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It is never an easy task to select pain medications that not only work but work well together. The biggest concern with mixing Morphine with Xanax is the possibility of respiratory depression. You will find better information about the two medications compatibility from your pharmacist. I recently was on MS Contin (long acting morphine) and my PCP allowed me to take Valium at HS with the MS Contin. Obviously Valium and Xanax are similar.
i have teenage neice who is now on methadone becuase of a nasty oxy addiction, i will warn her of the dangers of taking her methadone and mixing it with her drug of choice, which could easly happen to her , i could just see her hanging with her freinds on a friday night and someone giving her an oxy .she is 19 and has been on the methadone for 2 months now. peace !!!!!!!hippy thanx this information could wind up saving her life.
An example would be those of us that take, let's say Morphine SR and use hydrocodone for break through pain. But again check with your pharmacist. However your biggest concern is the amount of acetaminophen you consume in 24 hours. Are you seeing a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy)? In my opinion they are the best at alignment issues. My PCP is an Internal Medicine DO that practices Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT).
I have ankylosing spondylitis, which causes a lot of pain in my back, neck and ribs. I think I can manage the pain with ibuprofen alone, and I want to quit the hydrocodone. I'm so glad I found this great website. It's a good feeling knowing there are other people with the same problem. Here's my question - I'm hoping I can taper down the hydrocodone and avoid a lot of the withdrawal symptoms. For a while I was taking 10 Vicoprofen pills at a time.
Alfentanil, hydrocodone, fentanyl, meperidine, morphine, oxycodone,and propoxyphene have common CYP450 pathways with methadone. However interaction probably occurs due to possible additive opioid effects. Long-acting excitatory metabolites of meperidine and propoxyphene can reach toxic levels! (Harrington et al. 1999). Be careful mixing drugs. I caught my mother taking 19 different drugs. Spoke with her physician and he had no idea what all the possibilities might be.
I was diagnosed with Parsonage Turner Syndrome in October. I was in the ER with severe pain, and the doc gave me a mega dose of Morphine IV. Anyway, then I went on Vicodin 7.5, didn't touch the pain, then I was prescribed Fentynl Patches, first at the lowest dose of 2.5, all the way up to 7.5, I am now weaning off to the 2.5 again, but am having HORRIFIC withdrawl symptoms, like shivering, and anxiety. The doc gave me Xanax o.25mg. not helping ,any suggestions?? I had 7.
After a urine test ruled that out, I was told I had a bad lower back pull. I was prescribed Hydrocodone 5-500 strength and given 30 tablets, with instructions to take 1-2 tabs every 4-8 to hours as needed. I was also given Prednisone 20mg, 10 tablets, 2 each morning (its a steroid for inflammation), and finally Carisoprodol (350 mg). 30 tabs. 3 x a day as needed for muscle spasm.
Kava-Kava also has a strong effect on the CNS and could cause some problems mixing with Ultram. I tried Kava-Kava for alcohol withdrawal and had seizures all day long. It sucked. I was saved the next day by my doctor who at that time gave me Librium. That was last November. I have since had ove 100 seizures from alcohol withdrawal and seperate seizure disorder apparently covered up by the alcoholism.
Not long ago, I was mixing alcohol with Vicodin, morphine, Xanax and Welbutrin. Talk about a vicious cycle! The act of taking any one of the above alone would soon lead to taking them all with little regard for my doctor's orders or my own safety. I'm happy for you that you are still at a good "jumping off" point! J.B.
56 am, still no physical symptoms except inability to sleep, a little runny nose, muscle aches that are tolerable, and here is the one I really have trouble with...horrible depression. I never felt so horribly alone in my life...of course because no one knows that I used and no one knows that I'm withdrawing now as I took a week off to go through withdrawals. I got rid of all the ultram (flushed it all down the toilet). So now there is absolutely no turning back.
I am a supporter of MMT as long as it is presented with all the facts good and bad, and clinics are not always in touch with the whole truth (like iv users beware of cravings to shoot and the temptation to do coke, or beware of mixing this with benzos/alcohol as it cam kill in large enough doses) the clinic near me is only worried about money and has few meetings and inexperienced and uneducated counselors. i left but now take a stable dose of methadone out of the clinic.
To tell you the truth I have asked my Dr for a long acting med to take with hydrocodone to be comfortable with less of that med, I have asked about an antidepressant that helps nerve pain and something other than antiinflammatories help with swelling ( because I have had ulcers since my early twenties) and the options to this point have been stick with hydrocodone alone, procedure or patch I know there are other meds to work with going to a patch or pump straight from hydrocodone seems bit exce
I asked this on another site, then read this one...How does Clonidine work for withdrawals? I'm really curious... is this the only drug that would help with the withdrawals? Where do you go to deal with the reasons you take Lortab or whatever to begin with? What if taking this is the only way to deal with what you face each day? Do you get on an anti-depressant instead? Does this solve anything? Does it help? Does anything really help?
The shakes come from taking way to many Somas. There's actually a few nicknames for this action, "The Soma Shakes" or "The Soma Shuffle". I've experienced it many times, especially when mixing it with opiates. The shakes happen because the muscular and neurological systems are so depressed that it's hard for the body to operate properly.
See my Dad had never taken a med in his life and said that the pill he gets right now every four hours does wonders. So I kept checking with him and he was talking OK again..He had all of his mind with him and he can hear. When he heard those 2 girls say "This is it" he seemed to go to a depression state. Before all this he would say that he lived a long life and he is ready..We where able to talk about it all. SO I go in Fri night and he is just Out-Of-It..
He needs to ask his doctor about this and find out what the doctor thinks. I was on a morphine type med and needed to wean off for surgery and went down to Hydrocodone and then to Ultram(because it is nonnarcotic I thought it would be okay and help my tolerance go down) only to have withdraw syptoms and not know why. I did the research and found out what happened. From the info I read they do not go together.
I *think* the Vicodan is mixing with the Cipro and that is the reason .... ask about adding Carafate to the mix .. works wonders with some tough meds but must be spaced out accordingly .. btw, works great with reflux .. it is an ulcer healer like chalk but coats stomach and esophagus. That is a thought since you need both. Now, don't be fooled as my bursting stitches (spitting that is) the 1st time were black and the 2nd time they were white and both were cloth not vinyl.
However when I run out in the middle of the month from taking more than I'm supposed to, I end up supplementing the rest of the month with my partners morphine sustained release 15mg pills by taking 2 in the morning to get me thru the day without going thru withdrawal. Meanwhile, I've been suffering from unexplainable insomnia from this and my doctor prescribed me the 2mg Xanax "bars" which as you know is the strongest they make.
Only the right key will fit the lock, and only opioid-like drugs fit opioid receptors.
Some of our members have used the Duragesic patch with a short acting opiate such as hydrocodone or oxycodone. Others have used OxyContin with a break through medication and found that to be effective. It depends on the level of your pain and your systems response to the individual chemical make up of the opiate. Just a change may prove effective.
What I do know is Tramadol and Demerol work differently then opiates such as morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone etc. I would talk to the surgeon and ask for something else, if so I would bring the unused pain meds to show you arent taking them. Pain itself will add to your stress level and due to my situation the Doctors who Dx'ed me at the Mayo/ Minn. spent some time explaing this at length, they also said surgery can cause it to happen so I assume it can effect someone with POTS worse.
We had spoke on mixing the ultram with the morphine, but he doesn't like mixing it, unless this doesn't work. I think I tried the hydromorphone a few times, it did work, if I remember, but I recall feeling loopy. I wish I had an answer. I know mixing just makes it lousy to detox yet in a way it made it easier. I don't want my son coming home from the navy and I'm messed up. I have such a strong tolerance for a small person--plus my husband is sick.
tramadole will help when your stomach starts getting sick it help that a lot but nothing else
Hi. Things get a lot better with time. Did your Dr recommend CT ? You can see if you are better suited to a slower taper plan. I had 18 weeks hard physical therapy for my knee. It helped so much & I was able to avoid surgery.
i want to taper back down to my prescribbed dose and the family i live with (who ALSO take morphine and one has a morphine pump and takes oral all legit prescriptions) say that doctors just take away all your meds and let you suffer the withdraw. I know that in some cases that is probably true, but the doctors at my local ER said i would HAVE to taper because of my amounts i was taking and the amount of time i've been on the stuff, and my pain. but i just need some advice.
10 times more potent than morphine. This way they could use less ml with more mgs and didn't have to refill my IV pump all the time. Now down to some better numbers. After 4 weeks of IV antibiotics and massive weening, I was released on 500mgs Oramorph 3 times a day, or 1500mgs a day. Depending on how aggressive or determined you are to quit, 10-20% every 4-5 days is appropriate and not difficult. I reduced my intake by 100mgs every 4 days. I was released Sept.
She is worried that he'll soon be chewing them up too as he takes them along with all the other lortabs he has. I've never taken oxy and couldn't give her info, but told her I'd write my dear friends here. Has anyone chewed them? They're time-released aren't they? I chewed my lortabs and actually taught him to do that. Is Oxy chewing much more dangerous? How long will it take for him to search for more, if he already hasn't? His hydro habit is about 6 years old.
Recent research has yielded what I understand to be pretty conclusive proof that mixing alcohol with Tylenol increases Tylenol's ability to damage the liver by a considerable margin. There is a well-documented story of a 30-ish man who downed three Tylenol with two beers and, as a result, died several days later of liver failure. The man had no previous history or either alcoholism or liver problems. Extreme example, I realize, but sobering tale, regardless!
Recent research has yielded what I understand to be pretty conclusive proof that mixing alcohol with Tylenol increases Tylenol's ability to damage the liver by a considerable margin. There is a well-documented story of a 30-ish man who downed three Tylenol with two beers and, as a result, died several days later of liver failure. The man had no previous history or either alcoholism or liver problems. Extreme example, I realize, but sobering tale, regardless!
To be fair to myself I can place blame on my first pain killer doctor as he was prescribing me an inappropriate amount of oral hydrocodone with in my first year (approx 400 plus 10mg pills a month) Unsolicited.
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