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Avatar m tn Consistency of diarreha but a piece of one of the stool had a section that was rounded almost like a bubble and was completely black. rest of the stool was dark brown. didnt get very close to look for white seeds because I almost threw up trying to look. For the amount of things going on with me, if you read up on the other thread.
Avatar f tn I wish some good people out there can help me solve my IBS problem.. Have been getting this problem of constipation not of the hard stool ...but sticky stool. Becos of the stickiness, I think it stuck to the wall of the intestine(so sticky..I need to splash the toilet bowl few times to clean it off) even the peristalsis movement cannot ooze much of the excrement.. yes, there may be some that came out but most of the time I don't feel satisfy,the feeling of there are much more inside..
Avatar n tn I had them, and i asked my doc, and she told me that they're completely normal. Everyone has them. Its when your whole stool is black and tar like that you have to see your doc. Also, black stool means that you're bleeding high up in your colon. That would be on your right side, at least, if not in your stomach or esophogus. You're ok!!! But, you mentioned that your stools are greasy.
Avatar n tn 45 year old white male 6 foot 215 lb I have not been out of country nor have I had sexual contact in past 5 years. For the past 3 years I have had a persistent soft loose liquid stool. 90% of the time this is urgent explosive to say the least. When I mean urgent I have seconds to stop what I am doing and get to restroom. The moment I stand from the toilet the urge returns again and again. Only after several bouts of this can I return to what I was doing.
Avatar f tn for others reading this, I do not take, nor have I ever taken Pristique, so I honestly do not think these objects in the stool are related to Pristique, however, wonder if Pristique could be causing gallbladder issues to cause more stones ?I'll be showing this thread to my doctor.
Avatar f tn The other issue, which may or may not be a coincidence, is that my stool has changed to a green color. [It is like an olive green color.] This started about 5 weeks ago, and it has been consistent ever since. I was not concerned about it because I thought it may be a reaction to the PPI drugs I was taking, but when I stopped taking the PPI's for 4 days before the ph test last week, the stools were still green.
Avatar f tn If you have a lot of blood in your stool the stool itself would be black like tar. If there are traces of blood/mucus when you wipe or some in the toilet it could be many things such as fissures, hemorrhoids, bowel disease, partial bowel obstruction etc. However there are times if you have blood it can be Endo related but most times Endo will not fully go through the bowel. Most people with Endo need colonoscopies done to rule out bowel disease and see if Endo has perforated the bowel.
Avatar m tn When a person has blood in their stool from advanced cirrhosis, which you definitely do not have, the stool will appear black. This is the color the blood turns when it goes through the digestive system. Many people think they will see red blood but no the blood turns black when a person has an internal bleed from varices (enlarged veins along the GI tract caused by portal hypertension). Again something that you don't have to worry about.
Avatar n tn Hi, The character of the stool is generally related to what you eat and whatever medications or supplements you are taking. Your description is not really specific for anything, and as you are writing on a cancer forum, it doesn't raise any alarm for cancer. The presence of blood is one of the basis of screening tests for colon cancer, and based on your description of it now being black and tarry, then there probably isn't any blood. Iron supplements tend to make the stool darker.
Avatar f tn The treatment usually consists of stopping the medication ( and taking an alternative safe medication) and for healing medications like prilosec and carafate are taken. Medications should be taken for 4-8 weeks for complete healing. Black stools warrants an upper GI endoscopy which will also confirm the diagnosis. Your stomach lesion will heal with this approach. And dont worry - this will not permanently damage the your stomach if it has been only a short term problem.
Avatar f tn I've tried imodium, pepto, and anything else that will stop it. The pepto and some others cause it to be black, other than that it doesn't stop it. I get bad reflux and think that maybe the Malox is causing it? I'm out of my nexium and cannot get this doctor to re-perscribe it. So, I'm left with over the counter, what ever I can get at the time, remedies. Any thoughts? This makes it real hard to go to work or even leave the house.
1503484 tn?1338479203 I would recommend asking for a stool sample to look for blood in the stool (because you had black stool) and for parasites and other things. It isn't stomach cancer because that would have shown up on the endoscopy. I doubt it is a tapeworm but it could be.
Avatar m tn I also had constipation for a week but three bowel movements before sleeping (dark brown stool with black clumps mixed in). This morning I woke up with restless leg syndrome, and looked in the mirror and once again my eyes are as tiny as pins. Maybe I should see a neurologist or neuro-ophthalmologist.
Avatar n tn 5, which I know has dropped since then, because I vomited black stuff yesterday. Hemoccult tests have been positive. I've been on Nexium for GERD, and have been told the LES is gone. If I don't take the Nexium, I'm in a lot of pain with the acid reflux/heartburn. I am so exhausted and wore out from the low Hgb, I am losing my sanity. All they do for me is transfuse me and to me that's like putting a band-aid on it. I want and desperately need to know the answers and why this is happening to me.
Avatar m tn In November of this year, I went to India and suffered from diarrhea (with blood and mucus in my stool). I took tinizadole. It had no effect. I moved to Berlin in Jan, produced three stools for a specialist and was tested for dysentery and giardia. Both came back negative. They also run some blood tests. I was put on a strong general antibiotic, which worked, sort of. For two or three months, I had a relatively regular stool. (Not as firm as usual, though formed a regualr colour).
Avatar f tn If thrash, you will need to take antibiotics. If gastritis, they will give you prilosec. Check your stool - if your stool is really dark or black that means there is blood in it and your stomach is bleeding. This is very dangerous and make sure to get to the doctor asap. You need to take care of your anxiety or your will end with thrash or gastritis (if you don't already have it).
Avatar n tn yes i am a 62 year old male last 2 or 3 days my stool has been black,i started taking metimucil fiber laxative it has returned to normal color,but i have noticed a stiffning like pain on rght side mid backbeen too numerous drs and they said h-polira and a hiata hernia and also esophagus trouble as well any help from anyone appreciated thanks dON IN iNDIANA
Avatar n tn They never told me the reason for it, they just asked me if I had black stool. So last night i just googled black stool, and found out that it means I am bleeding somewhere inside???!!! Now i am really worried. Will my bloodtest tell them if something is wrong internally? My dad had Ulcers at a very young age, and I was thinkin that could be another problem of the stress.
1943347 tn?1324328791 This morning I woke up to discover that she had pooed in the house for the first time. The stool was black and very loose. Her lymphnodes are very large in her neck (baseball size) and the others are quite large as well. I can't be sure how much pain she is in, but having the accident inside is not something that is typical for her. Wondering if it may be time to put her down. Could someone please tell me if I'm holding on too long. I don't want her to suffer.
Avatar n tn My bowel movements have been all over the place as well. Most of the time I think I'm constipated, my stool has been anywhere from really dark it looks almost black, to multi-colored to "normal" and is usually in pellets. I would like to think this is related to the medications, but, since I'm not really taking any now I'm not so sure. When I do go, I usually don't feel like I've gotten it all out as well.
Avatar n tn Hi,about 4 months ago I woke up with very bad pains under my right ribcage. Now this pain is spreading to my upper back and also to my lower back. My acid reflux is worse, even the medications(Losec) is seems to not work. Also I am burbing some air. I have diarrhea least once a week and mukus on my stool on daily basis or just mukus. Red blood cells was find in my urine, also my blood is showing some inflimation (this is what I was told by emargency doctor on this Tuesday).
Avatar m tn He wonders about Crohn’s Disease but has no true evidence and truly doubts that Crohn’s Disease with this little amount of evidence could be causing these extreme symptoms. Since this is my second opinion doctor, I have another Colonoscopy AND Endoscopy on Wednesday so he can clarify those “abnormal” results and so he could look at my colon and ileum himself. Meanwhile, he is also doing a stool fat test that should have results by tomorrow.
1516249 tn?1423465385 When PPI started to Jam /stop the stomach causing Slow Stomach and Gastro Paresis, pharmaceuticals came out with another miracle (Sic!) drug known as Pro Kinetics which would try to correct the errors or hara-kiri committed by PPI, i.e. they would help motility which has been slowed by PPI. And as Stomach emptying and motility slows down, Colon also slowed down.
Avatar n tn black, green, lately yellow. I even once had a day where my stool was so watery that I thought that I was peeing from my anus. I've had my galblatter removed after a test was done to show that it was no longer functioning properly. My Doctor told my that I would still have stomach pain for a few months but that it should dissipate. But it never did. So I had more tests done: a colonoscopy and endoscopy. A biopsy showed that I had microscopic lymphocytic colitis.
Avatar f tn Back at the end of February, 2010 I had unprotected sex with 25 year old heterosexual black male. I did develop a bad sore throat and diarrhea about 10 days after the event. I had an antibody test done at 1 day short of 4 weeks which was negative along with a Chlamydia and gonorrhea swab which were also negative. My concern now is that a couple of weeks ago I noticed a small blood blister on the back of my mouth where the top teeth and bottom teeth meet.
Avatar f tn The problem is, her poops are very tarry (not black in color, but just the consistency). There is no blood in her stool, so we're wondering if it could be either the Vetasyl or Vetasyl plus Lactulose making the poops so tacky. Our vet told us her poops should be softer, not stickier, but didn't know if it could be the Vetasyl causing the problem. He suggested upping her Lactulose even more to 1.3 ml three times a day.
Avatar f tn No blood in poo and poo only ever black when on iron as would expect. Nothing to suggest blood in poo as brown/normal colour. At wits end as seem to be going from doc to doc who do not know so pass on to another doc!! Just wondered if anyone has similar experience that may know what is the cause? Help!!
Avatar m tn They deal strictly with the digestive system and with your symptoms I think this is where you can find help. Black stool is a symtom of bleeding in the stomach or small intestine. We have hereditary cancer in our family, and my children have had to get yearly colonoscopies starting at age 10. Your father's cancer sounds like one that shows up at a later age, do you know what it is called?