Ways to start contractions at home

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Avatar n tn I know how you feel, I really want my baby to come out now because I have to start school on Jan 18th, and I have to start working as soon as possible but there is just nothing you can do before the baby is ready to come out.
Avatar n tn i even tried black cohosh a couple of times, but nothing has happened. im just so exhausted and frustrated. i have a 22 months old boy at home too, and its hard to take care of him and go through all this. so if anyone has has any suggestions, i would really appreciate it!
Avatar f tn Im 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced as of monday. What are some things I can do from home to naturally induce labor. Ive been walking like crazy and bouncing on my exercise ball.
1544019 tn?1318508126 I will be 37 weeks and 1 day, which my doctor said is considered technically full term at that point. I still really want to find some ways to ripen my cervix before then so I can hopefully dilate naturally. So if anyone else has any more recommendations, send them my way!
478429 tn?1265247987 sometimes orgasms can help kick-start contractions, but Limonada is right, the sperm is what is supposed to soften the cervix. walking helped me get labor going, too :). just as a little encouragement, we BDed at 39w6d when I was pregnant with DD and I went into early labor the next day..so BDing is possible, you just have to be creative :D.
1755352 tn?1313507968 that was happening to me the day before my due date but I was already 4 cm dlated so my dr told me to go home start walking try having sex or if I was really desperate try thw castor oil trick. well I was also having horrible backto the point where I couldn't even walk with out crying.
285896 tn?1237214827 This is my 3rd day on them and I have noticed a very big increase in my contractions. (I decided to start them since my amnio determined Chancellor's lungs were mature at 32wks. Had the amnio done before they would give me a 2nd steriod shot to speed up lung maturity and the test came back at 98%. That was 3wks ago, the baby was almost 5lbs then so I know he's gained some since then; now they're worried about me getting too big.
Avatar f tn I guess I'm just going to have my baby at home because I have no idea what pain I need to be in... and I can't check my own cervix to see if I'm any further along. I'm so mad, so tired, and so upset. Tylenol is not helping at all.
11864648 tn?1421733172 Sorry u goin thru this.. at my 11 weeks appt I found out my baby stop growing at 9weeks n dr.offer me the pills or d&c I wanted the pill since d&c its surgery so I can home and took the pill and start bleeding like crazy so I went to the er n they took everything out without pain meds after dr.finished everything I won't stop bleeding which I end up having d&c n stayed at the hospital for a day.got pregnant fine afterward n gave birth to babu girl 19days ago!! Good luck n best wish!!
6295353 tn?1395245095 but in all honesty, i would pack everything you are going to need for the hospital now so that way when you do start having contractions you only have to worry about a shower, eating, and relaxing because TRUST ME youre going to want to rest or you will regret it after delivery. After you go through labor youre going to want to love on your baby but if youre doing everything but relaxing before its time to go into L&D then youre going to be too exhausted after labor!
Avatar f tn Yes be patient don't go crazy and try to drink all of those things people say to drink because i tried it and none of them worked for me baby girl still got here at 41 weeks and it was an induction. Don't be scared to get induced is not as bad as it seems. I had to get induced because i was only 2 cm dilated with no signs of labor. The whole experience lasted almost 24 hrs., but when my baby came out it all was worth it and would do it all over again.
378497 tn?1232147185 It has not so much made my legs feel better. I think they want you to start baclofen at night because it can make you sleepy. Also, I guess if you were having spasms at night it would be hard to sleep. I find it more helpful during the day myself.
Avatar n tn I'm using a liquid Mag Citrate by Life Solutions. I checked out a few of my local health food stores first though. Most of them carry one form or another, although alot of the products have calcium in them too. Most of the health stores will special order a brand for you at no extra cost, so make sure and ask if you can't find any. When your taking Mag. for arrythmia's, my cardio suggests staying away from supplemental Calcium. Calcium is a neuro-excitor, magnesium is a neuro-relaxor. Mag.
Avatar f tn OMG I tried everything! At 38 weeks I was measuring at 41 1/2 weeks, to give you a good idea of how I felt. My dad had a brain tumor 10 days before I had my son, so I had been spending most of my time out of town living in a hospital waiting room. I was so stressed out and huge. It was July and I was hot. My dad had two brain surgeries and we all had to say goodbye in case he didn't make it. It was the worst month of my life.
Avatar f tn I've seen mommies on here rudely reply to forums where women are asking at 37w simply about ways to get there body to go into labor soon which could easily be given a nice polite answer of tons of walking, ect. It really irritates me that there are some like that.
Avatar n tn Don't worry about your negative test (ha ha ha.....like we didn't all do the exact same thing!!!) You can have a false negative because of the hcg level in your urine. What did one gal here say? - you can have a slow absorption rate. I also read on another site that a women received her positive beta test at the doctor's and went home to do a "pee on a stick" test so she could show it to her husband when she told him the good news. She did the test and it was negative!
Avatar f tn With my second baby I had false labor for days and I had to make a two hour drive to hospital. The first time they sent me home and the second time they went ahead and induced me because I was so far away from hospital they didn't want to send me home. Good thing cause I had complications and had c section. My last baby I just didn't go into labor. Since I had a c section the last baby they didn't want me to go over due date and I had her natural.
Avatar f tn Then Saturday it started to get worse, I was having contractions, they were pretty painful, but not regular at all, put the pressure was intense, and my belly was a lot lower. Then I wasn't sure if I started to leak fluid or not, I thought it might be urine but I was unsure, so only being 27weeks, I decided to go get checked. My cervix was still closed but very soft and low.
Avatar f tn To say if my water broke at home,do i straight away go to the hospital or wait for contractions before i go? How does thiz whole labour thing work?ive been wondering about this for almost a week now.
1287128 tn?1331138138 I felt safe after they did that and nothing happened, to be able to go home still contracting. Even at 37 weeks with my water broke and induction to start contractions that stopped when my water broke,haha I still did not dialte and got the pit up as high as it could go and no pain meds. I thought I was doing great then I no longer felt the contractions anymore. My dr did not have a clue what was going on as they stilll showed up on the monitor.
Avatar n tn She said it's only a very small percentage of people with brown discharge go on to m/c and to only be worried if it changes to red and you start to cramp. I guess what happens most of the time is there is an old lining (or some scarring she called it?) underneath the new lining that's been building for the baby, and so the new lining (or scarring) and the growing baby are pushing out the older lining/scarring from underneath, and since the old stuff is... well... old.
296076 tn?1371338074 the other thing is that last night they had to get me to have 3 contractions in 10 minutes to make sure that the baby was reacting well. Normally they would have given me pitosin to start them but since I had a c they couldn't give me that so they put a warm wet cloth on my bb's and after 10 minutes they had me roll the nipples until I felt a contraction come on (about a minute) then they had me rest for 4 minutes then do it again...
878620 tn?1241527640 this may be a silly question but i have to ask....i have to little kids at home that are 3 and 1 i was wondering if my sress from yelling at them constantly all day and just really having a bad day could lead to anything (labor or contractions) b/c sometimes i think i have a contraction after yelling at my kids....i have been taking it very easy lately but today just started out to be a bad day....kids are driving me crazy......
1493284 tn?1294879312 But if I wanted to schedule an appointment to come back, THEN we could look at the MRIs. So I go home, cry angry, helpless tears, and start having trouble typing sometimes, my fingers feeling "rubbery" and weak. My legs keep me up at night with their sometimes stabbing pains in the toes and the feeling there is a "Zoo" contained in them with all the tingling and shaking.
Avatar f tn I'm 36 weeks and I've lost my mucus plug and I'm 1cm dilated I've been have bad contractions what are ways to dilate for my water to break or ways for my water to break I've done castor oil, blue cohosh, black cohosh, and evening primrose oil please help
Avatar f tn I have tried every other *safe* ways to induce here at home. I tried walking, lots of sex, swining on swings, walking up and down hills, walking 1 foot on the curb, accupressure, nipple stimulation, relaxation, eggplant parmesean, red raspberry leaf tea, and more walking and sex. lol I refuse to use castor oil, cohosh herbs, and evening primrose oil, pretty much any herbal stuff since I have no idea what effects it can have on me or baby.