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If its that painful u should tell ur doc they might advise u not to have sex right now.
Im only 8 weeks, and every time me and my partner try to be intimate, I get severe stomach cramps, sometimes they start during foreplay, and we don't even get to having sex because I'm in too much pain.. can anyone else relate or give some insight? Thanks in advance!
Why do it hurt in my stomach sometimes during sex?
I believe I may be pregnant lot of symptoms but not late yet i should be if pregnant I'm approx 4 weeks. My question after sex I had painful cramps in my lower stomach and back. And when I wiped I had light pink blood very minimal and it was gone after that wife. Could this mean I am for sure pregnant. Anyone else had this experience?
My problem is, the last couple of months, not every time we have sex, but sometimes, it is painful. Not a burning dry sensation upon entry, that is fine. It is when he is thrusting deep. We tend to umm, embarassing to say here, like it rough a lot. But lately, this hasn't been feeling too good. I notice it hurts in doggy style, not so much in missionary, if it did then very slight. It goes away immediately, only hurts when he is thrusting and prodding in.
I am lucky that right durin and right after my period sex is not as painful but all the rest of the time sex is so painful during and mostly after. My boyfriends falls asleep and I am left by myself for almost an hour in the bath tub just crippled with pain. It's horrible to have this at such a young age.. I'm 25 but thankful I found. A man that really understands. I told him about everything when we first started datin and I told him if he couldn't handle it he could leave .
I used to get cuts and redness on the posterior fourchette (the bottom area of my vaginal opening where the skin tags are located) I seriously do not understand why Im experiencing painful sex. Its nothing unbearable - it sore, it stings when I urinate (the stinging while urinating goes away) it burns at times - they are mild and nothing unbearable. Ill describe the whole thing as GENITAL DISCOMFORT. Dryness - I do not think is the issue. Im in my early 20s and far from menopause.
Im 17 weeks and sex is painful! My stomach is sore during and a little after. Anyone else going through this as well?
I've had some pains n im 21 weeks but not that bad best to call ur Dr. Asap to inform them n I suggest no sex till u been seen...
Not only am I in pain for a good portion of every day, I also cannot have sex, and I think this is connected to my stomach problems. When my stomach is most distended, it seems to "push" on my bladder and make me have to pee, and sometimes it burns when I urinate. Wearing tampons is painful and having sex is impossible. I've tried many times, but it always burns and makes me have to pee.
If sex was to send you into labor how long would it be?
I'm 33 weeks and this might be to much info but its to the point when me and my baby daddy have sex and he on top its like he hurting me and I don't like riding because my stomach got huge.
do any pregnant females ever get the badd urges to have sex,everyday?? And wat r some of the reactions ?????
And it's quite painful when we do have sex. It's not fair!
Yes! Once I got pregnant my sex drive went away completely. We have done it a few times cause I feel bad for hubby but every time I am uncomfortable, hard for me to get into it, and I cramp up really bad after.
Same here. Im 36 weeks and was planning on having as much sex as possible to facilitate labor but after a few attempts I lost interest. Im miserable. Many nights I sleep in a recliner chair because laying down is so uncomfortable. I'm over being pregnant.
Does sex really help labor? Nd everytime we have sex why does my lower stomach always hurt real bad wen were doe?
Me & my bfn just had sex. I was fine right afterwards but my stomach was very tight. When I started walking around it got tighter and started to get uncomfortable so I layed down. But laying down just made it much worse, I started having what I hope was just strong Braxton hicks, they came at a 5-7 minute interval and made me cry they hurt so bad. They have slowed all the way down now but not completely gone.
Do not be shy about your body I can't express this enough. Do you have painful BM with your period? Painful sex? Painful Periods? You could have IBS or there could be some other stuff going on with your intestines etc. I would get a referral to a gastrologist to see about having a colonoscopy done.
I just hit my 17 week mark. And for almost a month now sex has been if not painful, kind of uncomfortable. My bf isn't small and he trys not to go to deep but it just seems like no matter what it hurts. And most of the time afterwards baby is not a happy camper. I didnt have this issue with my first pregnancy and im just wondering if im the only one.
about this, s/he may want to do a physical exam to make sure that everything is okay. Painful sex is a symptom of endometriosis, which I was diagnosed with in 1999. I went to speak to my ObGyn about the painful sex (which I was initally embarrassed about, but once I got there, I realized that I am not the only one who had to live with this!). I hope that you feel better soon!
It's not a contraction, it's just a pain in my stomach, it goes away within a few minutes after sex, or if I stop lying in that position, is that normal? Anyone else get it? And I need some positions!!!!! I've tried almost everything and nothing is comfortable!
I will be 18 weeks Friday and sometimes my stomach will tighten for a few minutes then go back to normal and will will happen for about 20 minutes. Normally after I have sex. But there is no pain at all the only reason I can feel it tightening is because I touch the outside of my tummy and can feel that it tightened. Are these Braxton hicks? Do all Braxton hicks have to be painful?
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