Does hydrocodone have morphine in it

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Avatar n tn MS Cotin (morphine sulfate) is an opioid just like hydrocodone, except it is much more addicting than hydrocodone. It is a schedule II controlled substance with a extremely high potential for physical and psy. dependance. This drug should be taken with care, and your usage should be monitered by your physician.
Avatar f tn Morphine can mitigate just about any kind of pain (that's why it's been used in the battlefield for decades). Some say hydrocodone is more addictive (all it does is provide a buzz, but no real pain relief), while others say morphine is the "sledgehammer to kill a fly," not much of a euphoric buzz, but will kill pain, maybe overkill in your situation. With all that being said, your post has me a bit confused -- some things are contradictory.
Avatar m tn Then when I was released I was put on oxycodone, and then lowered down to hydrocodone. It is now June 27 2010 and I have been off the meds for 3 days. Keep in mind that I have been on hydrocodone for a little over a year until I had the surgery. So 3 days without the meds..... I have diarrhea atleast 10 times a day. I can not sleep. For the first 2 nights, i actually didnt. I am very depressed.
Avatar n tn I saw a mint green pill that is W503. Does it and is it the same amount of hydrocodone as other lortabs that are pink and purple? Just making sure.
Avatar f tn For example, pain medication for treating acute inflammation is different from treating chronic nerve damage. From your med list, I see you are currently taking hydrocodone. It is available in combination with other ingredients, usually with acetaminophen for pain relief. I am not sure what kind of pain you are being treated and which trimester you are in.
Avatar n tn Personally I think you have to do what you have to do but why not just put all of it down and go through WD and know you have no drugs in your system. I stayed on Vics for so long because I was terrified of the WD and once I finally ran out and decided the time was now, I took a lot of OTC remedies that everyone suggested and my WD were not bad. Our minds are so powerful and freak us out. I would say to my body, "bring it on" and "thank you for not giving up on me".
2126606 tn?1346348724 Some of you may have seen the recent news surrounding hydrocodone, but I wanted to share it here for those of you who haven't as it’s an important issue that could potentially affect millions of people. To give you a brief overview, an advisory panel to the FDA has recommended tighter restrictions on hydrocodone-containing drugs, which would essentially classify them among the most dangerous prescription medications available to patients.
484378 tn?1209909492 Also I have to speak on how I feel for hydrocodone addicts going on sub or methadone. I don't like it and I feel it's like putting gasoline on a fire, using these strong synthetic drugs for vicodin addiction.
Avatar f tn I have had three back surgeries since 1982, 1996, 1997, and was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. I started taking MS Contin 15 mg q12 2002. I have continued to try and work up till Jan. 2012 until the pain of both illnesses increased as did my MS Contin doses over the years.I have had urine checks by my pain management MD and all have been clean. Lately my urine has been showing 1/2 Morphine and 1/2 Hydrocodone. I am (strongly emphasized)NOT taking any Hydrocodone products.
Avatar f tn Does this mean i have an allergy to morphine or does this happen to everyone? If it is an allergy what do i do now?
Avatar m tn Does someone have a recipe to withdraw from Hydrocodone?? thanks for your help......
Avatar m tn It does sound like it could be withdraw symptoms. Usually withdraw last about 7 days. The worst days are days 3-4. Just let him know that things will get better. Luckily he was not on the meds for very long so his withdraw will not be as severe as other peoples on here. He should be fine in no time.
Avatar f tn is there no detox facility in your area? it seems if ya cant make it , you should find a detox first.. they have to have medical staff at detox. but there should be one around forya to use, if not call the local hospital, ours has a detox in it ...
Avatar m tn Your doctor prescribed this hoping that will help with your depression- it does not work in all patients, because not all depression is attributed to low serotonin and serotonin levels vary greatly from person to person.
Avatar m tn As far as your withdrawals, the few times that I have experienced them, I was in such agony that nothing would touch it. I have heard others though talk about the clonodine helping some, just don't expect it to make a big difference. I think it is mainly to help your blood pressure which will surely be elevated during this time period and I think I have also heard it to be helpful for restless legs, so you might give it a try.
Avatar f tn and i'll take a fiorinol. i called wal greens and i was wrong, the flexeril does NOT have cod in it...but it is a muscle relaxer, is that ok, or not? i talked to a drug counsilor earlier and he said that my husband could take a drug called Toradol for back pain from now on. have you heard of it? thank you so much. this is all very scary to me. back in '02 before surgery i had a hard time getting him to take a vicodin, and he was in horrible pain, so this is freaking me out!
Avatar n tn I would be so greatful for any help you can give me to shed some light on what's going on with my body and what, if any, role that it plays for my having had gastric bypass surgery over 10 years ago. I have had 3 surgeries for herniated discs in my lower back. It was caused by my being raped at age 16. My first surgery was at age 17. The second at age 27. A year after that I had my gastric bypass surgery at age 28. At age 33, I had the third back surgery.
Avatar n tn This drug is not a narcotic per se, but it does yield a high just as good as morphine. I am back down to three pills per day now to manage my pain. I wish I didn't have to take drugs, but without some painkiller, I am in a bad shape. And as you said J. R., finding and having a higher power, God and/or AA or NA will really change your life and your whole outlook on the world. I am so grateful for this; feeling like a "human" again, and having my life back.
Avatar f tn Believe me, these Dr's KNOW how addicting these pain meds are so for him to even suggest you just stop like that is ridiculous. In fact I am on a taper plan to get off Hydrocodone through a Pain Managment Dr and it even says in my contract the warnings of trying to just stop pain meds cold turkey (withdrawls) and suggests if you want off them to seek guidance from the Dr. Try talking to him about it and if he still won't help you ditch him and get another Dr ASAP!
Avatar n tn I will check in and let you know how it going. its the night time that I have the most problems with sleeping..
Avatar n tn I took one of the hydrocodone I had in my pocket and layed down for awhile because I have to work tonight a 12am- 8am shift.. I work with the mentally handicap. I use to love my job but now I don't know what I love. My son in law die with colon cancer 3 yrs ago and recently we had to have my 14 and 9 yr old granddaughters colon removed because of polups. On june 6 the doctors said I had a nervious breakdown and i stayed off work for 31 days before I went back to work..
Avatar n tn After alot of recerch and opinions I decided I would give it a try. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself in regards to addiction. I have been free of pills for a week. Doesn't sound like much to be proud of however if u knew me and my addictive personality, its a great acheivemnent. I've done some reading on methadone on this site and let me just say, people can be very ignorant. Like I said, you have to really want to be free of drugs for this program to work.
Avatar n tn I, like others, have taken Ultram. It certainly will keep the withdrawal symptoms of hydrocodone away, but only causes its own. I am just curious for any responses; I want to quit this, but I know if my doctor calls back and I have a prescription, I'll be at the pharmacy within 30 minutes... I guess this is a cry for help, so Help!
Avatar n tn It is weak i know, but does have an affinity for binding to uOpiod recepters in the brain. I have been clean for 5 months with no thanks to Methadone or Ultram.Two drugs which both belong in the Opioid group.
Avatar n tn So picture this, me and three kids running to the door as quick as possible, screaming open it open it!!!!! You have to find some humor in all the sadness of addiction. Sigh, I just wish i were me again!
Avatar n tn That will last at least three days, and then will improve thereafter. I seriously doubt it will last longer than five days in your case. But it does take time for those receptors to begin working on their own again. While that is happening, you may fear that you will never feel "normal" again - but I promise you, you will. In fact it's like waking from a bad dream where all your senses were dulled, muted. They will be vibrant again. But you do have to get past the WD.
Avatar n tn I know the child brings you joy but it also must be hard in the condition you are in. Others here have offered advice that is wiser than my own. I can only hope you can be upfront with your doctor and get the relief you need. The first thing to handle is your pain, while being aware of the addictive nature of these drugs. What a double-edged sword--to live with pain or risk addiction. You make me realize how lucky I am, and that there are those who are much worse of than I am.
Avatar m tn I found a new gel today the Drug Emproium and will do a post on it. It has Cobra Venom in it, yes like in the snake and ya know what...IT WORKS, it took away ALL my pain and it was only $15. I had a busy day today and was so glad to get home but still taking 4 hydromorphones today, I hope to either deal with this volume or eliminate them. I still have some energy but the diareaah kicked in today but that's about all as far as withdrawals.
Avatar f tn I was hopeful to get some advice from those who have 'been there done that' for my own future refference should god forbid I ever need it. In my early 20s after my first c-section it was discovered that I am allergic to morphine atleast as it was delivered by the pump/drip after surgery. I got NO relief from the pain at all and after the nurse turned it up for the third time, my breathing started shutting down leaving me clinging to the edge of the bed desperate to get a deep breath in.