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Nurse Told Me To Lay On My Side To Move.
Just curious, did u have any idea labor was about to start? Any niggly pains beforehand? And how far along were you when it happened?
come before my due date. My doctor said at 37 weeks I can start doing things to help myself go into labor. I am wondering what I can do to help get it going. And will she be okay if she comes from 37 weeks on.
My hsg has continued to drop but I have had no signs of miscarriage for two weeks. I am going to pick up a prescription tomorrow to start contractions and help open my cervix as I do not believe that my body will start the process on it's own. I had prior issues of no cramping or real menstruation before I even conceived so I think this is the least invasive option for me. I will have an ultrasound in 3 days to make sure everything has passed.
Has anyone found an effective technique to induce labor naturally? I've read a lot of things, just wondering if any of them have actually worked for anyone.
that people have heard that are suppose to start labor...and if anything in particular worked for anyone. I am 37 weeks along and measuring about 39 weeks and the baby is about 7 pounds right now. I am anxious and tired and just want this to end. hahahahaha. Any suggestions? I have heard that sex is a good one but I just am not comfortable having sex. It is kinda painful right now. Any other suggestions????
So long story short - it took 5 weeks for my body to m/c naturally. I have a great dr tho. I am RH - so he sent me to the hospital to get a shot. Then I was senthome to wait to see if nature would take it's course. From the sounds of it tho, this is not the same situation for you. If your HCG level is rising, then you are still pregnant. My levels dropped to 0 by the 7th from when the spotting started. Have faith!
We had sex that evening then I was making dinner and my contractions were coming every 3 mins... Went to the hospital - dilated to 1 CM, then to 3 over the next day.. Of course, I stopped there but even if you could get to that part it would be a great help. I find sex gives me very consistent intense contractions still but the only issue is that even with doing this several times since that initial night, i dont seem to be progressing despite that at this time so baby must not be ready.
I'm not going to trigger labor but I understand how difficult it has gotten to be tired all the time. We go through this like 35 week slump huh?
sometimes orgasms can help kick-start contractions, but Limonada is right, the sperm is what is supposed to soften the cervix. walking helped me get labor going, too :). just as a little encouragement, we BDed at 39w6d when I was pregnant with DD and I went into early labor the next BDing is possible, you just have to be creative :D.
He ordered magnesium sulfate to stop my contractions. If I should start having contractions again and have to go in do I have the right to refuse to stop my contractions and if I do what can happen by my refusing to stop my contractions?
I do feel bery selfish for getting induced because I know its when he's ready but I have also been told to not feel selfish that sometimes baby just needs a little nudge to help him. I wanted him to come naturally but sometimes it doesn't always go as planned. Plus I still have time b4 next sat so he may come b4 then. I can't really help u on how to distract yourself because I can't even distract myself on it either. Its on my mind ALL day 24/7.
The one time I delivered with no pain meds I didn't take anything. I just depended on my nurses and my husband to talk me through the contractions. My labor was relatively short and the pushing stage went quickly so it was pretty easy for me.
this didnt happen to me. but for the weeks leading to my sons birth i was having a lot of contractions, and i wasnt sure if they were real or not. and there was NO sign of labor anywhere. i could have sworn i was going to be pregnant forever. i was 3 days overdue and out of the blue contractions hit me at 5 mins apart and about a min long. when i got to the hospital and they hooked me up to everything then my water broke.
OK - last night I went to L&D. I was having strong contractions (although not pa inful just lots of pressure) and cramping every ten minutes for an hour and then every 5 to 7 minutes the next hour. So just to "see" we went to L&D. They monitored my contractions which went from regular to sporadic and then checked my cervix....CLOSED! So I was sent home - of course.
He wants to start me on a Beta Blocker, but I'm looking perhaps for another way to live with these or cure these before I have to start on a Beta Blocker. I do have a bicuspid aortic valve with stenosis and regurgitation, but my cardiologist says - not time for an artificial valve yet... My question is - How are all these people on this forum actually exercising with the PVCs???? Until 6 months ago, I was active, running, walking, etc.
^_^ good luck!.. well the best I heard is sex helps because the sperm has I forgot what in it that can start your contractions.. some fresh pineapple helps! If you walk a lot and go up stairs it can help open your cervix and hips more..
Maybe take a really bumpy car ride, have sex. Even if you can just dialate enough for your doc to break your water it will kick start things and will still be a natural birth, no drugs involved if you choose not to. Breaking my water worked exceptionally well, From the time he broke my water until I gave birth was about 8 1/2 hours. Unfortunately my sac didn't completely rupture the first time and we had to do it again halfway through or it probably would have happened MUCH faster.
The next morning the pain was unbearable little to my surprise I was having contractions. I went back to the ER and that was it. I was losing my baby before my eyes. Before I knew it the doctor said I was having an inevitable miscarriage. The pain grew intense and I was rushed to labor and delivery where I pushed out my baby girl. I was devastated and still Am. Everything happened so quickly one day I was pregnant the next day I wasn't. This experience taught me a lot about life.
So contractions are both diff and similiar to period cramps. A contraction has a regular cramp feeling, but when it happens your stomach will tighten and if you watch and they get strong you can actually see it. They area that you will feel the tightening is all the way from one side to the stomach to the other right in the center where your belly button is. Kinda like if you put a belt around you belly where your belly button is. Now if you are getting these after a orgasm that makes sense.
While I appreciate the wisdom and Im willing to accept it might not happen naturally, I HAVE TO TRY! I have had tons of ultrasounds seeing how he measures so big and not once have we seen a cord around the neck. I might be having another this week. Ill be sure to check again. I have had a c section. It blew. Big time. I have 2 kids now and my husband can only take a week at most off. How am I supposed to move around my 3 level home,with 2 kids. Unable to drive for 8 weeks. On pain meds.
I didnt know anything about this.. how exciting.. I know how impossible it is to sleep in those darn hospital beds. with all that beeping and crap. But sleeping is the best thing you can do right now!!! Good luck cant wait to hear more!!!
It's hard for me not to stress. Always things ony mind. Worry about money, OH bday next week n his present I ordered wont make it in time anymore as they emailed me saying the stock computer has a fault and do not have what I want. N I'm worried about labor itself :/ dear me. I need a spa!
Your mucus plug can come out in pieces and when you're early on it actually rejuvenates itself and braxton hicks doesn't always make your stomach hard they are mild cramps in the stomach that do not cause alarming pain real contractions start in the back or lower abdomen and are supposed to feel like very strong period cramps
But I haven't felt any brixton hicks or really contractions at all and I've been seeing others say how they have been feelinh them. Is it normal I haven't?
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