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Avatar f tn my doctor told me I was suppose to wait 7 days before the nuvaring can take effect after I inserted the nuvaring on the 4th day of my period.. I had sex with my boyfriend on two of the days before the 7 days were up.. but we did the pull out method. I have an ovulation calender on my phone and it said that I would ovulate a couple days after the 7th day was up.. do I have anything to worry about still if I didnt ovulate during the time I had sex?
Avatar n tn I am experiencing the same on the nuva ring and really wanting to tell my husband I don't want to use it anymore. I thought I may be the only one experiencing that. I also had yeast. Sex was good before the nuvaring and there is no way it's not the nuvaring as your doctor may try and tell you so. I am scared to have sex because of how it may feel. I had sex with my husband yesterday and I'm still feeling discomfort today when I use the restroom like it's irrated.
Avatar f tn I'm suppose to reĆ­nsert it on Wednesday 23 but Ive decided that I won't anymore. However, yesterday I tired having sex with my boyfriend but sex has become so painful and my libido is extremely low because of nuvaring so it ended up being a disaster,that we immediately stopped because I was in too much pain. He did not ejaculate in me. But I'm afraid that I wasn't suppose to even try having unprotected sex, even if it only lasted 2 minutes because of the intense pain.
Avatar f tn I use nuvaring. Only irritation Ive ever had if it slips down & we have sex I can feel it. Make sure you have it pushed up as far as you can. Other than that Ive never had a problem. No emotional or physical effects.
Avatar n tn "what if you dont bleed the first timeu have sex? " Some females have very thin hymens or it stretch during sports and stuff ...sooo it's normal not to bleed at all. But yeah also some ladies have thick hymens thats way it bleeds and hurts when having sex for the first time, it hasn't been streched out. but you should talk to a doctor about it.
Avatar n tn I have noticed that after sex, I have a foul smell from my vagina. My husband and I were both virgins when we got married, and obviously there is no one else. I always empty my bladder and clean off after sex. The smell seems to be more noticable if we've had more sex in a short period of time. Also the smell doesn't show up until usually the next day, but lingers for a day or two! I feel like the whole world can smell it!
Avatar n tn Does your boyfriend perform oral sex on you? Herpes one can be transmitted to the genitals if you aren't already infected orally hun. You must look at all possibilities here. This is your body & your health. You should have it looked at within 24 - 48 hours of it's appearance for an accurate diagnosis. Sadly, by Friday, the Doctor may not be able to give you a clear answer. If it goes away & comes back, have it looked at it promptly.
Avatar n tn you need to reconsider the type of relationship you are in. If sex has become painful and unpleasant yet you are doing it anyways to please him, this is not okay. Go to the doctor and figure out this problem before it gets worse. Even common STDs, if left untreated, can lead to infertility. USE CONDOMS!
Avatar n tn so by the time it's gone, it's been so long that i/we want to have sex again and it's back! it's so painful and annoying!! and i HATE yogurt. why doesnt anyone have an answer to our problem!!
187316 tn?1386360282 it could be a vaginal infection or a uti, sometimes these can cause painful sex. but it could very well also be because your pregnant and just sensitive..just remember every pregnancy is so different and you'll realize that more and more!! good luck!
Avatar n tn i have this same problem only had it for about a month now and its so painful after sex feels like and really bad "indian burn" down there after sex. thoes stupid things ppl use to do to your arm when u were little is how i described the pain to my bf and my drs.
Avatar n tn I to have the same bleeding after sex and somtimes during a bowel movement.
Avatar m tn For the last week or two it has gotten worse, in that she is tired all the time now. Also she has not been very interested in sex at all. We have been dating for 10 months and she has just about lost all interest in sex (not that i havent tried to get her into it). The first 3-4 months we were having sex on a regular basis, 3-5 times a week. Then it went down to maybe once or twice a week, and now its at the pint where we are only having sex one or two times a month.
Avatar f tn DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! im not sure how old you are but i am 17, non smoker nor a drinker and the nuva ring landed me in the er with blood clots in my lungs. Im lucky it didnt kill me. But what gets me is im only 17..i shouldnt have had those problems. But it has horrible side effects: Horrible and nasty hot flashes breast tenderness dizziness shortness of breath possibly blood clots..
Avatar f tn I still plan on being with him again, it's just embarrassing and I don't want him to worry that he's hurting me, because really, it's not painful. I have been back on NuvaRing for two weeks after not using any hormonal contraception for more than two years. I've used various sex toys since I was still a virgin, most of which are about the size of an average penis, and have never bled after using them. I don't put condoms on them. A few times, I've bled after pap smears.
1035252 tn?1427231433 Most women know that you have to be ovulating to get pregnant, and most women ovulate approximately 14 days before their period is due. When you ovulate, an egg is released from your ovary into your fallopian tube. If you have sex right before or very close to your ovulation, there is a 25% chance that a woman with a healthy reproductive system and a man with healthy sperm will have the sperm and egg meet.
1047543 tn?1270400478 I have been on the Nuvaring for about 3 months now.. I took one out the 3rd week & inserted a new one after my period.. My bf & I always have unprotected sex because I was on the ring but last week I began to feel nauseous and extremely drowsy! I have also bled during intercourse and I have now been expecting my period but I haven't got it.. I took 2 pg tests both negative.. & this morning I was bleeding when I wiped.. The blood was dark brown & thick..
Avatar f tn When me and my boyfriend have sex my vagina won't wet! We have tried lubricated condoms but I just don't like the feeling of them. I have tried basically everything. Please help!
Avatar m tn Emotional intimacy is what breeds desire, and if you don't see each other often and then when you do it pretty much is just for an event and then sex (i.e., a movie and sex, dinner and sex) it becomes kind of mechanical. There is not a lot of time to just hang around and have conversation and solve problems and laugh, which is really the breeding ground for desire. He might be feeling some of that too. You two should talk it over.
Avatar f tn I also found out recently that this particular abnormality means that the IUD isn't effective, but I had one when I was younger, for three years, and never got pregnant - though my periods were so excruciatingly painful it was a relief to have it removed. I'd never heard of nuvaring - I'll look into it! Thanks again!
Avatar m tn Recently, after having sex with my new girl friend, about a week later I became wicked ill with flu like symptoms, painful urination as if I had a UTI, my body temperature fluctuating, and my gums were swollen. I went to the doctor and was tested for everything under the sun from the flu to HIV/STD's with all test results showing up negative. After being sick for over a week and regaining my strength etc I had intercourse again.
Avatar n tn Also, it gets red and puffy after sex. There is now a ring-like wound around the shaft and it's very painful whenever i get an erection. I can't think of what else this could be besides an allergic reaction to the Ring but her gynacologist says that's impossible. What's the best way to find out for sure?
Avatar n tn It's not as heavy and painful as they used to be. I don't really notice it during sex, but I have been taking it out because of other issues that I have, but if it weren't for that, I wouldn't even bother. My boyfriend never feels it at all. I did notive a few headaches also in the begining, but since the first week, nothing. So regardless all the bad comments I have read about the NuvaRing before I started it, I love it. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn However I started having cramps like a day after and after 2 1/2 weeks of cramps and my breast being kind of painful not too sore but more less pain. So I took my nuvaring out stop taking my meds and called my OBGYN to ask how soon I could take a test to rule out pregnancy.
Avatar m tn Its also important to note that during my month with ortho trycyclene I had very little to no discharge on a daily basis which was not normal for me, Im usually plenty moist and lubricated down there. Anyway, the day after my period stopped I had sex and found it to be rather painful. It was a raw slightly burning sensation which burned slightly when urinating; but no real smell or discharge.
Avatar f tn Maybe you'd like the Nuvaring, you get your period and insert it for 3wks, remove and repeat the process! Very easy, and not noticeable during sex. It helped me until I was ready to get pregnant. After babies born I'm going back on it!
Avatar f tn I was on the Nuvaring for 3 months and I WOULD NOT recommend it, especially if you have a history of depression. The Nuvaring turned me into a psycho, constantly crying for no reason sometimes. I had suicidal thoughts, feelings of worthlessness. I was just insane. I took it out today and said goodbye to all the madness.I don't know if it's just a mind thing, but I feel chipper already. It's convenient but it's not worth the pain.
1047543 tn?1270400478 I have been on the Nuvaring for about 3 months now.. I took one out the 3rd week & inserted a new one after my period.. My bf & I always have unprotected sex because I was on the ring but last week I began to feel nauseous and extremely drowsy! I have also bled during intercourse and I have now been expecting my period but I haven't got it.. I took 2 pg tests both negative.. & this morning I was bleeding when I wiped.. The blood was dark & thick.. Could I be pregnant still?
Avatar f tn I'm 17 years old and this is the first time ie missed my period but still had the symptoms of my normal painful as hell period. My mom placed me on Nuvaring birth control on the 14 of April and on the 17 I had sex (unprotected) at a party where I tried my first bit of alcohol and my partner had the same amount as me. I don't know what to do because I didn't remember having my period this month and I'm scared ********. I don't want to be a young mom like my mom was.