mostly on rather than off. Now, whenever I eat my stomach becomes so hard and distended it's like I'm 9 months pregnant. One meal will take all day and night to diminish the bloating a little bit. I've been reading about all the symptoms of severe laxative abuse and is this severe bloating related to this being the end of the line for me with laxatives?
Avatar f tn My biggest problems are severe stomach pain after eating and constipation despite a high fiber diet. My GI has recommended taking a laxative daily. Is this safe long-term?
794656 tn?1237171629 Because laxatives work on the colon and not the stomach all but 12% of the calories ingested are excreted with laxative use. In addition, laxative abuse can cause dehydration, electrolyte imbalances (causing arrhythmias and heart attack), bloating, gas, severe abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. For more information on eating disorders, visit the bella vita website. Best, Dr.
Avatar m tn Antibiotics and acid-reducers work together to heal the pain to keep your stomach monitored.The pain under your ribs is probably a hiatal hernia. This ailment develops when the esophagus passes through an opening in your diapragm that separates your chest cavity from your abdomial cavity. A portion of your stomach can slip down into the opening causing pressure and pain.
Avatar f tn m feeling some slight pain when urinating and my stomach has been so upset for a couple days now. My questions is if bladder or uninary infections are common after such a surgery? Also, I'm having major problems having bowel movements. I've been taking stool softners everyday, but not much is coming out. Is this normal after surgery? Any suggestions on what I can do to get regular again?
765828 tn?1306263868 When i take miralax for 3 days on the 3rd day my stool is soft and 2 days after that the pain stops and the bleeding to. mira lax is so expensive i can rarly aford it but when i have it it works wonders.
Avatar f tn Well, I would certainly keep track of how you are feeling, and, if you get a lot of diarrhea, bad stomach pain, or anything else abnormal, see a doctor as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn t work on the current constipation, just whatever is being eaten after taking the stool softeners, and then they should help keep the stool soft.) Technically fiber is supposed to help but I never found commercial fiber (drug store) helpful. If you do take commercial fiber, you have to drink a lot of water or it balls up inside and does not help.
Avatar f tn I was very weak and my parent disagree. Therefore doctor asked me to take Dulcolax ( laxative) daily to make my bowel moving. He told me there is no side effects of the Dulcolax. I have been taking it for 12 years and recently, my digestion turns worse. I went to x ray checking, gastroscopy and colonoscopy again. My result was not as what as expected. For x ray small bowel checking, doctor said my small intestine becomes lazy, suspected over years using Dulcolax.
Avatar f tn Food has no play in my stomach/ pelvic pain. I have pain EVERYDAY and it is almost constant. The pain is now moving upwards and also around to my back. I have been having this pain for about a year. All tests come back normal- transvaginal ultrasound, ultrasound, sigmoidoscopy, blood work. The pain is so bad at times I am nauseas. The Gastroenterologist just says I should eat lots a fiber and take a laxative....I disagree. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn m not taking a laxative.  Last time I took a laxative was on the 5th of May and did not go until the 7th and that was the last time I went.  The past week I've been taking probiotics and metamucil and had nothing.  All I drink is water.  A couple days ago I gave myself an enema sodium phosphate rectal solution and it made me feel like I had to go for an hour and all I got was excessive amounts of mucus.  I'm not in too much pain but my right side feels stiff and do feel a little pain.
Avatar n tn I guess it does make sense since your eating/drinking habits do change after dental work. As funny as it sounds, she recommended a mild natural laxative (i hate that word lol) if the bumps/burning persist then I've lost nothing I guess. I also bought a gel that is made for Kanker and that seems to be helping with the burning too.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Codeine for pain for a while now. At first no problems with constipation then I had, literally, 4 bowel movements in the space of about 5-6 weeks. I should add that during this time I was not eating a lot because I had lost my appetite, I'm guessing, because I was so blocked up. The pain has subsided and codeine is no longer necessary. I took a laxative once before bed on the first day without any Codeine.
794656 tn?1237171629 I have been taking laxatives everyday now for about two weeks. I have actually been taking from 12-30 pills at a time. I have seen that there is a risk of dependency on it, and I was wondering, is it a dependency as in to a drug, or that you are constipated and won't be able to defecate unless you take the laxatives?
Avatar m tn Do you think laxative use about once a month is too much and will cause lazy colon or is that not so bad? I do have bowel movements but sometimes i just need to get "the rest" out after a month or so.
Avatar f tn I am a 20 y/o female and have gone to my doctor several times over the past two years about continual constipation and stomach pain but each time my doctor would tell me to eat more fruit or drink more water.
Avatar f tn could my pain be from taking hydrocod/acet for headaches? does liver damage cause such horrendous pain? when i take a hydro i make sure i do a fiber drink and laxative so that i have a bowel movement. i have never done codeines in the amounts i've been reading, i could never find a doctor to give me so many,but now that i'm older it seems like when i do get a script i get this bad pain.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering some kind of constant stomach area pain for the past several weeks. It is right below my esophagus where it would be entering my stomach. I was having problems with swallowing a few weeks ago along with the pain. I could feel my food and beverage easing down my esophagus. I started taking 20 then after a bit of time 40 mg of Prilosec (normal dose is 20 mg) and that ended the swallowing issue but the stomach pain remained.
Avatar f tn ive been having a problem around my stomach and going to the bathroom, since i came from illinois to missouri, i was a healthy woman, ive been going to the doctor for the situation and all i get is laxative that doesnt even work i think it makes it worst, im scared cuz than they found a severe bacteria i was given anti biotics 5,500mg a day than i got this bad taste on my mouth and also took laxative for 2 weeks and still have the same problem still cant go to the bathroom, and when i urinate i
Avatar f tn I have been doing weight watchers for about a year now and have always been very regular with my bowel movements throughout that time. Earlier this summer, I started slacking in my seriousness about weight watchers and that lasted pretty much all summer until about a week ago. During that time I still was eating a good amount of fiber (fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc) so I was regular during that time.
Avatar m tn Had Gall Bladder removed 15 yrs ago - Time to time have still had symptoms including pain in stomach area, lower bib right side, pain in center of right side at rear of rib cage (closer to spine). Anyone with similar problem and what has all been done to diagnose symptoms?
Avatar f tn I took the milk of magnesia on an empty stomach about 2 hours after dinner. Took 2 days for the first movement then I was more or so on schedule each day after that as long as I took it. If I didn't take it I would not pass a bowl movement. I never got to 2 weeks since after 4 days I'd be throwing up and things were terrible. The stuff works. How long you can take it? Don't know. I don't think it is healthy to take for a long period of time because of too much magnesium.
Avatar f tn They finally got a little better the beginning of this week, but I still had the swollen stomach. Last night and today, no stomach pain, no swollen stomach. I have celiac and I started taking the new Celiact viatamin. I dont know for sure that this is what made the pain subside, but I took the viatamins for the first time yesterday, and last nite was the first time, no pain. Do you have celiac disease? IBS? or anything like that.