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com I'm 3 and a half months pregnant and I look like I'm 5 months so I was looking on the web for pictures of other pregnant ladies. It's interesting to see how everyone's belly is so different at different stage of the pregancy.
When is a good time to take maternity pictures? I don't wanna do it so late that I'll be uncomfortable, but 23 weeks is too early.
hey girls, are you going to post belly pictures in your profile? as soon as mine starts growing, i will do it! right now, i just have a tiny pouch that resembles a beer gut. i start second trimester on saturday. i have gained 5lbs and 3.25 inches around my waist.
I'll be 13wks tomorrow and no one can really tell I'm pregnant. I still fit in all my pants, they're a little tight around the belly but not much. I know what you mean about being paranoid. I think something is going to go wrong. My 12 week check up was last Tuesday and I got to hear the heartbeat!! That's a good sign, right. I wish I could hear it everyday to reassure me. I hate being so nervous. I told myself I would relax once I hit 12 weeks and everything was fine.
Hello I'm looking for some cute idea's for pictures to take while pregnant.
Some people don't show much and it's actually a good thing, it means your abs were better toned to start with. I know the pregnant belly is a beautiful thing and you will get one, but be happy it's less weight to lose after!
I had mine done at 34 weeks. Perfect size belly & right before you get the "pregnant face" lol where your nose & everything spreads. Mine turned out GREAT. My friend is a photographer & she Dodd mine down by the river.
) Oh, by the way, I've seen professional, nude pictures of pregnant women on tv. You can't see their private parts yet it looks very pretty and classy. I think I might do that too, if I don't get too self conscious when my belly grows. I think those pictures look great. Don't know if hubby will be accepting lol.
If your pregnancy is "normal" id get them done about 37 weeks. Thats when i planned with my daughter...with my son, i do not want maternity pics done at all. The thought of my belly being as big as it is disgusts me.
This was a few days after my miscarriage, but it's funny that we got pregnant right away and we're having a boy. This is similar to what our family picture will look like in a few months!
I think I will have my husband and son in them, my son definitely, but they both hate pictures! I'm definitely not doing bare belly pictures, I have stretch marks from DS, so that's out! Rachb, that is a really cute idea! I might have to pick her picture outfit before my maternity shoot and do that!
Try looking from the side and it's way noticable. I been taking pictures since i first found out i was pregnant. It helps to compare the progress.
So much for cute pregnant belly pictures... I thought it was just me because I was carrying triplets, but I guess it wasn't!
i have pictures of my belly up thru 29 weeks...i need to add my most recent pictures. i love looking at baby bumps too :-) everyone carries so different and all pregnant women are beautiful!
I feel it, my belly not a proper preggy belly compared to others. I'm 24 weeks. Baby #5.
I thought I was the only one I see pictures of other people who are eight month pregnant n they look like me n I'm 26 weeks I feel like I'm going to pop
Dont worry I didnt realy start showimg til late and I didnt get the big no , istaking im pregnant belly til lik 30 weeks and im 35 weeks now and it gets bigger everyday
For my finals in my art major I did 4consecutive belly casts on a pregnant friend of mine.
I've had my belly pierced since I was 16, & now that I'm 7 weeks I was wondering if I should just remove it ? What do u guys think ?
That's a real pregnant belly! I look at mine and sometimes think it just looks fat, I mean no one still notices I'm pregnant until I tell them!
I'm sure you know how tiny your baby is at 9 weeks, so don't expect a pregnant belly right away!!! I myself started to show at 6 months, but everybody is different. You may start showing sooner, but small belly doesn't necessarily mean small baby, and vice versa. Those who you saw on the net may have fibroids in the uterus that makes the belly look huge (at least bigger).
although i'm pretty sure we're goign to try and work things out really soon] so i was getting ready to go to the bathroom and stopped along the way to admire my belly.... i do that a lot lately. and decided i had to take some pictures. today, sunday, marks 19 weeks for me. so, if you want to take a look i'm just going to put up a link to an album, since the pics on the site are tiny. If you do look, there's something I want to note about the very last three pictures, i noticed something...
here is the scoop on my due date(s) according to my lmp it should have been november 7th, but according to my first ultrasound i was already pregnant when i had that session of bleeding and i was 5 weeks further along than i thought, making me due October 3rd. we stuck to that all the way until maybe a month or so ago when they decided i was two weeks less pregnant than previously thought( not sure how or why they reached that conclusion) making me due on October 17th.
I was a size 14 before and did have a stomach so I already looked pregnant. I used to suck my stomach in but now I'm pregnant I don't want to but now when I tell ppl I'm pregnant I have to justify why I look so big...already. any bigger gals had this issue? I don't even want to take progression pics each week cos I don't think I've gotten more of a belly yet?
Im 19 weeks pregnant & this is my first pregnancy. Im showing & my belly is pretty round, but when I see pictures of other first time moms at 19 weeks they look alot smaller than me. I look like somebody at 19 weeks whose having twins. But im not. Is that weird?
First baby, 27 weeks currently. can barely tell im pregnant.. Is anyone else like this? I started at 130lbs.. I'm now 146.
I'm gonna vent for a second, not because I want sympathy but just to get it off my chest because if I don't I might explode! Lol Okay! First thing first. When you look a pregnant person you have to take into consideration their hight and body shape. Because that is what determines how they carry the baby. I'm 5ft tall. 60inches. My torso is like 2ft long! Of course the baby is gonna poke out more because it's not like she can grow up into my neck!!!
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